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websites for your nation

27-12-2003, 09:38
it might be cool, i don't know what the mods or others think,
if it is unwanted i can live with that too, but i might be fun to have
a thread, and this seems to be the forum for it, of links to your own
websites, those who have them, depicting your nation as you choose
to percieve it.

is mine

29-12-2003, 18:05
i found the place i ment to put this
it's a stickey thread on general
(or is it? now i forget again but i know it's somewhere and i stumbled accross it a few hours ago)
i knew i'd seen it somewhere
just couldn't remember where.
ok now this thread can die if it wants to.

was wondering why no responses to it
now i know

my appoligeese for appearantly trying to reinvent this particular wheel here