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UN delegate

11-01-2004, 14:38
How does one become a UN regional delegate?
Emperor Matthuis
11-01-2004, 14:58
How does one become a UN regional delegate?

One becomes delegate by either being the only person in a region to have an endorsement or having the most endorsements. If you have the same number as someone else then whoever got the same number of endorsements first is delegate and if to if someone else is delegate then you need more endorsements then them to become delegate, :)
11-01-2004, 15:06
So why does'nt it work for me? I'm the only on endorsed at the moment but not a delegate.
11-01-2004, 17:41
You have to wait til the next update. You don't become delegate immediatly. The game updates every night.
Unfree People
11-01-2004, 17:45
Well, it depends on your timezone. The game updates around 9 AM GMT.
11-01-2004, 18:00
That's true. Let me restate that.

The game updates twice daily. You can figure out what time that is in your area by watching for your new issues.