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Good Economy?

18-02-2004, 09:59
Just wondering if I have a good economy for my age.

I have a 313 million population, 63% flat tax rate and am 2 months and 2 days old.

My economy is All-Consuming.
18-02-2004, 11:09
18-02-2004, 11:46
Really it's all arbitrary. It depends on a lot of things.

For example:
- Where did you start? It's entirely possible to start with an economy of "All Consuming" and higher, in fact you can start pretty much anywhere on the scale. If you started off thoughrouly imploded, then you've certainly come a long way, and fairly fast I'll grant.

- What constitutes a "good economy?" There are plenty of people who would say something to the effect of, "The only good economy is a dead economy." If you are looking to get to the best economy in the game, you are only a step away and you'll probably be there inside of a week. If you are looking to maintain a decent level of economic strength without signifigant harm to your citizens (this is about where I sit), then you have a ways to go.
18-02-2004, 11:48
I started of with Basket-Case
18-02-2004, 12:12
For your refrence: Ranking Scales (

In that case, you've come a very long way (2nd lowest -> 2nd highest), and in a decent amount of time. Whether or not that's a good thing is still open to interpretation, of course ;)
20-02-2004, 18:13
I have been trying to get my natons economy from the 'Good ' Category for weeks, Nothingchanges I never seem to get the issues that help. I have reduced taxes, recucedd tariffs, cut special intereste i.e. poetyr funding, increased education funding. all in asnwer to issues and yet my economy sits stuck in good.

Now, a blasted UN resolutoion on 'woodchipping' has knocked me down to 'reasonable' I used to have a strong ecoonomy unitl another UN resolution knocked me down to 'good'

I coudl rp trade until my fingers were mere nubs on the keyboard, but none of it woudl actually affect the NS economy raging. so what in the NS world can I do to get a better economic rating And why does the UN have such an inrusive role into the economy of the nation if tthe natoj cant' then turn aroudn to do something to make up for the damage

Whe the heck is a UN resolutio going to HELP anyone's economy.