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Help urgently needed in the South Pacific

Dick van Dyke
07-01-2004, 23:20
URGENT: The South Pacific is currently being invaded. An attempt to overthrow the current delegate, LadyRebels, will be made at the next UN update. We request that any friends of the South Pacific please come to the region and endorse LadyRebels. If you have a UN nation, this is your chance to help us. During the Pacific crisis, we helped as much as we could in the efforts to help those who had been forced out by tyranny. We request that if you can, help us now in our time of need. Thank you in advance to anyone who does come tio help. We know that as a region we have many friends out there. Our darkest hour is upon us, and it is only with the help of the world that our region as we know it will survive to see the light of day.

Dick Van Dyke
Retired Secretary of Intelligence for the South Pacific

PS: To the mods, sorry for posting this again. I was told by someone that this is a better place to post this than the forum called NationStates. You can delete the other thread if you consider it to be spam. I apologize for posting it in the wrong place. Thanks.
Crazy girl
08-01-2004, 07:33
mmmm, their off-site forum ( is sure interesting to read, for those who are registered there..