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Aridia needs new members

05-03-2004, 16:38
The region of Aridia was devastated by a large war 52 years ago, when nuclear weapons were used by both sides of that war. The few survivors strugled against everything, lost their government and their national identity, stabilished small colonies, and with international help

The whole story can be found on this thread:

Two small nations rose from the chaos recently, unifying themselves around a centralized government: The United Socialis States of Hazatak, and the Empire of Sitaria. We expect that the other colonies get inspired by the advantages of a central government and become independent nations that will make the region of Aridia one of the most powerful of the world.
06-03-2004, 12:20
Interesting... Just a quick note to say any name resemblance between the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia and the nation of Aridia is pure coincidence.

The PDSRA wishes you good luck in your endeavours.