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Rotten Hulk
11-04-2004, 22:43
For the past few weeks since I discovered NationStates, I've been happily fooling around with my various nations. Today, two of them recieved invitations to join regions. What intrigued me about these was that the regions had policies, and one even had elections. While I had been dimly aware of the UN and such, this was the first time I'd really thought about international politics.

While investigating the nations who invited me, I discovered several references to 'puppets' or 'puppet nations'. What exactly does that mean?

Sorry that it took so long for me to make my point, but I provided the extra, largely pointless information in the hope that someone might offer some additional wisdom on international politics (basically, anything that's not in the FAQ) in NationStates.
Unfree People
11-04-2004, 23:21
Unfree People
11-04-2004, 23:32
Ah, a puppet is just a secondary nation created by yourself. The first and biggest nation you made would be your "main nation" and every other one is your "puppet". Some people have over 150 puppets, I myself only have just over 50 ;)

Oh, and if you're looking for a good region, check out New Mexico (, we'd love to have you there. Although it's not that active in regional politics, we do a bit of stuff.
12-04-2004, 00:18
Speakin of puppets, the NS Mods pulled a huge dragnet for UN puppets (two or more nations under the same email address and in the UN is against the rules). hehehe, well there goes like 3 endorsements for my region's Rep, and I am hot on his heels
Unfree People
12-04-2004, 00:23
Yeah, having more than one nation in the UN is against the rules and you'll be kicked out of the UN and deleted for repeat offences. However, you can have as many non-UN nations as you like.
Tuesday Heights
12-04-2004, 03:30
Some people use puppets for intell or for just tinkering around. I mainly use them for intell, and they work well, because nobody knows. :wink:
12-04-2004, 11:03
My main nation - Enn - is actually the smallest. It's just the nation I prefer RPing with. But I have several puppets - some in regions with friends, others spread across the NS world. Mainly I use them for intelligence, and for interference in regional politics.