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Allied States of EuroIslanders!

United Soviet Ireland
08-03-2004, 12:59
Hello and good day. Firstly, let’s get on the straight and narrow, this is an advertisement; it is going to be full shameless promoting of our region, and we’ll try and cut down on some of the more annoying elements (just for you!), but want you to remember that everything in here will be the truth, with little left out and nothing embellished upon.

We would like you to join, and hope you will be interested in joining, the region known as the “Allied States of EuroIslanders”. As well as a long name, we have a very large group of nations (currently 177 members!). All of these are intelligent and hardworking member-states which contribute a lot to the alliance as a whole - just as your nation could.

The region gets involved with inter-regional politics often, and we are intent to preserve democracy and peace in the world. We have an offsite forum to discuss issues, and our region is secure from invasion due to the strong, loyal and efficient membership base. It's important to stress, we are one of the most democratic regions in the NS world and every nation can have a voice, protected by our Charter!

We are active members of the MASS Alliance of the largest and most powerful left wing and socialist regions in the world. We are also members of the ADN, a mutual security and region-defender group of around 30 regions which protects the world from Invader scum.

We have a long history, and have been involved in many exciting role-play threads and debates. We are mostly socialist and left wing, although everyone is tolerated, with capitalist nations even becoming members of the Government. Our constitution will secure you from harm, and whether you wish to remain active or not, your nation will remain protected by it.

To cut it short, we’re a large group of good people looking to have a good time, and would like for you to join us. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. The region is an open one, so it’s okay come temporarily, just to check things out a little. Hope to see you there.

The CFES Leninist Vanguard of United Soviet Ireland,
Population 1.3 Billion.
United Soviet Ireland
09-03-2004, 11:16