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Building a Military

12-02-2004, 07:35
So...the whole role-playing aspect is to just make up how many are in your military and so on and what kind of tools of war you use? Of course, all in relation to your population. If this is so...please respond.
Western Might
12-02-2004, 15:40
Yes if you want to sum it all like that. but you might want to take into account your budget and how much you spend on your military.
The Apparent Autarchy
12-02-2004, 16:17
How do you know your budget or do you just make that up too?
13-02-2004, 03:02
Most people (such as me) operate on "guess, and keep it fairly reasonable" basis.

However, if you want to be really accurate about your budget, there's various calculators and aids you can use.