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Looking for a region

20-04-2004, 18:27
Hello, I am Igzidyous Holyfyre. I am the dictator of the Holy Republic of.....uhh wait am I a Republic or an Empire? hmm Empire I think, but Repubplic doesn't sound bad, maybe I'll be a republic next week....

Anyway The Holy Empire of Igzidyous is looking for a Region to join. I am the Leader of my Empire and I beli...hey cool check out that bullfrog!!! Come ere' ya little Bast....

Uhh oh sorry where was I? Yeah, my people really like me alot, even though they think I am corrupt. Hey, anyone want a Dwarf Bullfrog Kabob? maybe a fried Dwarf Bullfrog leg? Their really good!! serious!!!
20-04-2004, 18:42
Well if you think regional politics are cool you might want to join New Lacadeamon a great regoin with a swift milatary organzation we plan to conqeur the NS world.Join us and you shall be feared and admired throu-out NationStates! :twisted:
20-04-2004, 18:55 just may have what it takes to join August Locale of Knurlyhood, we do happen to be having a shortage of frog-based dishes lately.
The Zoogie People
20-04-2004, 19:22
An ambassador travels to the nation of *DOH DOH* stupid templates and bids their leader good day.

"I represent the Zoogie Isles," he says. "I shall not offer you incentives to join our region with discounts or free materials...what I shall offer you is a place in our region.

"The Zoogie Isles...we are a region in fair isolation from the rest of the world, consisted of a great series of islands, such that no two nations have land borders. You may easily be isolationist in our region, though we do not encourage it. You may likewise be heavily active internationally.

"This is what we seek - The Isles seeks responsible, powerful nations active on an international scale. While your nation is but a newcomer, one day it shall be powerful...

"The Isles has much to offer. Alliance, powerful nations, and a friendly community (see forums). While we may not be as affluent or renowed as the Corporate Islands, we are more politically open and accepting.

"The Isles now judges based on character, not on political are welcome with us. Consider joining the Isles...thank you. We await your reply."

Without waiting for an answer, he bids good day and leaves. He has other work to do...

OOC: The population of my region is on a downspiral because formerly we were not nations who joined the region and lost interest in NS are now dying off.
20-04-2004, 19:26
Serengrave, I visited your kingdon, and I must admit, I like your style as I too agree there is no reason to put an E on the end of evil.

I need a password please
20-04-2004, 19:28
Serengrave, I visited your kingdon, and I must admit, I like your style as I too agree there is no reason to put an E on the end of evil.

I need a password please
21-04-2004, 00:19
Just in case you missed it, the password has been telegrammed to you.
25-04-2004, 06:01
Check out The Heartland region. We are always looking for new nation members interested in creative, active, largely peaceful RP.

Felix Munchmeister
Founder of The Heartland
Crazed Marines
25-04-2004, 07:05
Open military region! Any and all over-bloodthirsty or just regular military powers come check out the South East Military countries
26-04-2004, 01:35
Join "Greater Piwr" Currently open to all, but will be restricted later to those who take it seriously.