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An ancient nation gives a new invitation

10-01-2004, 17:54
Tremalkier is hereby inviting any nation that corresponds with the following ideology, to look at Armageddon. We cannot promise that you'd be let in, but as a very powerful region, you could gain immense influence by joining.
(Current non-puppet population: Approx 100 nations)

What you must be to join Armageddon: (in order of importance)
Religious (to some degree. Tremalkier is nearly atheist, but still fits)
Belief in Sovereign Rights
Christian (not necessary perse, but it helps)

So, Tremalkier as a nation that will probably soon become the Speaker of the Armageddon Regional Council, and possibly the Delegate, invites you to take a look. We have only recently begun to give out such invitations, but we have been quite happy with some of the results, and direly grieved by others. Be the former, and be rewarded, be the latter, and you shall be broken under a storm of steel.