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Ellandar commonwealth, ellandar, the LEN, a debate

05-05-2004, 17:43
This is a general thread to collect tales of the activities of the nation "The Democratic States Of Ellandriel"

All regions, and nations are welcome.

I'd like to start an open debate here about this nation, her puppets and the events leading up to the rebellion that is the league of extraordinary nation.

Everyone in contact with this person or with past experience of heris invited to post, as is she herself, as she is perfectly entitled to defend herself. This thread must be here as she has banned all LEN members from her region, describing us as "scum"
05-05-2004, 21:48
As far as we at the LEN see it, she is guilty of puppetry of the highest order. She acted undemocratically in a region dedicated to democracy, banning several people, trying to refuse the region a vote on the matter, ignoring the decision of the region and ignoring the action of our esteemed senator Nimbostratus in unbanning the nations by promptly rebanning them! Now whilst it has later transpired that said nations may have been puppets, the next actions of Ellandar were unforgiveable, in the banning from the region of our own regional delegate seemingly upon a whim and refusing to discuss the matter, and ignoring the ruling of the region yet again. Now I challenge anyone to tell me how we have acted unfairly in seperating and creating a new region?
06-05-2004, 05:07
You are of course completely in your rights to create your own region, there is no question of it.

We in Equilism have seen extensive problems with Ellandar and his puppets. I have counted a minimum of 60 puppets that he has used and has repeatedly multied. We reported 3 of his UN nations once, and they were ejected from the UN. We did not ban him from the region, he left of his own choice, along with some of his puppets. His puppets formed Ellandar Commonwealth, and his Ellandar nation harrassed Wysteria, which was forced to ban him. He has formed other puppet regions and nations since then.

He returned to Equilism and spammed our HQ, told regional members to "be quiet". The region voted to eject and ban him from the region. He has since sent more puppets to try to join our army. And he has now started telegraming us to try to get back into the region.

He plays one group of puppets against another. So if one group gets booted, he still has the other, and can create more puppets. He seems nearly insane in some of his postings.

Our founder has again reported him to the mods for harrassment, as he is sending more puppets into our region, and spamming our HQ again through his puppets.

Ellandar, et al, is a puppetmaster aimed at creating chaos and confusion. He now mocks the UN with his new region United Nations.
06-05-2004, 11:51
15-05-2004, 12:30
Dear Everybody,

I am the leader of the Ellandar Council.

Here is what I have to say on the matters of Ellandriel and The Ellandar Corporation Website.

Let me start with Ellandriel had good reason to ban Gurthengrad and Negro Land. Ellandriel did the same as Equilism did to me. Gurthengrad was a puppet of a known troublemaker in NationStates and Ellandriel was contacted by a nation in Wysteria saying Gurthengrad was trying to rally forces to join the Ellandar Commonwealth and wreak war on Wysteria, this was not the wish of the Commonwealth and as founder she had all the right to ban a nation why should her actions be challenged?

However after much deliberation with the members of the Commonwealth Ellandriel was forced to let Gurthengrad return and have a trial, obviously if nations want to let crooks in to their region then they don't hold the same values as the Ellandar Council that is why Ellandriel left for a while. Upon the actions of being banned herself from her own region this is going to anger one would it not? Ellandriel had supreme power and took this opportunity to re-enter the region and take control. She banned the delegate (Nimbostratus), Gurthengrad once more and Negro Land all because of the abuse they were posting about her.

Nations once more threw a whinge so she let them all back and retreated to the United Nations (not one of my regions and I am not mocking it) I went there to clear out the filth of immature nations because they were putting a stain on The UN. So you see as much as you all abuse the Council and threaten us and lie about us we still hold out values clear.

Ellandriel found discomfort in United Nations so went to make a fresh new region The Ellandar Commonwealth please take note that is two regions by the same person not several regions by puppets. Ellandriel was further abused by Ablablabla and other Comptons this is a show of indecency and a real puppet master.

Let me add to this escapade that when I reported a single nation East Compton to the moderators and you can check all of this with them Negro Land and Gurthengrad were terminated. Does this not indicate that they are East Compton's puppets and if you are accusing me my puppets. Lets make one thing clear all those nations were deleted why was I not terminated as-well. Negro Land and Gurthengrad were accused of multiple UN nations and fraud. On that independence day for Ellandar these nations were deleted:
-East Compton
-Southwest Compton
-Tim Sucks (was deleted earlier)
-Negro Land
-Ellandria Land
-Nimbostratus (banned from the UN)
-Devon-shire (I am not sure)

Further Nations deleted by the moderators are:

-Ellandar1 (I have only just reported them but they have again mocked us by creating a region called "An Ellandar Commonwealth")
-Iskandar Corporation also ceased to exist who I don’t know who owned it but obviously knows me.

Does this not prove that Ellandriel was right to ban Gurthengrad and Negro Land in the beginning does this not prove that an experienced nation in my council makes better decisions than a rookie delegate that thinks he was good. Now in the LEN nations again invite these nations back. I call this stupidity you do not want to have a fine member allied with them but they invite criminals back.

This is what Equilism has done as-well a council member lied to me about the position Equilism lay on an alliance with Scroll Islands is that not a breach of the Equilism Constitution.

Let me also add to the record that a third party in Equilism is nothing to do with me I am not the owner of current successors of those nations above:

-Southeast Compton
-Glebecks (sp?)

I am sure there are others if you have counted 60 although for one person to run all those on one IP address and keep them separate and running different lives and keeping control is impossible for a person that studies for exams. Westwind you are a delegate for god’s sakes use your bloody head. For the record Gurthengrad also stated that he was not puppet although on one of the council nations he wrote to us under Gurthengrad and ended with Arrcadia.

Other happenings that have occurred since this is that the new successors have abused my nation once more and members of the Council, Equilism destroyed a potential alliance, The LEN have a liar for an ambassador that has got me in trouble once more.

You all claim you know the truth but yet you all state different things I will tell you who knows the truth of Ellandar and its dynasty and this is me. I have no secrets contact the moderators all you like Equilism because deletion does not face me. Also Conservatopia is not my region I only just heard about it. You can neither do me for grieving because I have the right to defend myself and the Council.

Right, now to the Ellandar Corporation Website. Found it funny did you? Good because when Ellandar arises and its island comes to the surface we will be the famous set we ambised to be. Humour is something that the world needs and that is something that we tried to achieve just a group of friends.

I have nothing further but please remember all that this is a game to enjoy and that was one intention I had thanks to many of you that has been ruined, leave me alone and stop making forums and regions about me. The council wishes to live in peace of abuse and all your identity theft nations and false accusations. It is time that you got of the bloody subject it is ridiculous I just want to make amends and have fun.

Sincerely - Iskandar Sharazuddin & Elliott Cook
The Ellandar Council