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Why UN are fascists

21-02-2004, 17:27
I was introduced to this game by my dad "Land of the Vikings" and I liked the game idea instantly... Wow, own nation, own flag, own politics. Great, I thought. And showed the game for some friends in my class. I got 7 others from my class to join the game, and one guy from another class also. We joined the region EU and soon found out the benefits of UN membership. And then, they endorsed me for the UN delegate post. And I got it from the EU's current delegate Lizzykins, I won with 6 votes over 3...
Great I thought, but now some IDIOT started to say that we were cheaters. He "attacked" my friends first, and then I had to ask him what was his problem, and I had to tell him that we were just a bunch of students playing this game, and I also gave a bunch of evidence why it was like this.
And today I was thrown out of the UN. What for?
If the fascist admins/moderators had looked more closely into their so-called "4 type security system" they would have found this:

-different types of email-adresses: (hotmail, own email domain etc)
-different types of IP numbers (same IP number during weekdays, when we all sit in school >> COMPLETELY different IP adresses during saturdays and sundays.
-and if they had checked the telegram responses to this Mr.accuse they would have found out that our responses were very very different.

Yes I was surprised to be banned from the UN just because of this.
We still like the game though. We like to measure our ultra liberal countries against the dictatorships. But we wont touch the UN even if we had a pair of tongs.
Im very disappointed with the moderator/admin who took the desicion to ban us all. You are damned weak and lazy who doesnt have the energy to closely look at all these "supposed" 4 security systems. And I hope you ain't foolish enough to judge people without evidence in the future.

comments and similar stories are welcome...
/Martin of the USRE
21-02-2004, 17:30
Very sad story... but that specifically spell out that they have no way of telling between a situation like you describe and multi-ers. Sorry, read the FAQ and a sticky in the mod or tech forum.
21-02-2004, 17:32
I suppose I could do that. But I wont.
I dont want to have anything to do with "that" anymore. I might risk to get perm-banned from the whole game if I start to argue with a moderator. It wouldnt surprise me at all if they did...

/Martin of the USRE
22-02-2004, 00:56
I suppose I could do that. But I wont.
"This is a really cool game, and my friends and I love playing it. But we refuse to read the rules, and because of that, mods are evil."

Yah. You might want to rethink that approach if you want any kind of respect here. That's a pretty terrible way to come out of the gate.
22-02-2004, 03:36
There are so many of these type threads, and the response is always the same...

Maybe the mods should just sticky the appropriate response (if they haven't already, can't remember) and start deleting/locking threads like this.

-The Mad Mediator
22-02-2004, 11:17
I have read the rules and I cant find the rule that say that you cant take your friends and move into a region and claim the UN delegate post.

I've read the damned rules.
Garrison II wrote in the "Big invasion/delegate FAQ":
But, taking over a region is legal, right?
Broadly speaking, yes. I can move my friends and myself into your region and become the delegate.
maybe you could explain which of those "steps" which was illegal;
1) Move my friends to a region 2) move myself to a region 3)gather votes from them...
Which step was the illegal one?

Calm Chaos:
Please explain. Why should they lock this kind of threads down?

Nothing Doing
22-02-2004, 11:22
I was eject from the un along with my brother and sister because we all used the same computers. once you have been ejected from the UN for this reason, the only way to get back into the UN is to make a new nation and start from scratch. :roll:
22-02-2004, 15:07
Please stop complaining about the current UN delegate system.
All these "Nazi" checks have been put in because idiots in the past created a whole lot of UN nations and took over regions using their puppets.

The mods responded by the current measures. It's tough on people sharing a computer, but blame the idiots who abused the previous system.
22-02-2004, 15:44
No, there are rules against having more than one nation in the UN. While you might have done this, might not have, there is no way you can prove that these nations belong to your friends and not you.
23-02-2004, 03:52
All the UN does is enforce capitalist policies on you like copyright laws. :roll:

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