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Looking for Region

09-01-2004, 19:27
I'm looking for a region where there are people who try and help out in keeping other regions from attacking other ones.
T quinn
09-01-2004, 19:29
Highbury tries to stop region griefing - join there if you want
The Emperor Fenix
09-01-2004, 19:48
land of the fenix is looking for new mebers having suffered a myserious plague that wiped out a *cough considerable number of its memeber states.
09-01-2004, 20:14
How about lancre its password protected so no region greefing and our delegates a forum mod

telegram SIROCCO for the password
09-01-2004, 20:54
The region of 10000 Islands is alarge, active with dedication to defense. We are the founding region of TITO (Ten thousand Islands Treaty Orginization) we are a nation willing to help the oppressed.

Kingdom of Orange Karma, Minister of Labor, 10000 Islands
09-01-2004, 21:01
Nuclear Peninsula can help you out.As the name suggests we are a friendly nation who will defend you in times of war
imported_White Lotus Eaters
10-01-2004, 00:40
Go and visit a few regions, see who you like before settling. There's a brilliant thread by Tactical Grace, the Unofficial NS Directory, at the top of this forum - lists medium to large regions. Has a category of "defenders" so tour those.

And of course, we're there. :wink:

White Lotus Eaters
UN Delegate, Urbanites ( Region