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The First free vote of the South Pacific.

02-01-2004, 21:35
This is the first free vote of this region... under the controll of a group of nations. Vote in liberty!!!!!!
02-01-2004, 21:40
excuse me but i do an error with my computer... so first of a accuse of Spam.... close one of this poll..... thank you!
03-01-2004, 00:10
nice to see you have understood my point about us not having power here. so during the council we, in the cabinet did not have any power of any kind. we did, heavily advertise the fact that it was going on.

how, exactly are we supposed to physically pull people into the forum?

for the record, the government of the south pacific are electedon our offsite forum. we take the majority from the people who vote. the votes are heavily advertised as is the offsite (in the world factbook and many newcomers are invited by one of the delegate, myself (VP) or the secretary of the region)

all are welcome to run in the elections and all who live within our boarders are welcome to vote.

elections happen once a month.
03-01-2004, 02:44
Yet another Old Lie..."because only a percentage of the region is on its forum, the government must be incompetant." This has been used by every tyrannical usurper out there.

Nobody's buying it anymore, okay? So stop bugging us.
Pope Hope
03-01-2004, 02:49
I agree. Try another overused angle for a change. :roll:
05-01-2004, 05:11
perhaps if your question would be more specific?
06-01-2004, 17:36
Kandarin... this is a Poll for the Nations of The South Pacific... not for Delegate of others region as you...
06-01-2004, 17:52
then you should have put it somehwere the other nations couldn't find it.

as it is, anyone in the game can vote on it.....

telling kandrain to go away really doesn't help your case. telling everyone you're fro freedom and then telling them to shut up isn't nice.