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1 Infinite Loop
29-12-2003, 05:39
Hello Friends, Im Andy Rooney, Tonight I would like to talk to you about Travelogues, those good old films where some pompous studio type would tell you about a country he has never been to but actually just reads from a National Geographic while they show stock footage filmed 5 years ago.
Well, lets get started.

Rules of posting, post as though you were a old New anchor, like Andy, Walter Kronkite, or some other classic (and most probably dead )
Also no RP, jsut national descriptions, make them sound like an old Travelogue, or Nature show.
1 Infinite Loop
29-12-2003, 05:41
The Tourist Brochure
A little history,
origianlly founded around 1500 years ago, when the leaders of the thirteen tribes jsut happened ot converge upon the grounds where Infinite City now stands each claiming to be led there by strange visions of light and nightmares of teh times to come when teh potatoes will not grow. the decided to found a city, at the junction of the two great rivers,
that city state grew into a nation, over teh years the tribes intermingled and married, so that now only 7 of the tribal names still exist and their lands have been abosrbed by neighboring regions, and only remembered in teh local cities where their name s are pased down in local history.
the nation passed into its first golden era about a hundred years after its birth, when the philisophical age began, when the people pretty much sat around thinking about stuff, kinda like ancient greece, they got respwect enen though a lot of the calssical truths they discovered have been debunked and or replaced by scientific proofs. th eonly thing that people stil agree on when it comes to the classical age is steam baths and other hygenic related things.
everything progressed as one would expect unitl Louie of Birkenstock, began preaching his return to teh caveman days, wheras teh people prompthly abandoned all their society and for the next hundred or so years, and lived like idiots this time is called the age of stupidity.
once the people realized that those ideas aout hygene were really good, they began trying to return to their old societal levels, and all progressed as it should until 1941 when the Race, a lizard race from Tau Ceti, invaded, four long years of fighting yeilded a truce, and to this day, Infinite Loop is goverened by both the Humans and Lizards.
for a time Infinite loop's military was sent to invade other nations, however they have settled into a new era of peace.

are you tired of your daily grind, need a new diversion to rejuvinate your tired spirit, then come on and visit Infinite Loop,
located southeast of Ineptia along the coast of Prudentia, founded 500 or so years ago, many of our records from this time have been lost due to the great age of stupidity when due to the teachings of the new age Guru Louie of birkinstock taught his heretical "return to the caveman days" lifestyle,

the Lovely capital city of Infinite Loop, Infinite City, is located at the junction of the Wozniac and Jobs rivers,and the birthplaeof the Mississippi, her neoclassical style is reminicent of the artwork from the 1920's and teh utopian cities depicted therein, Monorails and glorious buildings decorate it, along with the many parks and places for quiet comtemplation.
for your intelelct can be tempted by our many museums and libraries as well as the Infinite Loop Military Museum where the great Military conquests of Infinite Loops past are both celebrated and remembered,the university of Infinite Knowledge is also here in our fine capital city. And teh National Zoo is located in the northwestern sector of the city
the river Mississippiwhich flows south of Infinite City is daily plied by paddlewheel boats reminicent of our time as a plantation state.

Cowstantinopal, the heart of our agrarian industry, is a town of several million, mostly farmers and ranchers although some industry is here, teh home of the Infinite Loop Casket industries biggest manufacturer Bloeld Coffins, as well as a research division of the University of infinite Knowlege, working in agricultural and vetrinarian advances, as well as the Atomic research facility founded just prior to the War.

Ackbar, Located in the northern Hills, or the Ackbar region, Ackbar is home ot the offices of the Military, as well as the central space command, where most of experimantal space flights are monitored, the capital city is also home to the offices of the Infinite Loop Nuclear regualtory Commission which monitors the Uranium mining in the southern portion of the state,

Macintosh, home to the tech industries of infinite Loop, as well as the most excellent waterpark know to man, WaterLoo, the surrounding countryside also produces 40% (estimate) of the nations cereal crops.

Cupertino, most sacred city of the nation, is home to the seat of the largest religion in Infinite Loop, the Holy order of Darwin, the only known religion where God has talked to his faithful via email.

Vanity Faire, the Vegas of Infinite Loop, and home to those foulmouthed children we hear so much about durint the new after Bigtopians say the darndest things, teh four main streets in vanity fair are loaded with more lights than most of the other cities in the nation, so much electricity is used here that a suplimental tidal generator ahd to be installed to aid both the Hydroelectric stations along the river and the Nuclear plant which supplies the city.Often called by the travel brochures as "teh city of a thousand sins".

