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caterham students want their own region

09-02-2004, 14:34
its sulley and i have made a really good nation and region ifn you want to jion you will be one of the best and so can be second or so in command. We accept even the nations of is called VIKINGS. or reply to the sullster for other info.
Anti - Flag
13-02-2004, 20:10
If you would like you can join my new region called Anarchy Everywhere and you can help me rule. I hope to make the region bigger. i see in your region someone has put a nation that they are letting die out. we should work together in making Anarchy Everywhere a great big region. Ha Ha Ha!!!
23-02-2004, 19:28
whoa! you are going to "rule" Anarchy Everywhere?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? sh*t and I thought anarchy was about having NO government. and now your just gonna RULE the place. huh. so much for having anarchy.
Anti - Flag
25-02-2004, 16:21
"rule" as in take over. Not control. We want more lands and more nations into anti - flag. that is all. we don't rule our people we just conquer lands to give to them.