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National Animal

27-12-2003, 04:48
Post here what your nation's national animal is along with a picture and description.

“Parratoga's national animal is the Mega Squid, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests.”

"The mega squid is a part of the terasquid family. Heavier than an elephant and almost as tall, the mega squid, splintering conifer trunks and pulping the branches of lichen trees as it goes. Air passing though its body causes internal membranes—the mega squid’s vocal chords—to vibrate and sound is produced. The sound is amplified by means of a balloon-like sac on the squid’s forehead which expands and vibrates like the throat of a frog. As it moves through the forest, the mega squid stakes its territory by bellowing out signals through the drumming rain.

Eight legs, each as broad as a tree trunk, support the beast as it lumbers though the forest, moving at speeds similar to a human walking pace. When the animal is at rest, its legs are compressed and solid. An interlacing network of cartilage within each column locks together, forming a rigid support for the enormous weight of the animal. In motion, the limbs are lengthened, raising the mega squid from the ground. Walking on eight legs isn’t easy, but the squid achieves it with a slow, fluid gait.

A pair of flexible tentacles reaches out in front of the mega squid, extending to just over six feet (roughly two meters) in length. With dexterous tips, these limbs gather fruit, young leaves and shoots, as well as tree-dwelling creatures and their nests. Food is then delivered to the squid’s mouth, at the center of its ring legs. Despite its size, the mega squid’s food requirements are small. Being cold-blooded, it does not need to burn food to maintain its body temperate. It therefore only needs about one tenth the amount of food that a similarly sized, warm-blooded creature, such as the African elephant, would have required. Consequently, the wet Northern Forest can support large populations of mega squid."-From "The Future is Wild"
27-12-2003, 04:49
The random village idiot..

No picture folks.
27-12-2003, 04:52
The Cherub :) (It's a math/latin class thing...don't ask :) Elders of Illusion knows what I'm talking about though)

National animals of my puppets...

European Swallow (Scientists recently have cloned the feather-bellied European swallow...:))
Linear function
27-12-2003, 04:52
Rabid Wombat

No pictures have ever been taken of this elusive creature.

Monotonous Malarchy Enviornmental Minister Mona Simpson
27-12-2003, 04:52

The Butterfly.

Its just a butterfly.

Pretty though :D
27-12-2003, 05:24
parra, that mega squid is from the animals of the future thing that was on about a year ago (on animal planet), right? I saw that! well..some

IC: philopolis' national animal is the salamence
27-12-2003, 05:24
The flying pig

I'm sure you have all seen one before, and i can't post pictures anyway.

it is quite simply, A pink fleshed, angelike pig with snow white wings, wide as an eagles
27-12-2003, 05:40
Our national animal is the coconut, which is a migrating ball like animal, which has milky, white innerds
Unfree People
27-12-2003, 05:56
the Spirit of Freedom, of which, due to its being intangible, there is no photo availible :D

Not to mention the fact that it's nearing extinction.
Greater Cuba
27-12-2003, 06:05
The Dik Dik :D

'nuff said :twisted:
27-12-2003, 06:48
strangely enough i think my animal is the Exploding Chicken
27-12-2003, 07:38
Beach Hamsters!!!
27-12-2003, 08:30
The Cotton Topped Tamarin

Saguinous oedipus incredibly social primate. It lives in extended groups where some members actually appear to forgo mating in order to take care of the young that already exist in the group.

Cotton topped Tamarin info (
27-12-2003, 10:01
Enodia's national animal is the Mongoose.

Historians have often argued about the significance of the mongoose in Enodian history, as it was not the animal crest of any of the Founding Families of the Electorate and evidence of a native mongoose population is debatable.
Professor Johannes Grabermann of the University of Bad Kammersburg has argued, however, that the naming of the mongoose as the national animal is a symbolic thing. He notes that the Hennesseyites (who were defeated at Theresienstadt, marking the independence of Enodia) had a snake as their heraldic emblem. More precisely, "sable, a snake rampant vert". Thus, the symbolic nature of the animal known for killing snakes becomes clear.
27-12-2003, 10:04
i love many kinds of creatures
and it cheers my heart that some of them have been chosen by other nations
like pine martins and meerkats
i chose ailurus fulgens both because
it is one gentle loveable and exotic
but also one i figured reasonably likely would be unique

i'm not gonna try to deeplinc a picture of one
but i can mention several places with good immages and referances of them

in most cases along with may other creatures as well

this list is by no means exaustive and only a portion of those i have come accross

Spookistan and Jakalah
27-12-2003, 10:08
The Red Dog. They are welcome on our dinner tables.
27-12-2003, 12:09
The national animal (and for that matter, main dish) of Balouba is the human child.
Here they can be seen grazing alongside a herd of sheep.
Catholic Europe
27-12-2003, 12:11
The national animal of Catholic Europe is the tiger.

(I'm sure you've all seen a picture of a tiger).
27-12-2003, 12:34
Sure this is our national animal/ favorit dish the Bentusi.

They come in many sizes but we leave the big ones alone the smaler ones are tasty but take some work to get thru the shell.

Largist recorded bentusi

here we see the the avrage size bentusi from the side we tend to hunt thease

And here we have the end that should be avoided at all cost.
27-12-2003, 14:18
Naleth's national animal is currently the Vampire Turtle. That's somethign I've been meening to change (along with the currency: Toenails) since I signed up, I just haven't gotten around to thinking of something better yet.

