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Issues resolved re-appearing

Atlan freestates
09-01-2004, 04:41
Why do the same issues keep on comming up.

They are not even issues dismissed, they are issues that the government has already resolved (and in some cases taken a higher tax amount to pay for) yet they are comming up again and again.

Is the system out of issues (I thought their was a cacklog of thousands) is it not working properly, or is it meant to do that.
09-01-2004, 04:44
It happens that way due to the design of the game.
09-01-2004, 06:59
There are about 80 issues. You are applicable for most of the original 30 within your first weeks, but you lose applicaility to some if you chose certain options and otheres are rather rare. After your first two weeks, you are still not aplicable for all eighty, and some are really rare.

With two of the four mods who edit issues gone, and the other two busy, there is a bottleneck for getting new ones.
09-01-2004, 08:13
That still doesn't explain how or why I got the tax burden issue twice in two days. I know I resolved the first one, because otherwise, my economy would still be Frightening. :?