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Eowyn - The Region For You

11-01-2004, 21:00
The Great Council of Eowyn would like to officially invite your nation to The Great Region of Eowyn. Eowynian life is 100% democratic, free, just and fun. All Eowynian nations are completely safe as we have many nations within Eowyn and many powerful alliances who will protect Eowynians till the death. However, war is an almost non-existant thing in Eowyn. Eowyn works hard to provide freedom, justice and democracy and most of all The Great Council strive to allow all its citizens to have a happy and enjoyable life. If you wish to support Eowyn on the road to a brighter tomorrow, and become a member of The Great Council of Eowyn, join The Great Region of Eowyn today. Eowynian policy ensures you will be able to run your nation without any fear as all Eowynian nations work together. All for one and one for all. Join The Great Region of Eowyn today
11-01-2004, 21:03
Democracy? The idea is pointless and ludicrous!
12-01-2004, 03:05
This topic should not be here. I hope its placement here was an honest mistake, and not an attempt to infringe on the rules of the forums. I am informing a moderator of this.

A Rep of Komokom.
12-01-2004, 03:46
This is The United Nations board, not a Region Recruitment board.