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23-05-2003, 10:42
:arrow: Nation's Websites
If your NATION or REGION has a website, post the website address here and it will added for other people to view. I will only add Nation States In-Character websites, including forums etc. related to NS.

666 The Heritic State







Arizona Nova








Bu-Long Tea


California and Alaska

Caras Sidh


Cherokee Fish





Crimson Blades


Cult of Cockdoodlenodle



Doom of Death

Dragon's Bay


Empire of Draconic States

Endless Islands

Eris Kallisti


East Neuk

Evil Overlord


Free Outer Eugenia

Free Roman Numerals

General Dave

Georgeton (The Prog)






Hell Bovines


Hitler III

Itinerate Tree Dweller



Kaze Progressa





Lame Testi


Lampy Land


Lord Squall


Mac Anu


Mega Tau





Neo Earth

Nes Ziona

New Boniventure

New Dorkland

New Russia




One Bad Asp

One Red Dot










Reploid Productions

Rlyeh Cult



Saam Gok


Sean Empire






Sniper Country

Sock Eaters




Terra Matsu & Lerean Matsu Project


The Belmore Family

The Celts and Druids

The Damned People

The Imperial Navy

The Volga

The Wasteland Areas


Truth Covered Lies





Wayreth Forest

Whispering Voices





:arrow: Region's Websites


Allied Powers

American Alliance


Blarney Castle

Broken Hills

Canadian Mountie Federation

Cannabis Island

Coalition Forces Alliance Region

Concord of East Asia


Dark Arcadia

Delphian League

Eastern Europe

Federation of Foreign Powers




Independent Northern States



Metal Bass

Method To The Madness

Middle East




Poland Region

Reformed Oceania

TAM Hell On Earth


The Heartland

The New Mercia

The North Pacific

The Meritocracy

The Star Wars Galaxy

The United Commonwealth of Northern States

The Urbanites;action=logout

United China

United NationStates of Earth

Western Horizon


:arrow: Nation States Organisations/Alliances

Allied Free Lands of Legend

Aryan Alliance

Caritas Organization of Government Support

Citizen's Defence Alliance

Coalition Forces Alliance

Freedom Alliance

International Trade Alliance

New Conservative Alliance

Sparta World Intelligents Agency (SWIA)

The Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies (CACE)



:arrow: Nation's Military Sites

TROUSRS Military

:arrow: Nation's/Region's FORUMS

Africa Forum

Atheist Empire Message Board

Concord of Island Nations

Europe Forum

Greater Nova York



Nogova Regional Boards

Région du Québec et de la France

The Exclusive Capitalizt Zone

The North Pacific Forum

The South Pacific Forum

404 Error Forum

:arrow: Storefronts

Clan Smoke Jaguar Storefronts:
Naval Systems
Ground/Infantry Systems

Credonia Air Force Weapons Storefront

Crookfur Shopfront

Glupeyloo Military Store

Much Mechs

Western Asian Arms Manufacturing Association
(WAAMA) Storefront Catalogue

:arrow: Propaganda and News Services

Europe Regional News (ERN)


:arrow: NS Regional Mapping Project

:arrow: NS Player's Photo Album

:arrow: NS Webring


Daniella's Lair

Extreme RPGs

FUA (Flexible Use of Airspace)

United Powers

Let me know of any broken links etc.
23-05-2003, 10:45
Nice. :mrgreen:
23-05-2003, 10:54
I should have my web-site ready to be announced by tomorrow... today I'm just trying to figure out hot to make one. Hope it turns out OK. :)
23-05-2003, 11:18
Marathon, try this website:
It let's you create a one-page website quickly without having to be an expert. Good luck!
23-05-2003, 11:29
Ok, I'll check that one out too. Right now I'm trying one called Freewebs. You know anything about it?
23-05-2003, 12:27
23-05-2003, 13:40
Ok, I'll check that one out too. Right now I'm trying one called Freewebs. You know anything about it?Nope, but it sounds promising.
24-05-2003, 01:07
Eh... here's mine. It's in a very, very early state, so don't complain about how small it is.
24-05-2003, 04:52
Here is my address
24-05-2003, 04:56
Here is my address

404 - Page Not Found
24-05-2003, 04:58
Nevermind... I just had to take out the Caps in that URL.
24-05-2003, 05:03
there i fixed it
Rapid Dr3am
24-05-2003, 15:20
Rapid Dr3am (
Dragons Bay
24-05-2003, 15:35
Why do people have uncredited images in their websites?
24-05-2003, 16:32
This is awesome.I'm making a website right now! :D
24-05-2003, 17:27
Why do people have uncredited images in their websites?

