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Looking for a new region

08-04-2004, 07:04
Hi, I'm the Federated Imperial Union of Pragmas. You may remember me from such issues as "Minority Languages Demand Recognition" and "Giant Space Weevils Want Us To Dance, Dance, DANCE!!!"

RP in my region, qb_alliance, seems to have shut down. So, I'm thinking of moving. I would bring my other two countries, Pragmas Client States and New Bradonia, with me.

I'm looking for intelligent RP with lots of national development. I am <i>not</i> interested in "I move 50,000,000 Super Lizard Soldiers and 139 X-1000000 Tanks to your border".

I would also prefer not to have to rewrite too much of my own national backstory; my current setting is roughly present-time with some future technology.

If you think I'd work well in your region, please send a telegram.

A brief biography of Pragmas:
Pragmas is a democratic constitutional monarchy with a long tradition of socialism and political activism. The Empire is a federation of six primary nationalities: Eskan, Uljup, Tezek, Borot, Wauva, Tafarau; with the Eskans currently dominant following a long period of Uljup control.

The parliament of Pragmas, the Tetrakameron, is currently controlled by the democratic-socialist Progressive party. The government, led by chancellor Sulet Ambaronik, is the first under tne Second Constitution. While economically prosperous, the Empire's spirit is recovering from a ten-year civil war which pitted Socialists versus conservative, militarist Nationalists; peace was brokered largely because of exhaustion, under the leadership of Prince Kasmir. The titular head of state is the elderly Empress Kartine I, of the Maronek line; though the royal family has no formal power except as titular heads of the Civil Service, their emotional pull on most Pragmans runs deep.

Pragmas also rules, indirectly, the Pragmas Client States, on which it imposes its economic order. Client states are under Pragman control either for strategic advantage (the Confederation of Griquan Islands) or as a source of resources (the agriculturally-rich Commonwealth of Independent Wahoovian States).

Pragmas's economy is state-dominated and tightly regulated. Primarily mining & industrial in nature, the country's growth is hampered by a weakening agricultural sector.

While I'm at it, an even briefer biography of New Bradonia:
The People's Democratic Republic of New Bradonia is an avowedly Leninist state. Founded on the ashes of the Kingdom of Bradonia, early attempts at establishing an "enlightened", democratic communism failed as increasingly-paranoid hardliners in the ruling Socialist Workers of All Bradonia party take greater steps to shield the country from foreign contamination. Although originally informally allied with Pragmas, as New Bradonia has grown in power it has sought its own direction; its foreign policy is driven by attempts to spread "glorious people's social workers' and farmers' communist revolution" to neighbors. So far, all attempts have been unsuccessful, and oppressed ethnic and religious minorities in the south of the country represent an increasing problem for the country's rulers.
08-04-2004, 07:15
We would welcome you into Louisiana.
Checking upon my NS-counterpart of my home state outside NS, I found that Louisiana's UN delegate apparently died a natural death (due to inactivity).

Following my alliance with Role Play University in helping return Cuba to the Cubans (Cuba is another region we would recommend if you affirm the A.D.N. and challenge any griefers) I thought I was just having a rest.

Turns out we have several UN nations with two endorsements each. Plus at least two of them uses ONLY French as their primary NS language.

Imagine conversing in two languages with a renewed vibrancy in the region!

All the best to you in your search.

(Also check out Sweden and The Federation of Trabia)