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Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 00:06
Well, one of the issues raised during the discussion of the possibility of this forum was to have somewhere to discuss invading and defending, its rules, tactics, ethics etc. As part of this, I have created this thread, where I plan to gather links to, eventually, all articles on these aspects of invading in the non-RP sense.
I dont really intend this to be a discussion of these topics, just a database but we'll see how it goes.
Help is by all means encouraged as there are a fair few pages to look for. Post here, or telegram me or email me if you have any new links, ideas on how to catalogue them, or even if a catalogue is a good idea, maybe we should just collect quotes of the pertinent information, I dont know.

Thanks, SiswaiAman

email =

Petition to the NS Moderators to end Region Invasion

How to avoid Region Griefing

Clarification on Rules for invasions

Clarification on "native" rule
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 00:08
you mean something like this ( ?

edit: like this?

Max and [violet] have both spoken on the subject, and so long as an invasion does not do the following things, they are considered a legal form of play:

-Ejecting a large number of natives (judged on a case-by-case scenario- 40% is a good meterstick for measuring it though)
-Spam/flood the regional message board and regional happening
-Take over by use of UN Multies
-Interfere with the natives' ability to come and go from the region as they please. (This includes kicking people out and leaving them on the ban list, passwording the region without giving the password to the natives, and the like.)

It's unlikely that the Powers That Be will change their minds on this.

~Evil Empress Rep Prod the Game Mod

maybe this ( is also interesting..

The Pacific cannot be passworded. However, in a region that can be passworded, yes, the password must be given to all the natives immediately following a change by the invaders. Natives are generally not allowed to be perma-banned. However, when a Native becomes overly unruly - i.e. spamming/griefing/etc. - the invader delegate is allowed to leave said nation on the ban list a little more permanently (1-2 days approx.)
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 00:10
yeah thats the thing. theres a load of them though. Im begginging to prefer the quote idea.
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 00:14
okay, changed it..
this will take a lot of digging up, though..

*grabs a shovel*
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 00:26
Well which do you think?
Which is going to be most helpful? The n balance that with which is easiest (the thread option me thinks)
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 00:29
we could just do both..
give the relevant quote, and a link for people who are interested in the background..
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 00:32
Hmm, togethre in the same thread? I think it might get too bulky, with only links, you can quickly scan dozens.
Maybew a seperate thread for quotes?
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 00:36
mmm, no, you're right, with the quotes, it would get messy, and not very clear..
but we do need to give the links clear names, so people will know what they're about..
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 01:58
Ok, Ill start a new thread for that. Its going to require a bit more thought, we cant just post quote after quote, we'll all discuss some sort of organisation to it.
1 Infinite Loop
28-12-2003, 11:08
well I would like to point out something, I have watched enough invasions and power struggles to tel ya this, the So Called "Defender" groups are mearly a attempt at legitimizing invasions, you see when they come in and "Liberate" a region 9/10 they are worst than the invaders they deposed, and they are allwed to victimize the region with impunity. I base this on the fact that a region a puppet of mine was in as a long standing native got invaded, well, when the defenders showed up, they booted my nation as a invader even though it wsa non UN, when I finally got back in, and they left, I got Booted again as a acomplice to the defenders and the invaders even though I had nothing to do with either,

secondly, I founded a region that is usually embroiled in some sort of invasion or political upheval, well some folks I was aquainted with showed up and every one screamed invasion, where none was happening, well the Defenders showed up and tried to help the region well their idea of helping it was to tell one of my other puppets to move out as they were going to take the seat, boot all of the people and refound it with one of their people, to protet it. I booted them all. (they are long gone now) so just remember, I have been here since Invasions started, I have seen a lot and All your Defender groups started out as invaders, however they were not successful so the took up defending, to make invasions Legit and justify them in their mind.
3 am Eternal
28-12-2003, 13:00
Well I certainly don't like or approve of the defences you describe. Whenever I'm elected delegate during a "counter invasion" I boot only nations that entered the region after the invader delegate, I also check with native nations and if in doubt only eject UN nations who entered after the invasion and endorsed the invader delegate.

I don't agree that defenders (individuals, as opposed to organised regions) legitimise invasions. Most defenders either suffered a griefing or witnessed an ugly one and that was their initial motivation to help out regions being invaded.

