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A region for Dictatorships only

09-01-2004, 10:56
Heeello! I have just made a new region for dictatorships only, and I was hoping that many of my fellow-rulers would like the idea and join my region. RIght now the region is quite empty, but hopefully, many dictators will soon move their country there and enjoy the freedom and prosperity there. Our goal is to become one of the most powerfull nations in the world, and to achieve this, all countries must become members of the UN, so that we can make the world a much better (or worse) place to be in.
The region is called Sor Trondelag and its located in Norway, but don't worrry. The only allowed language in there is English, so that won't be a problem!

Spread the word! :twisted:
Roman Republic
26-04-2004, 21:39
I also created a reigion for Dictators. it is called World Dictatorship