The Most Serene People's Republic of Naleth
"Life is a suicide mission"
Shameless Plug for Adelaide (
27-12-2003, 14:25
The fox
As in: "crazy like a fox" and "what a fox!"
No picture, everyone in my country has seen them because they are flourishing in our forests, and my country is all that matters. :P
imported_Foolish Pesants
27-12-2003, 15:42
My national animal is the Flaming Ninja.

In reality the Flaming Ninja is the term for all the genetic rejects from my lands that were forced into the wilderness under the provisional genetic inadequacy act.

(No picture, for fear of offending)
The Basenji
27-12-2003, 15:49
My national animal (And favorite pet!) is the basenji. :) Here's a cute little guy taking a nap.
27-12-2003, 16:28
And doing yoga, apparently.
Catholic Europe
27-12-2003, 16:33
]And doing yoga, apparently.

Lol, or some weird stretch! :D
27-12-2003, 17:07
The National Animal of Great Valeria is the Great Valerian Eagle. There is no need to post its picture as you all know the appearance of an eagle. However, it must be stressed that the Great Valerian eagle is, of course, the largest eagle in the world.

Simian Typpe,
Minister of the Environment
27-12-2003, 22:18
The Three-headed Dog, or Cerberus.
27-12-2003, 22:25

My national Animal is the PUG, because i am a pug lover

(as a pug lover, im very proud of it)
27-12-2003, 22:28
The Empire of Brakius is proud to announce the official animal of Brakius is the Hidenorhair.
This very elusive creature is apparently nocturnal or extinct because..well...errr....We umm..haven't seen Hidenorhair of it.
The Golden Simatar
27-12-2003, 22:33
The Minature Pincher. It's a small Domberman a little larger than a Chuwawa.
Archaic Slang Words
27-12-2003, 22:36
Deleted: Knew I couldn't trust human curiosity not to look...
The Golden Simatar
27-12-2003, 22:38
Ohh you sick bastard.
Archaic Slang Words
27-12-2003, 22:41
Ohh you sick bastard.

I told you not to look.
Lagrange 4
27-12-2003, 22:45
Harlequin Ichtyosis? It's even treatable in some cases.
At any rate, people with birth defects are not animals.

L4 has a deep sea aquarium with some brittlestars.
They have tiny optically perfect lenses on their skin that they use like eyes.
A brittlestar can multiply by amputation: if one of its chain-like arms is severed, it can grow into a new animal, genetically a clone of the original.
27-12-2003, 22:45
DIK DIK, DIK, DIK DIK if you havent already guessed, my animal is the dik dik
Archaic Slang Words
27-12-2003, 22:47
It's even treatable in some cases.
At any rate, people with birth defects are not animals.

At any rate, people are classified as animals; whenceforth, I justify what I chose as an animal. And keep the name edited out so people don't get bright ideas to make themselves sick.
28-12-2003, 00:31
Mine's the vulture. It should bre the perfect business/capitalist animal.
It kills and eats it enemies dead bodies. :)
Luna Amore
28-12-2003, 01:35
The Renaissance of Luna Amore is a massive, economically powerful nation, renowned for its compulsory vegetarianism...
...Luna Amore's national animal is the Infamous Marxist Loon, which is also the nation's favorite main course

Our national animal is the Infamous Marxist Loon! And for some reason we love to eat it even though we're vegetarians.
28-12-2003, 02:07
Aooogah's national animal is the comrade rock.

It is near extinction due to our mining operations but rest assured those rocks yield ores that will only help Aooogah!

Boris Kisoff

Diplomatic Minister of Aooogah
28-12-2003, 03:31
]And doing yoga, apparently.

Did you ckeck to see if he's alive? It looks like an upside down statue! :shock:
28-12-2003, 06:15
Naleth's national animal is currently the Vampire Turtle. That's somethign I've been meening to change (along with the currency: Toenails) since I signed up, I just haven't gotten around to thinking of something better yet.

The Most Serene People's Republic of Naleth
"Life is a suicide mission"
Shameless Plug for Adelaide (

*looks at Naleth's sig*

lol. i love you, shamelessly plugging Adelaide like that!
28-12-2003, 14:51
Notoriously camera shy, the Nauga is well-known for it's hide. Inexpensive, durable and easy to clean, Nauga hide is used for chair and bar stool covers, auto and boat seats; among other things.
Less well known is the fact that the Nauga itself is quite tasty.
It is Esselldee's national dish and the Queen's chef makes his Stuffed Nauga for national feasts and banquets!

Minister of all things Nauga.
Queendom of Esselldee
28-12-2003, 15:59

That's mine!
28-12-2003, 21:34

Chinchillas possess big eyes, round ears, a wiry tail, and thick, silky fur.
They are quite the eye candy; unfortunately, they are also bred for the fur industry.
28-12-2003, 22:06

My national animal is the Cherub and is depicted on the national flag:

Cherubim are the second highest of the 9 choirs of angels, when they apear in their phisical form they have four wings. The 9 choirs of angel in order are as follows:

28-12-2003, 22:26
The Flightless Hippo

A notorious and widespread creature that feasts on anything that'll fit in it's cavernous maw.

It's six feet in height and diameter, it is extremely belligerent and communicates with high-pitched screams.

They can fly, despite the name, and can be trained to carry a human passenger.

They nest in high places and attack small settlements in flocks, destroying targets by uh... er... excreting from a great altitude.
04-06-2004, 23:14
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04-06-2004, 23:20
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