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Task force for crashers

Patria Grande
08-06-2004, 16:25
Hello fellow Nationstates,

I have heard that there are, amongst our ranks, Nations or groups of Nations that enjoy pirating and invading other regions. We need to counter these oppressors with a task force of our own. This force would enter a pirated region, regain its control and re-give it to the original members of office. Lets take back our regions! The task force would have to be headed by powerful nations, sided by many coalition memebers in order to achive this. Time to bring action to the crashers! Wouldn't it be fun too?
Unfree People
08-06-2004, 18:22
This is a topic that would more properly be discussed in Gameplay; as it deals with the regional politics of invading or defending. There are many, many groups which are in the business of stopping invaders or liberating invaded regions. I used to be part of the Freedom Fighters (, which I recommend. Then there's the ADN, which is a coilition and alliance of all the defender groups.

You could of course go start your own, but the scene already being dominated by existing groups, it's unlikely you'd get too far. ;)
09-06-2004, 03:45
To Gameplay with thee!
09-06-2004, 07:48
Heh, well Unfree, glad to see you're pluggin' us. :wink:

Patria, well, we could always use another soldier on the lines. Especially one so obviously enthusiastic, and if ya want I'll send ya an official TG with info about us. And if you're off to start your own, well then, good luck.
Unfree People
09-06-2004, 20:41
Heh, well Unfree, glad to see you're pluggin' us. :wink: Well, of course lol, what did you think I was doing on the forums? Certainly not plugging invader groups ;)