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07-03-2004, 07:56
Are you a Monarchy, a Kingdom, an Empire, a Grand Duchy, or a Sultanate? Do you find yourself without a champion, your nation backed into a corner? Then come and join the Commonwealth of Monarchies. The CM is a growing group of nine nations which has set out to both protect monarchy as well as maintain sensible government. Join Today!

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King Paul VI
Chosen Representative of the CM
Kingdom of Phillipsania
08-03-2004, 03:04
Glorious News Has Reached the Committee Headquarters of the Commonwealth of Monarchies:

A Glorious Revolution has unseated the dastardly corrupt republican government of President James Connely. Both the Nationalists and Radical-Democrats supported the claimant Edward, grandson of the last King, over Connely's increasing ego-mania. A new constitution was promulgated and accepted by the people in a national vote, essentially the same as the republican constitution, except the King restored. Long Live the King!
Edward II, By the Will of the People King of Morenstad
Prime Minister Andrea Morgan (Government of National Unity)
Foreign Minister Daniel Uther

We Welcome yet another new member into our ranks!