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Greetings from Liechtenstein!

04-01-2004, 23:05
All nations are welcome in Liechtenstein! - Josifovich


I'm Chris, the leader of Santas Mutated Elves, and consider this a semi-formal greetings from our region and yours. Nothing big, no contracts for you to sign, no spamming about how eeeeeeveryone should join Liechtenstein.

In fact, this is just a friendly neighborhood "hello!" to get acquainted with, and form the basis for more official alliances with, other regional alliances out there.

Allow me to digress for a moment. Too many alliances are built on pure opposition and idealogical hatred. It is good, in these radical and uncertain times, to be able to come together and work for a common goal, and promote friendly interactions between nations. That is why I want you all to know that although some have described our armies as "roving hordes," and that although we have conquered many a region (along with our 'parent' organization, whose name I do not need to mention), we are not mindless, cold-blooded killers.

Instead, we seek to bring unity to the world. Peace is attained only through order, just as happiness and prosperity are achieved through meaningful employment.

Now, whether or not you, the interested reader, is interested in allying with Liechtenstein, is not my concern. Why? I know this: Liechtenstein will help bring order to the entire world. Laugh if you must, and I am positive you have heard many similar claims, and dismissed them-- I have too. But just because it is a similar claim to what many 'region crashers' make, does not mean it is also as unjustified.

In fact, no region has a greater potential for global success. We have the numbers, we have the leadership, we have the will, and we have the know-how to make things happen. We can, have, and will bring about real change to the NS world, not just the mere toppling of or allying with assorted regions.

Anyway, respond here or in TGs if the prospect of continued friendly relations with us interests you! I am certain that we can come to a mutually beneficial agreement of some kind.