The Damned People
24-05-2003, 19:41
Gee, thank you for adding me. I didn't even have to ask. I'll try to get this link into the NationStates main sticky.

As for the uncredited images, I modified them and uploaded them myself, and they all have authors in the bottom corners.

Also, is a good server for new people, so I recommend it if you are new to websites. I was going to get a name as usual... but I'm too lazy.

Leader Of The Free Land Of The Damned People
24-05-2003, 19:55
Heres Mine, i just updated it so it should be kinda recent...
25-05-2003, 04:40
Here is ours:

I found freewebs to be awesome, except that it doesn't hold very large pictures. For our map and logo I used Bravenet, which is excellent if you have big pictures.
25-05-2003, 06:09
Dragons Bay
25-05-2003, 09:20
Why do people have uncredited images in their websites?


That means using photos and images directly from the web without putting a 'This is from blah website'.
25-05-2003, 09:54
Ah... OK.
Dragons Bay
25-05-2003, 10:40
Well? Isn't it illegal?
25-05-2003, 10:42
I think...
Dragons Bay
25-05-2003, 10:43
Well, the point is that I want to use other images in my website, but I don't want them chasing me around, screaming bloody insults and sending me persecution letters.
Dark Arcadia
25-05-2003, 12:19
Me & Astral America & Obsidian Jewel & Praeraptoria @ :

The nation of Azralius might be added to the list of countries it covers. Perhaps you would be better off adding it under region: Shadowmarch & Dark Arcadia

:) Thanks!
Rapid Dr3am
25-05-2003, 16:27
Why do people have uncredited images in their websites?


That means using photos and images directly from the web without putting a 'This is from blah website'.

Why not use your .htacees to prohibit image hot linking?
25-05-2003, 16:57
People's Republic of Winnipeg

The New Meritocracy Region
Dragons Bay
25-05-2003, 16:58
Why do people have uncredited images in their websites?


That means using photos and images directly from the web without putting a 'This is from blah website'.

Why not use your .htacees to prohibit image hot linking?

Please enlighten me. I'm helpless in computers.... :oops:
25-05-2003, 20:22
.htaccess (Or whatever) is a special file on webservers to determine what's viewable and what's not, and to define special rules and such. With most free hosts you don't have access to them.
Rapid Dr3am
25-05-2003, 21:23
Free hosts? Arrrrrggghhh!
Dragons Bay
26-05-2003, 02:46
I suppose I'll just credit my pictures then... :roll:
Dragons Bay
26-05-2003, 05:11
The official site of DB. *Still under construction, but it's the first webpage I've ever designed and uploaded! :lol: *
26-05-2003, 05:34
Dang... I need to start working on mine some more. It's so... small.
Dragons Bay
26-05-2003, 05:35
Dang... I need to start working on mine some more. It's so... small.
OOH OOH OOH! Can we at least see?
26-05-2003, 06:06
Huh? Why couldn't you? The link is right there...
26-05-2003, 09:18
Don't see you NationStates nation anywhere on this site. :!:
26-05-2003, 09:33
Here is the website for Blarney Castle:
26-05-2003, 16:58
Hey I just started mine,but the only page is the home page yet.Check it out anyways.
26-05-2003, 23:12
mine is

i just made it last night so it's not updated with all the info i need to put up
27-05-2003, 04:29
i believe i have mentioned this before
27-05-2003, 13:36

Should work

27-05-2003, 13:39
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
27-05-2003, 23:31
Don't see you NationStates nation anywhere on this site. :!:

Westover is a city-state in my book.

sorry i didn't specify that earlier when i posted the link. it was late when i posted, and i was tired and not thinking. :(
28-05-2003, 02:30

Its not open for a few more weeks, but it will contain my nation :)
28-05-2003, 08:56
28-05-2003, 11:05

Should work

Where is your nation on this website :?:
28-05-2003, 11:12
put me on the list pls
28-05-2003, 12:40
put me on the list pls
It has been done.
28-05-2003, 16:40
Regional Website for Polska and Poland (in Polish!)

