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Archive of the Autocracy State of Kophensir

19-02-2004, 00:52
Welcome to the Autocracy State of Kophensir official archive of imperial laws and guidance control systems laid down in the hope of a nation striving for military power and overall control of the world.

These archives list many of the rules and restrictions of Kophensir, but also contain information about the Imperial Dictatorship of Pajir. Rules are as listed below:


1. Any country, nation, confederacy, and or land which thrives and is in fact part of the territory that is owned by the government of TASK must follow and obey all laws and orders set down. If these rules cannot be obeyed or are constantly being broken in a fashion that limits the power of the government of TASK or the lives of others, are hereby banished from Kophensir. (In accordance with his Grand Majesty, Emperor A.U. Kendor VI, imperial ruler of Pajir and Royal Edict 12600:A9S)

2. Government power is distributed evenly amongst all nations, in accordance with the Kophensiri Parliament. Other jobs, however, can be set down by government of Pajir or other founding nation(s) of Kophensir who wish to grant nations power in the government. Such jobs include Military and Defense Finance, Economic Trustee, Treasurer of the Kophensiri Treasury, President of the Kophensiri Parliament, etc. Althought these jobs are important, they cannot restrict power of other jobs (if they are in the same category of power).

3. Freedoms are essential to all. In Kophensir, all traditional elements of justice and freedom is strictly protected. However, Kophensiri government has not the power to change the laws and restrictions of other nations, therefore the laws and edicts made by the Kophensiri parliament apply only to those who are in the Kophensiri government, or are officially part of the KCA. (Kophensiri Cooperation Association)

4. Execution is legal. (And by any means necessary.) Edict of Emperor A.U. Kendor VI, Imperial Dictatorship of Pajir, 1603:K9L.

5. The use of a password to join Kophensir is put forward by the Kophensiri government and cannot be repealed. It is essential, if this region wants to become a military power, to increase defense and plan ahead of dangers that could harm the peoples of Kophensir.

6. Religion is a choice. Freedom of religion is by all means necessary to keep the world in balance and create understanding and faith between all peoples. Kophensiri has no official religion and does not enforce a religion, nor does the government side with any one particular religious belief. All parliament sessions and government activies must be in order: the division and seperation of religion and state is manditory. Anyone who subjects to this law and does not abide by this edict will hereby be thrown out of TASK by force.

7. In order for a resolution to pass in Kophensir, there must (of course) be a majority on one side. If there is no majority (tied vote), the resolution is dropped and hereby stripped of importance in the parliament. (It cannot be revoted on.)

8. Any nation can join the Kophensiri parliament, provided they are in the region and they undergo careful inspection by Pajir and Derebey. Any foul-mouthed prosecutors will not be allowed to take part in parliament decisions.

These rules/laws have been carefully laid down by the Pajiri government. If you see the need to change or restrict certain laws, please contact the Imperial Dictatorship of Pajir. All of the laws listed above can be enforced by the military and are hereby granted official place in the constitution of Kophensir. Persecutors of these laws are subject to heavy fine/execution by the state. Failure to obey all laws and commands from the Kophensiri parliament are in full account of high treason and will be dealt with in the the Supreme Court.


Laid down by the Pajiri government, appointed and accepted by his Majesty,

His Royal Highness,
Emperor A.U. Kendor VI, Imperial Dictatorship of Pajir

Signed by 40 members of the Pajiri Royal Senate
19-02-2004, 03:55
Emperor Kendor, I have the job of military and defense finance right?