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The NHU wants YOU!

12-01-2004, 17:24
Greenfields is the core of the Non-Human Union, here all nations of all species can come together and prosper as equals. All nations that join the Greenfields region must belong to the Non-human Union; an organization, which abides by the following declaration.

All non-human species have the right to live their lives with the rights all humans have as covered in the UN human rights charter.
No sapient being gets eaten.
All non-humans and humans are equal.
All non-human species have the right to self-determination.

The region is password protected so please contact Hell Bovines or myself for the password. You DO NOT need to join Greenfields to join the Non-Human Union and we welcome both non-humans and humans to join.

Our forum is here ( And our Yellowpages advert is here (

You are more then welcome to join at our fourm or simply browse and leave a message for our members :D

Afra Da`Reaen - Foreign Minister
12-01-2004, 18:54