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The Vigoor Empire, creative Political Region.

11-04-2004, 19:31
I invite all nations tothe new region, The Vigoor Empire.

You may be thinking, "Just another pointless region" but no. The region every two weeks has elections to chose the new Delegate which will have control over the region.

Now, every nation has the oppurtunity to Create or Join an existing Political Party in the region. Whether the Party is Fascist, Communist, Isolationist, Religious Order, or ever Anarchy (huh?) it's all allowed.

I hope all Parties have Caucuses and elect who they want from their Party to run for Delegacy.

I hope this region can grow and to have some serious Political Races.
Tuesday Heights
12-04-2004, 03:35
Electing delegates rarely works for long... just as a note.