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i'm a newbie

21-03-2004, 22:08
hi guys,
i just started the nationstates thing (join _this_is_it_). i was wondering about something. i always get telegrams from people asking me to join their region. how do i send those? also, is there anything else that anyone would like to tell me that they think i need to know
New Cyprus
21-03-2004, 22:21
To send telegrams to other nations click their nation so it opens up in the browser window, then at the bottom of the page where it explains what the nation's population is, the type of life, etc. there is an area you can type in messages (the spot where you type the telegram). Then you type your message and click 'Send Telegram'. The telegram will be off and you'll be on your way to making alliances, friends, hosting mock wars, etc.