Thanks! :wink:
29-05-2003, 01:03
29-05-2003, 01:04
29-05-2003, 06:10
29-05-2003, 06:10
29-05-2003, 17:06
The Heartland Region: (Regional Website)
29-05-2003, 19:41
Woo hoo! Came to post mine, to see that it's already there!

There's also a webring, created by Philopolis, here. (;id=2;hub)

And finally, if anyone wants a cool-looking title banner for their page, please telegram me and let me know and I'll see what I can do for ya.
30-05-2003, 05:04
Telegram me with questions. Much of what's there has happened, 'elsewhere'
30-05-2003, 21:02
My name is my website..

Of course it's full of my freelance entertainment/humor writings..and nothing to do with this amazing website.

Happy Friday
01-06-2003, 21:55
i also have a web site:
02-06-2003, 02:34
My web site is (It is not done yet)
02-06-2003, 05:51
Saam Gok's Web Site:

02-06-2003, 11:18
Ehdhora >>
Just put it up, give me some time...schools almost out so maybe a week or two and most of it should be up.
02-06-2003, 12:35
My web site is (It is not done yet)Added under H
03-06-2003, 14:20
The Urbanites official website:;action=logout

Also the website where we all came from:
04-06-2003, 03:32
Different website so's not to take up space in my angelfire page.

Yay for Ehdhora!
05-06-2003, 01:01
I am also the empire of philopolis and the prince of french maids and the websites have changed:

philopolis is now located at
french maids is located at
05-06-2003, 05:41
Brand new.
06-06-2003, 03:14
I'm posting something only you will know!

To everyone else: BOO!
06-06-2003, 04:01
It is a region dating back to the creation of Civilization (Oct. 2002)
06-06-2003, 06:00
Tlegion's website is:

check it out ppl :D
06-06-2003, 07:54

philopolis website located at
06-06-2003, 07:55
ps: it's under construction
King Binks
06-06-2003, 22:59
i prob sound stupid but can annyone tell me how to accses the nationstates datasource so you can accses your UN status from a diff page? thanks for help anyone
07-06-2003, 03:14
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
07-06-2003, 03:18
Tlegion's website is:

check it out ppl :D

That has nothing to do with your country.
07-06-2003, 19:10
sorry to say that is no longer a valid URL
but it is here

I decided to host both french maids and philopolis on one angelfire account
08-06-2003, 09:18
While I'm working on my main nation's website (which will be really snazzy) I made this freebie one for my other nation One Bad Asp
08-06-2003, 21:50 is a good site.
08-06-2003, 21:58 is a good site.

1. You didn't make it.

2. It's not NationStates related.
09-06-2003, 14:50
i have free websites: = my political site = my personal site (don't be put off by the name, it has nothing to do with wounds of any kind, it's just a name)

and my art site, which hasn't been updated in ages:
11-06-2003, 11:02
Mine is .

Freewebs is great, but there are problems if you try to upload large graphic files. Just convert them into .gif format, because those occupy sooooo much less space than .bmp or .jpg files. :)

Oh yeah, and I might add a transportation section sooner or later.
The Imperial Navy
11-06-2003, 11:17 - homepage of the Imperial Navy.
12-06-2003, 11:35
Thanks for all the submissions, now updated.

Important: This posting is ONLY for In-Character Nation Webpages, not for personal websites, so please don't post them here. If you want your personal sites displayed, post them in the General Forum under your own thread. Thank You.
13-06-2003, 02:21
The Broken Hills
14-06-2003, 17:25
Here is a link to my state web page... In the works... but off to a good start.

