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For anyone wanting a regional home...

Shee City
08-01-2004, 00:24
...I've done a bit of sorting out.

The Allied Pagan States, non-RP, for any pagan nations who want to hang out. No current delegate, no password required.

The Wood Between the Worlds - based on the wood of the same name in the Narnia books. Currently no UN delegate, no password required. Possible jumping-off points for Narnia-based RP.

Pern - based on the Anne McCaffrey world. Possible RP site, no delegate, no password required.

While I don't care what happens UN-wise in the above, UN delegate does not have access to regional control because I'm a control freak :)

For anyone wanting (RP or otherwise) a nation based on the computer game Creatures (1 or 2), or the Darkover novels of Marion Zimmer Bradley, both are catered to in the region of Albia, password required.

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Shee City.
08-01-2004, 01:19
i'm happy where i am in anarchy

if i ever move it will likely be to start one of my own

those are interesting though

the non-rp pagan one and the darkover one

my own if and when would likely be

one based on r.a.lafferty's cameroi (partial inspiration of carlemnaria) or one based on a.e.schmitz's telzey stories and lion game
or even john varley's titan or
lary nevin's ringworld (rather fond of his hindmosts)

or of course some combination of all of the above
set on the space fairing planet lananara

ftl compatable tec level
post monitary
post petrolium
and post warring states
'ecotopian' rp

but like i say if and when
and not untill i've gotten a bit more
experience arround here
and for now i'll remain where i'm happy
in regeon anrachy

which is also a mostly non conflict
and non monitary egalitarian regeon

which is why i like it there

Shee City
08-01-2004, 20:34
Other potential regions:

Blake's 7 (yes I am that sad)
Ursula le Guin's sci-fi universe
Any of the many worlds of C.J.Cherryh (my fave is the world of the Atevi as there are so many regions and the history is inherently political)

(attempting to avoid doing real work, like you can't tell :) )