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The cemetary: you are welcommed, more and ever, to die.

08-01-2004, 06:57
-"I have the desire. The ultimate desire, to die, in peace."

Everybody thinks about death in NationStates. What will happen when I die? Where will I be burried?

Let us answer your concerns. A long time ago, Nowa Warszawa created a region for the dead. The region is called "The cemetary". For months nations from around the world have travelled to come to this land of peace, where the founder was the first one to die of inactivity.

Tired of your puppet(s) who's only mission was spying the Atlantic Alliance ( Tired of your nation that was ejected from the United Nations?

The answer is simple. Just enter the region "The Cemetary" and let it die on vacation mode. If you cannot resist in logging into your nation, search for a random word in a dictionnary or the internet, and change your password. After a day, you should not remember it.

I wish you a merry dying and a happy death.