Plaxtonia Fact Book (
14-06-2003, 19:32
F2B is a collaborative effort by the members of this BBS:
(which unfortunately is down right now)
14-06-2003, 20:24
my websight:
14-06-2003, 23:01
Coroboland Regional Website (Not much other than charts right now, but feel free to click on the top row of the table to organize the rows and see pie charts ^_^):

Mac Anu National Website (not really up yet):
16-06-2003, 01:17


Dragons Bay
16-06-2003, 04:05



Page not found :cry:
16-06-2003, 04:07
The link works for me...
Dragons Bay
16-06-2003, 04:09
I found it, without the capital E
16-06-2003, 18:59
my site for Raidion:

soon to be-

also has regional info and military statistics. updates are listed on the front page
16-06-2003, 23:35
my website is, but it's still pretty basic
18-06-2003, 04:12
Region: The South Pacific
Dragons Bay
18-06-2003, 04:14
CEAN's website:
21-06-2003, 08:52
Barbarosea's nation web site
21-06-2003, 18:43
Index of Oglethorpia
21-06-2003, 18:54
The People's Republic of Zeronia
24-06-2003, 05:58
24-06-2003, 20:04
25-06-2003, 08:27
26-06-2003, 06:03

please remove the address " "
and replace with " "
26-06-2003, 19:59
27-06-2003, 05:21
27-06-2003, 06:28
that ain't your nation's website! it's some camp grounds website!
27-06-2003, 19:28 is New Dorklands page I am working on mine
New Cyprus
28-06-2003, 05:17
28-06-2003, 19:43
My nation's site coming soon (along with the rest of my site) at: (


Now how do I develop a website...

Oh and for now The lame temporary one ( at a free host (shudder).

edit again: see later post. New site working :P
Neon lights
28-06-2003, 20:11
Nation States players photo album (

if your not in there and want to be TM me
28-06-2003, 20:42
COGS (Caritas Organization of Government Support) - a non-government organization devoted to helping citizens of the Caritas continent (in the Heartland region) in their international travels by highlighting places and activities of interest in countries around the continent. We anticipate seeing several countries from COGS hosted in the near future, as well as a move to a domain not run by the Outlands.

The Outlands has a small Defense Ministry site at which is planned to be subsumed into the COGS website once it is developed properly.

The regional website is - and from there you can find several other nation-pages, COGS, and HSERA/HSDC (Heartland Space Exploration & Research Agency/Heartland Space Defense Command).
Santa Barbara
28-06-2003, 22:16
Check out the Eastern Europe webpage:
28-06-2003, 22:39
The region of Bulgaria has also a website:

now I'm still working on it but there is somethings you could see and learn more!
29-06-2003, 02:35
The Meritocracy (region)
29-06-2003, 06:53
Mine is
29-06-2003, 07:24
another edit :roll: :D

please replace the current link with this
29-06-2003, 19:12
(my first website ever!! :D )
Rapid Dr3am
30-06-2003, 21:53
Any reason you appended your SID to the end of the file nationstate?

Just seems weird, and I see a few referals from here.
01-07-2003, 10:17
Middle East

should be:
01-07-2003, 10:20
update please!

02-07-2003, 00:49
Konania (
02-07-2003, 02:47
We, the dedicated members of Western Horizon, have created our own site, message board, and I personally write and design a weekly newsletter for our participants.

Our Message Boards (
Our Website, currently under construction due to frustrating previous design (
You can email me at if you would like a copy of our newsletter (it's sent through email as attatchments) or if you would like tips on how to make one.

Queen Asposie,
On behalf of Asposie and Lady Emily of Pryde Lyonesse, our Web Mistress Extraordinare.
02-07-2003, 12:05

New category created.
03-07-2003, 00:17
Broken Hills has moved to
New Boniventure
03-07-2003, 16:45

The site is only about 1/2 way done...
04-07-2003, 04:25
Currently in the process of being made:

The Democratic States of Sylvax request your visit to their great Nation!
Nar Cova
05-07-2003, 19:53
TAM Hell On Earth Region
06-07-2003, 08:24
Your kidding me. Really? That many. Their good to, better than my HTML knowledge at least.
07-07-2003, 08:51
The Site that is listed as Aqu4r1us is a protectorate of mine and should be listed as Qantrix, also please update the link to because now you can see a ftp screen with some other things I uploaded (also NS related)
07-07-2003, 22:34
This is our regional newspaper:

