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30-12-2003, 07:19
This evening saw the launch of Seattle Syndicated News, nicknamed 'SeattleNews', as a new news alternative to RadioWorld FM 303. We are calling it SSN20, to fit our TV-media focus over radio.

You can check us out at

At 7:45 Seattle Syndicated News (name subject to change) debuted with a very long post on what's been going on in Dystopia lately. As a companion to that story we will include interviews with a few people involved in Dystopia. (If only they'll get back to me.... :roll:)

Less than three and a half hours later that story was followed up with two more, one on the North Pacific delegate race, another on the Atlantic Alliance's mobilization on Christmas. Just moments ago I've seen new events unfolding that will require an update to both of those stories tomorrow.

I apologize if my reporting style is a bit... rather 'excited' at times. I have written every one of those stories in one sitting and to combat the length of some of them (my apologies to those used to NetWorkRadio) my language sometimes becomes a little 'colorful'.

The first three stories of SSN's existence were stories that NetWorkRadio has yet to report.

Seattle Syndicated News is headquartered in the region of Seattle. We hope to update constantly to keep our viewers knowledgeable of what's going on in the NSWorld. We spellcheck every one of our posts and try our darndest to make sure what we're saying is correct. If it's not, please correct us and we'll issue an apology.

We broadcast as unbiased as we can from the information we are able to have on a subject.

It's a big world and Rigel Kent will not always have the time or energy to write three stories in an evening.

Reporters wanted. Contact the admin at the forum.

-Rigel Kent
Seattle Syndicated News
Crazy girl
30-12-2003, 11:26
well, i'm sure jerome will love the new competition ;)
30-12-2003, 12:03
Jerome or Twinkles?
Crazy girl
30-12-2003, 12:05
jerome is the owner of the network, twinkles is their most active reporter..

jerome has said before that he would love some competition.
30-12-2003, 12:26
I meant Jerome hardly has a presence there whereas Twinkles does.

Hey crazy girl, mind if I take a moment and ask you if you defended/liberated any regions tonight?
Crazy girl
30-12-2003, 12:27
defended, yes, just one, quiet night today..
or actually morning for me ;)
30-12-2003, 12:57
What happened in The Peoples Liberation Army? Fenris was there, and so were you (I assume Zandra is you, my knowledge up to this point has led me there). You're not a Wolfpacker, are you?
Crazy girl
30-12-2003, 15:19
yes, zandra is me
no, i'm not a wolfpacker
that region was not the region we were defending
if you want to know what happenend there, ask the wolves ;)
Spoffin The Reporter
31-12-2003, 05:24
I've been impressed by SSN20's coverage of the LUE incident, and I'd like to help write for you.

I've signed up to your forums.

One thing though, a mistake in an artice of yours. Clarkus isn't Xenu. Clarkus is CnC r0x0rs my s0x0rs the current delegate. Hes also RACAC, part of the main leadership of Blue Moon.
31-12-2003, 19:30
I'm a reporter!

I'm covering the war in LUE, so watch this space everybody!