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I Am Looking For A Simple Economy Calculator

05-03-2004, 15:38
If anyone can direct me to a simple Economy Calculator I wouldBe most thankful.

05-03-2004, 19:46
There was one residing under nation states tools, but I've just gone to copy you the link and its gone!!! argh, does anyone know where it is?
05-03-2004, 19:52
Looks like someone else had the same probs earlier and this was the reply

Farseer, the instructions are there when you go to

Basically, append "?nation=(your nation's name)&defenseprovided=1&defense=(the percentage of your GDP spent on defense)" to the URL.

So, if you were gonna check out your stats, based on 5% of your GDP being allocated to defense (like what most people do), then the URL would be

Ackbar1001, there's a bit of a discrepancy in the figures on that calculator when compared to how economies are supposed to be ranked. I've seen a few listings that say that "Struggling" should be valued more than "Weak", but the calculator places the GDP for struggling economies between those of basket cases and weak ones.

"Imploded" => 100
"Basket Case" => 500
"Fragile" => 2000
"Weak" => 3000
"Struggling" => 1000
"Developing" => 4000
"Fair" => 5000
"Reasonable" => 7500
"Good" => 10000
"Strong" => 12500
"Very Strong" => 15000
"Thriving" => 20000
"Powerhouse" => 25000
"All-Consuming" => 30000
"Frightening" => 35000