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looking for a region

The Vinois
10-05-2004, 10:38
The federation of the Vinois is a new state looking for an active region. We are currently in the North Pacific region, a very active one but too big in our opinion. We feel a little lost there! Our Fereration is a group of frenchmen who have decided to built their own state based on liberty. It can be classifed as libertarian in american politics. The vinois love football and baseball, especially the Buffalo Bills and Boston Red Sox. They live in mountains that remind them of their homeland of the french Alps. if you feel you can welcome us in your region please contact us!
The Brotherhood of Nod
10-05-2004, 10:44
If you are a fan of the C&C game series, join the CnC Universe. If you are not a fan of the C&C game series, join us anyway.
10-05-2004, 10:50
Reformed Oceania is always looking for new nations to join us. We are a relatively small region that is a community style region, whereby older nations are assigned a younger nation to "teach the ropes" etc. We pride ourselves on being a safe place for Liberals, Communists, Socialists and even hardline Capitalists. Come check us out, we are having Regional Council and Regional Delegate elections now, so if your are intrested in leadership I suggest taking a look.
The Vinois
10-05-2004, 11:55
If you are a fan of the C&C game series, join the CnC Universe. If you are not a fan of the C&C game series, join us anyway.

what is C&C?
imported_White Lotus Eaters
10-05-2004, 12:53
I suggest you check out the Unofficial NationStates Directory, it's a thread by Goobergunchia at the top of this forum. It lists medium to large regions by geography, politics and themes, as well as saying how big they are and other information.

You may also want to check out Urbanites ( - we are an active region, friendly, with our own messageboards and currently redrawing our map, so maybe a good chance to secure yourself some good wine-growing territory? :wink:

(Quite a few of our members are from the UK but we also have some from Netherlands, Portugal, USA, Far East - we're quite cosmopolitan - so you'd be very welcome.)

White Lotus Eaters
UN Delegate, Urbanites (
10-05-2004, 16:44
If you are looking for a region, you should join the LIN. We are still small but growing and plan to become a large region devoted to region crashing. All are welcome regardless. T-gram me for more info or move to LIN.
Emperor Matthuis
10-05-2004, 17:08
Check here

Or else i recommend Mercia The Next Generation, any questions ask me.
12-05-2004, 02:43
Open channel

To: The Vinois
From: Vrak Diplomatic Corps
Subject: FKC regional advertisement – standard 1

Hello The Vinois! So you’re looking for a region, eh? Well look no further because right now, you can join the Klatch! No tricks, frills, or gimmicks. You can airlift your nation over to the wonderfully bizarre region that is the Federated Klatchian coast! All at the click of a mouse!

But, we know that changing a region is a big step, so we invite you to take a look at what we have to offer.

Our web site (including map) is here. (
Our forum is here. (
Check us out and if you like what you see telegram the Diplomatic Corps. Someone will put down their vodka and respond – since you need a password to join the FKC.
Close Channel

OOC: We’re much more into the role playing side of things, not the “crash a region and take control of the delegate” style of play. As far as member's interests go, you'll find a wide variety. Personally, I'm from western Canada so I like the Rockies.