Aramatheia, is tha largest port for outside trade, and is home to the Infinite Loop institute of archelolgy, and local branch of the National Geographic Society.

Via Dolorosa, is the home to the offices of the navy, in the olden days it was home to the Wine industry, in Infinite Loop, however during the great Purge of 1979 most of the Vinters moved to the more calm and stable state of Cowstantinopal, where they still produce great wines and liquors to this day.

Our Map.
29-12-2003, 18:00
Loop, gorgeous map!

I've done one of my region, but I only have the crappiest site to upload it on, so if I post it in the forums I just eat my whole days worth of bandwidth in about 5 minutes.
New Genoa
29-12-2003, 19:29
I give you: New Genoa!
Welcome to New Genoa, the illustrious capital of New Genoa! You'll find yourself in Paradise the minute you enter the city! Bright lights, magnificient casinos and resorts. Did we mention the amazing historical sites available also? How 'bout visiting New Genoa Stadium and watching the Greyhounds duke it out from our luxurious sky-box seats?

Well, enough boasting and rambling! I believe these pictures will greatly impress you!

Our capital city, New Genoa

One of many casinos in the capital

And inside of a casino

New Genoa Stadium

President's home

Photo of the famous NG Land, just outside of the capital

-New Genoa Capital Travels-


Why overwhelm yourself with the bustling life of the city? How 'bout a relaxing vacation? Well, the Northern Mountains Retreat is a perfect fit!
Haven't you always dreamed of a serene get-away? To have the cool summer winds blow gently against hair? Do you enjoy skiing? Or mountain-climbing? Well, the Northern Mountains Retreat offers all this and much more.

Firstly, if it's skiing you want: visit the West Side Skiing Resort portion of our 500-acre resort. A few comments before we continue:
West Side Skiing is just all-out fun for the entire family. We skiied for hours and hours and topped the day off by relaxing in WSSR's top-quality jacuzzis and feasting on the most delicious and elegant meals I've eaten in years. It's worth it!

I love WSSR!

Supper was fabulous. So was the skiing. I encourage everyone to pay a visit at least for one week per year!

You hear that? Nothing but praise. But anyway, if skiing isn't your "thing", then take a shot at climbing Mt. Caesar, a towering six-mile climb to the top! Reward yourself and get into shape at the same time!

So you just wanna relax and "chill out?" Well, we've got acres of open fields with the softest and greenest grass you'll EVER see or touch. Have a picnic with the family and enjoy the views. You won't regret it.

-North New Genoa Travels-


Hmmm... how about seeing and absorbing some authentic history? Ever marveled the Romans? Well, you'll be glad to visit to New Rome.
We'll be blunt. New Roman Resorts were ranked #1 in Customer Service last year. A nice asset, eh? Friendly staff and interesting places to visit. Well, first we have the 2nd Colosseum. Yes, 2nd. It was built by Roman colonists in 188 A.D. as the exact replica of the one in Rome. Hell, New Rome basically IS Rome... with a few exclusive New Genoese additions, of course.

Now, the 2nd Colosseum. You can either take a historical tour of the it.... OR you can actually ATTEND a simulated gladiator fight and watch 'em duke it out like it would've been done back two-thousand years ago. We incorporate top-notch artificial AI to accomplish this feat. Oh, and you can wear the same apparel a Roman noble would've. Throughout the day you'll learn neat and educational facts about gladiatorial fights, while you enjoy the action.

So, that's the Colosseum. What else is there to visit? How about a Roman theater play? Perhaps a chariot race to watch. That's JUST the historical essence of New Rome. The nightlife here is absolutely wonderful, with lively clubs and bars.

New Rome is located on Lake Genoa, the largest fresh-water lake in The Allied Powers, loaded with fish to catch for one of those quiet summer days. Don't miss out.

New Rome

Lake Genoa

-Legionary Travels-
1 Infinite Loop
29-12-2003, 19:53
Loop, gorgeous map!

I've done one of my region, but I only have the crappiest site to upload it on, so if I post it in the forums I just eat my whole days worth of bandwidth in about 5 minutes.

Yeah it is pretty old, and unfortynantly som other country is there now. but I saved the image. lol.

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