I'd prefer if invasions were prohibitted or regions had to opt-in to being invaders and open to invasion. As things stand though, as long as you check the facts, behave with caution, and are willing to talk to all sides there is no need for their to be a fine line between invaders and defenders.
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 15:04
basic rules on invasions (

how to avoid region griefing (

native or invader delegate (

native gets outside support, considered invader delegate (

who is native? (

spamming/griefing natives can be kept on the banlist a little longer (

impersonating another player to gain info is allowed, to ruin his or her reputation is not (

if you disagree with a mod's decision, email the admin (

point 4. the mods CAN see if you're a multi. make sure you don't have more than one un nation (

not giving out the password out immediately to the natives WILL get you into trouble, no excuses ( :twisted:

spamming the regional happenings to cover your tracks with puppets is not allowed ( however, you can move 1 puppet with you (

invaders can kick out non un-natives out too (not ban), also, they're allowed to kick them out again when they return (
more to come ;)
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 21:47
well, i stopped on page 11 of moderation, i'll search for more later, what do you think of it so far?
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 22:01
Brilliant! Im not quite wordless, but close!

Huh, I went to page 20, but I only pulled those threads that were blatantly about invading.

godd work, you havent give up on this then? :D
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 22:07
nah, i don't like quitting or giving up ;)

also got a nice telegram from a game mod, giving me some friendly tips ;)

so, nope, not giving up, it's not over, till it's over, we'll take over this forum, but no more hijacking other people's threads ;)
Siswai Aman
28-12-2003, 22:10
:twisted: there are other ways . . . . :twisted:

no, I think we can take it without sneakiness.
Crazy girl
28-12-2003, 22:12
yes, we can do this without sneakiness, all we need to do, is make sure other people like us get to know about this new forum, and most important:

we must not give up! ;)
Unfree People
28-12-2003, 22:23
nah, i don't like quitting or giving up ;)

also got a nice telegram from a game mod, giving me some friendly tips ;)

so, nope, not giving up, it's not over, till it's over, we'll take over this forum, but no more hijacking other people's threads ;)
That's good to hear, because when we give up, the RP'rs will definitely win over.

Check you tgrams too CG :)
Crazy girl
29-12-2003, 00:12
checked them ;)

also, if anyone has any other interesting mod quotes on invasions, please, do post them here, i'll add them to the list ;)
Crazy girl
29-12-2003, 01:15
neut is still a little foggy bout "the intent to stay" thing...

maybe i should ask him to make a nice clear quote for me ;)
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 01:28
yes, but he does seem to like grey areas. He probably collects them or something.
Crazy girl
29-12-2003, 08:34
yeah, those grey areas sometimes do make things a bit unclear..
29-12-2003, 16:16
Sort if an anit-invading slant to discuss the issue so far (started by someone encouraging petitioning to end does not smile of objectivity, but that's okay-- objectivity on such a subject is not nec.).

It might be good to include that defenders are also not allowed have multiple UN nations. This seems to really confuse a lot of defenders (tho certainly not all), so I thought it should be included in here for clarification.
Crazy girl
29-12-2003, 16:20
i thought it was pretty clear NO ONE was allowed to have more than one un nation ;)

but you are right, no one (invaders or defenders) is allowed to have more than one un nation.
also, as far as i know, the rules for invaders also go for defenders ;)

for now, i'm collecting mod quotes for this lists (since most people don't believe it, unless a mod posted it).
if you have anymore of those, please tell me, so i can add them to my little collection.
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 17:31
then we have the inconsistencies of the fact that an invader is an invader only util the region is reinvaded, making the defenders, invaders, and the invaders, natives.
Actually thats been bugging me, since all previous rulings point to that being fact, but its not . . . .
Bottomless hole area is more appropriate think
Crazy girl
29-12-2003, 17:35
another invasion doesn't make the old invaders natives, i believe..
Siswai Aman
29-12-2003, 17:38
I know but it should. Or at least I rememnber reading something to that effect. It was a while ago maybe there has been a new ruling on it I diodnt see.

Anyway, tke a look at this thread, hes gone and done our job for us!

Big Invasion Faq soo pretty! ( by Garrison II