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Government reform

02-04-2004, 06:41
i believe that the united nations should send issues to all nations that have been listed as dictateotdhip nations, that issue would havefour options for the government to consider. Democracy,socialist,anarchistor monarchy. I am the Prime Minister of the Empire of Sivonia and i have made choices that have taken my country down he worng path and i want to redo all of my mistakes in one sweep. but in order to do that i would have to wait an extemely long time. the people of my country need a change and i need the endorsements for a similar bill to be sent before the united nations. Each country that has seen its government go down the wrong path please endorse me!
A Few Rich People
02-04-2004, 06:47

Not only did you post this on every forum it ain't gonna happen, now don't make me turn you into a subsidiary nation devoted entirely to working with pointless and deadly substances!