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Basic questions need answered

29-12-2003, 00:26
I still have two q's about the game, first of all, how do you post pictures on a storefront? People have told me some series of letters, but of coarse I forget what it is and how to use it. Secondly, how do you find the new nations for recrutment? If anyone can answer these q's, that would be very helpful.

Aside from that, please move to Moon Colony I, we are in need of allies.
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 00:31
Images, the only one I know of is url for the image goes here
Im not sure about any other way.


Use the UN activity list on the main site. These are your best bet as they are active nations either having just joined the UN or about to join (obviously dont bother with the ones that have left)
From your other thread it appears youre trying to defend your region or something? Thats why you need to use the UN page, it will give you the endorsements needed to retain delegacy.
Unfree People
29-12-2003, 00:35
I recruit from feeder regions. I change UN status all the time, and I hate it so very much how many bloody recruitment ads I get when applying and joining the UN, especially when I'm a freakin huge nation or a founder somewhere... just do a little bit of research on the nation first is all I ask.
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 00:47
:oops: :oops:

yeah it actually irritates me when I get them. And with 40+ active puppets I do get alot.
But, it is one of the more effective methods. In terms of time spent vs reu;lts Id imagine you get a greater yeild.
Course then you have the problems associated with the fact that youve probably tg'd a half-dozen puppets of various invader/defenders and given them a free ticket into your organisation. :evil:
Unfree People
29-12-2003, 01:01
Ha, yes. I do spend a great deal of my time recruiting, and I've gotten a few nasty flames (which were quickly taken care of, mods rule), but I've gotten nice results as well... 35 nations in one week :)
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 01:26
Damn thats a good few!. I dont have the temerment for recruiting properly though. I get bored too quickly, usually only after a few dozen :cry: