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A question to anti-capitalists with Frightning economies.

Aztec National League
27-12-2003, 09:40
As the question asks, how can an nation with private enterprise outlawed have an frightning economy? My nation has no private enterprise and I am always stuck with an "Fair" economy or an "Good" economy (My economy is currently the former but will soon become the latter.) I would greatly appriciate any advice anyone who has achived this might have.
27-12-2003, 10:17
i'm not myself 'anti' anything (other then the tyranny of the
dominance of aggressiveness) and don't claim to speak for anyone
who is.

my own feeling is that the concept of money, like everything else, is
fated to sooner or later fade into the background of obscelscence.

in the case of monitary economics, i see this in time being replaced
by tecnology and the ability to use it creatively itself.

already tecnology representing the concept of currency has replaced
most large tangable transfers of it.

but of course that's not what i mean at all.

when the oil runs out, as it is a reality of future history that at
some point it will, this will likely prove, through a viriety of
circumstantial factors likely to then insue, prove the coupe de gras for the concept of money as we know and or immagine it

perhapse along with several other no longer affordable gratuitous contexts such as mega corporations and large and complex standing governments as we know them

we know historicly that wealth once ment skill at the hunt,
then cattle, then land, and now currency. i see no reason to assume this evolution incapable of continuing, dispite emotional attatchment to familiar idiologies, even as there were undoubtly similar emotional attatchments to the 'idiolgies' that existed in the contexts of each of the former concepts of wealth.

27-12-2003, 10:21
i guess i didn't read that all the way through to the last couple of lines

well i have no advice and not sufficient familiarity even with
the mechanics of 'the game' to formulate any. only my own perceptions,
dreams, desires and priorities

Catholic Europe
27-12-2003, 12:00
Because it's all completely government-owned, and thus, the government are doing a bloody good job of completely and totally running the economy.
The Belmore Family
27-12-2003, 18:12
You need to use Capitilist ideals for 6 months then realise that Capitilism sucks and Liberalism and Communism is a better idea and start on that. (That's how I did it.)
27-12-2003, 18:13
How could Economies be ranked, and what does that mean percentage wise for determining a budget?
27-12-2003, 18:15
Heck, name a government type and my nation's been through it. However, I haven't had a Powerhouse economy since my nation was classified as a "New York Times Democracy."
27-12-2003, 18:23
You might find a better answer in the Got Issues? forum. Some of the guys there go to a lot of trouble to find what does what.
Copiosa Scotia
27-12-2003, 19:49
I have a capitalist country, but I know how they accomplish it. Just give the Automobile Manufacturing industry lots of subsidies.
27-12-2003, 20:35
Well, I am an "uber-capitalist", but my puppet(WW2, we dont interact with each other) has and maintains a freightening economy, while being totally anti-capitalist. Simply, allow your citizens to do anything you want, always raise taxes, and if you can do something with capita-overtones, without harming anyone's liberties, do it.
(I shoot for democratic socialism, and come close)
Beth Gellert
27-12-2003, 20:47
The People's Commonwealth of Beth Gellert maintains one of the fastest growing economies on earth, already more than seven times greater than that of the USA. Private enterprise remains illegal, and income tax is 100%.

As luck would have it, Beth Gellens enjoy a good hyena cicada steak four or five times a day, and have perhaps surprisingly found a considerable export market for said (near) foodstuff. Further to that they (the Beth Gellen masses) like to gamble- quite what they wager is unclear given their lack of private wealth, but it seems somehow to generate hundreds of billions of dollars a year. Most of BG's export sectors, according to the United Nations, are fairly small. We can only suppose that almost every Beth Gellen drives a Beth Gellen car, and that while we fail to impact on foreign markets, the domestic market is equally impossible for outsiders to break.

I wouldn't have thought this sustainable, but I shan't complain. Apparently the people like a new car every year. Possibly to replace the one they lost last June in a game of blackjack.

Oh, BG last ranked third in Eastern Europe (of over a hundred nations) on the corporate welfare table. Of course we haven't any corporations, but what does that matter?

In short (relatively speaking) we maintain the economy by gambling at home rather than in LA, eating giant three-legged 'insects' rather than importing real food, and refusing to drive a car that doesn't come with "Made in Titovo/Porthmadog/Gibborim" stamped on it, and an assurance that it'll have fallen apart by next year.

Long live the revolution.
The Underground City
27-12-2003, 20:51
Why outlaw capitalism? Just have lots of capitalism, but increase tax gradually to 100% and spend most of it on social welfare. That's effectively anti-capitalist, but you get a good economy. For an example of this, view my nation "Caveymen".
29-12-2003, 10:51
there is really only one meaningful economic indicator
and it isn't 'gdp', the movement of little green pieces of paper
or the performance of credit markets
but how much of your sweat does it take to trade for lawful use or
possission of how durable of a useful item
in capital terms, how many hours does the average person have to
work to be able to afford a pair of shoes that will last more then
six months.
i don't have the slightest idea how much, to what extent or even
if at all the mechanics of 'the game' relate to this reality.