This ought to go in its own catergory really!
08-07-2003, 01:09
dont forget the federation of foreign powers! :D
08-07-2003, 01:54
ISAF map(region):
ISAF-UWC (region, short page):
ISAF-UWC (region, forums):
08-07-2003, 10:16
09-07-2003, 18:21
The New Russia
09-07-2003, 23:51

10-07-2003, 02:15
Region of Toxic Valley Site:
10-07-2003, 08:22
10-07-2003, 08:23
The American Alliance Reigon

Stop by and say howdy...
10-07-2003, 12:46
My nation's web site is go there.
10-07-2003, 14:52
10-07-2003, 15:37
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
10-07-2003, 22:06
Um, you incorrectly linked the ISAF and forgot the ISAF-UWC alliance.
Here it is again:

ISAF (region):
ISAF-UWC (region):
12-07-2003, 05:28
Um, you incorrectly linked the ISAF and forgot the ISAF-UWC alliance.
Here it is again:

ISAF (region):
ISAF-UWC (region):

I'm thinking of redoing the map and putting it on my site to make things easier.

Clicky. (
12-07-2003, 10:19
Large web forum with links to more european sites
Europe Regional News
12-07-2003, 11:18
My website is in my signature, but I post it anyway


Saman' Thä Gelëan
President and General
of LordSquallFreeRepublic
approved by the department of
LSFR territorial and space defense
...:::'N.a.S.T.O':::... (
...:::'C.A.G.E.D':::... (
...:::'AWN Alliance's n.s thread':::... (
...:::'LordSquallFreeRepublic Official Website':::... (
...:::'Alert level AMBER : state of war declared in LSFR:::...
...:::'Council of the C.A.G.E.D against GODMODING actions':::...
...:::'Member of the N.a.S.T.O for the respect of RolePlaying':::...
...:::'Member of the REBEL ALLIANCE to restore the REPUBLIC':::...
...:::'Defense General, Military Technology Head of AWN ALLIANCE':::...
...:::'LordSquallFreeRepublic is the official Co-Head of AWN ALLIANCE':::...
.:'Our work in foreign nations is Crimson Sparta ( who thanked us giving our name to their L.S.G.O.H ( and our own works in Telüfeth ( and ecological studes (':.
Canadian Governments
12-07-2003, 20:34
Message Board for the Canadian Mountie Federation, our region:
New Genoa
13-07-2003, 03:09
REGION - The Allied Powers
14-07-2003, 08:57
15-07-2003, 05:22

^ Mine nation's site
The Wasteland Areas
15-07-2003, 10:57

Confederacy of The Wasteland Areas site with the usual disclaimers:
Under Construction, Layout: what layout?? etc. blahblah
16-07-2003, 18:46
Raysia -

---------------------------------------------------------------- (
The Theocracy of Raysia
Commander in Chief: Kyle Race
17-07-2003, 19:28
The website for The People's Republic of Sliponia is:
18-07-2003, 01:44
18-07-2003, 01:55
ViZion -
19-07-2003, 13:28
Does not represent your nation
19-07-2003, 13:30

I've come across some excellent nation websites, lot's of thought and hard work has been put into them, well done!
20-07-2003, 17:12
We can be found over at
Peace and GoodWill
21-07-2003, 02:36
Im gonna make a website for my Nation and its regions.
Ill post the link, once I get it up and done.
21-07-2003, 17:51
Metal Bass Regional Website
22-07-2003, 06:59
My country:
23-07-2003, 21:14
Mapping site and forum link for the regions of Wysteria and National Hockey League (
24-07-2003, 11:16
25-07-2003, 19:29
27-07-2003, 01:05
Democratic Underground region:

(all right, so that's really not a NationStates site.)

28-07-2003, 21:29
If anyone wants to quickly create a website I strongly recommend My movie production company even uses it as a temporary site. The designs are quite good and extremely easy to use and implement.
30-07-2003, 21:07
Check siggy for empire of draconic states.

