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how to get appointed founder - revisited

21-02-2004, 10:38
i was wondering how to get appointed founder of your region? I remember that old topic but when I went to go look it up it said it no longer exists. I think though that the mods weren't appointing founders anymore or something? [/noobishquestion]
1 Infinite Loop
21-02-2004, 12:41
You dont,

The Mods dont do that anymore unless Max orders them to.
and I dont think he orders anyone to.

Hack and Cog can probably answer better.
22-02-2004, 00:59
With only nine nations, you'd be better off refounding than trying to get mods to appoint a founder.

There are several topics discussing this in Moderation. Try there.
Emperor Matthuis
22-02-2004, 17:47

Will give you some info
23-02-2004, 05:44
we are the Dominion stay where you are and we'll be there shortly :twisted:
23-02-2004, 05:57
excuse my ignorance but i was under the distinct impression one
becomes a founder of something by founding it.

perhapse in the complexities and straingenessess of this simulation
some other criteria applies.

yet it is generaly a safe bet that if you start something at least
you will know yourself to have begun it.

now this is only a wild guess and no more then that

but it does seem highly probable that were one to start a new regeon
one might very well come to be reguarded as the founder of it.

i must admit to my own less then total certainty of this in the
present context, yet it does seem a reasonable likelyhood