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Everyone is free to join The Confederacy of the Isles region

11-01-2004, 19:32
Please take a look and perhaps join The Confederacy of the Isles region. We are quite active at our Civil Headquarters and welcome anyone. Unless you are a griefer, you will not be ejected. Everyone else is welcome.

The Founder of the region is very nice and welcoming.

World Factbook Entry: The Confederacy of the Isles is a land that anyone can enter and live in, be they left-wing, right-wing, psychotic, compassionate or anything in-between. Come and go as you please, run for UN delegate if you want. Write a UN Resolution if you wish, given time you will recieve enough endorsements to write one due to the diversity and support of our region. If you wish, you may help recruit others for our developing community. This help would be greatly appreciated by The Lords of the Isles. Have fun. Everyone is welcome.