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Private Enterprise

13-03-2004, 12:15
I have a capitalistic country and private enterprize is illegal...
When I first made the nation I though: Well that will develop to private as soon as I start getting issues...
Now I got 90 million citizens and still no private enterprise issue.
I mean, how do I get it???

When I first made the nation and answered those questions there were no answer that forbid private enterprise. I choosed the bussiness is good alternative.

And I checked the issues forum and there doesn't seem to be ANY issue that legalizes private enterprize.
It's strange and annoying to have something that big which you can't get rid of...

Der Angst
13-03-2004, 15:26
There is an 'revitalise the private sector' (Economic collapse looms, to be correct) issue, that should do it, but afaik, it comes only if you have a... well, sucky economy.

But it`s true, there is a distinct lack of issues (options) relegalising private enterprising.

Write one ;)
13-03-2004, 23:55
meaning I will never get that issue...

great... So when are they going to fix such stuff?
I didnt choose any alternative when creating the nation, that was even close to "illegalizing private enterprise"

The funny thing is this Antitrust issue I recently got.
It was about this huge IT corp and antitrust laws and stuff...
People complaining bla bla bla... CEO in big limo saying bla bla bla

The strange thing is, that in my country, private enterprize is illegal, and it say on my page that there is a big black market in the IT sector...
So... People are out on the street whining about "we cant compete with big corps buuu huu" when private companies are indeed illegalized...

that's strange

Der Angst
14-03-2004, 09:57
Well, I would assume it`s a really, really influential black Market...