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Cowards need not apply.

05-03-2004, 04:03
Can’t find a region that’s right for you? Annoyed by a superpower UN delegate? Joining the newly formed Invader’s Alliance can solve all these problems and more! The Invader’s Alliance (Hereafter IA) is a small, newly formed organization dedicated to invading regions and overthrowing their UN delegates. If this sounds interesting, than you are the kind of person we need! To read our invader’s code and to learn how you can join, continue reading below.

A. The invader’s code

This code will list the steps that will be taken in all of our invasions.

1.Ascertain that all member countries are in this region- IA headquarters.

2.Set a date for invasion and put this date on the regional message board.

3.See if there are enough interested UN member countries to successfully pull the invasion off.

4.All member countries must then move to the set region and endorse a president-selected “key nation”.

5.At this point, the “key nation” should be delegate. The IA member nations will stay in the invaded region until a new invasion plan is formed!

B. How to become a member

To become a member of the IA, simply move to this region- IA headquarters. You do not necessarily need to be a UN member to join, though it is recommended. Remember, UN nations are the backbone of our invasions and are imperative for the IA to succeed.
Once you are located in IA headquarters, there are several things you must do. First, you must constantly check the regional message board for dates of invasions. Next, you are required to participate in as many invasions as possible. If you do not participate in 3 invasions in a row, you may be temporarily removed from the Alliance. Keep in mind that non-UN member nations need not participate, as they cannot endorse the key nation. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Vinnnnn.

C. An important note

Our true president is currently trying to keep a low profile and does not want his real name revealed for a little while. Vinnnnn is just one of his non-UN nations who will act as president until the first invasion date is set. The name of the president will come out at this time. Anyone who wishes to fill an unfilled government spot should contact Vinnnnn.

D. Current Leaders and Officers

Acting President- Vinnnnn
True President- ??? (See above).
Vice President- This position is not yet filled!
Head Officer- This position is not yet filled!