Emperor Sterling Vortex,
The Empire of Draconic States Website (
(A puppetless Region, Certified by Scolo der Game Mod)
National Anthem: Roll Tide - Nightwish
01-08-2003, 10:25
Ness ziona
02-08-2003, 13:07
Our Website is located here (
02-08-2003, 16:30
The South Pacific regional board is not located at the indicated URL anymore.
The new URL is

02-08-2003, 20:04
The PROG website:
03-08-2003, 06:00
03-08-2003, 23:24
My region, EMPIRE OF PWNDOM, hails from these message boards:

Great community, you should check it out.
04-08-2003, 18:28
How can this get a bump? It's a sticky thread!

Anyway seeing al those websites i'm working really hard on mine!
United Faiths
05-08-2003, 22:44
Posted by: United Faiths
From Region: Africa

:( I was saddened to learn that the excellent region 175-member strong of Africa did not have their website listed!

We feel our website is special as it is updated DAILY and pictures with interactive text allow members of the African region to receive a fuller picture of the complex domestic and regional issues that arise in our continent.

Please post our website:

We also have a bulletin board which provides a forum for NGOs and other African organizations, like the African Union, for posting their resolutions. The region of Africa has tried to place some order and organization into the political structure and we have created a regional organization called the African Union. It presently has over 60 members.

The website for the bulletin board is:

My thanks,

Nairb Selarom
President, United Faiths
Secretary General, African Union
Founder, Africa
05-08-2003, 23:20
And the scareist part is that I'm not a noob.
Rlyeh Cult
06-08-2003, 00:33
Made something that looks like a website in a couple of hours for the Rlyeh Cult:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
06-08-2003, 10:10

Nations/Regions Forum section created.
06-08-2003, 11:08
My website has moved to

and there is an early version of my country's page at

(The country's page will update soon)
06-08-2003, 14:14
The Writ of Chaos, the telling of our universe's creation, and how the Wills of Change and Consistency have battled over it.

a work in progress
The Belmore Family
06-08-2003, 19:33
07-08-2003, 01:46
Thats the website for the Democratic Republic of Kyotia
Not that good i know :(
Rapid Dr3am
07-08-2003, 23:59

Long time no see.

I'm added a lot more to my site, so if possible could you make the link not to nationstate.php as now the whole page is based on this.

Rapid Dr3am.
08-08-2003, 00:01
And the scareist part is that I'm not a noob.
08-08-2003, 05:51
Here's mine, nothing special:
08-08-2003, 22:35
Great sticky.

I'd just like to note that Marathon and his website have both been deleted. :D
Wayreth Forest
09-08-2003, 05:30
um, because I'm silly and obsessive and anal-retentive and have too much time on my hands... this monstrosity happened:
10-08-2003, 15:47
We Party Hardy
Neo Earth
12-08-2003, 02:47
Neo Earth
Hitler III
12-08-2003, 04:55
Hitler III ---->
12-08-2003, 15:34
Schumania Nation Page

Europe Regional Forum

NationStates Europe Football
14-08-2003, 06:20
LETI News, The Regions News, At your fingertips (Hasn't been updated but will shortly)

Edenstein Electronic Embassy
15-08-2003, 05:57
Check it out at...

15-08-2003, 08:57
17-08-2003, 19:19
Change of address:
Wait for the avatar to load. :wink:
18-08-2003, 00:01
18-08-2003, 15:46
20-08-2003, 04:16
21-08-2003, 14:20
22-08-2003, 13:41
here is the forum of the region Quebec.
22-08-2003, 17:29
Eris Kallisti
25-08-2003, 16:14
Its still underconstruction but here it is
666 The Heritic State
26-08-2003, 10:48
Heres my site, i'm still working on it but meh...
27-08-2003, 18:52
The Jekonuam Site:
27-08-2003, 23:07
Homokaasu is more of a website's region, but I might as well post the link here. :)
28-08-2003, 05:50
the forum of quebec and france region's.
01-09-2003, 06:09

A site my friend and I created for RPGs... if you like that kind of thing, I bet you'd like this. ^_^
02-09-2003, 12:42

Danya's Lair is a web site made for me and my region, the Domain of Peacekeepers. You have to apply, but everyone from NS will be accepted. It has community boards, and is a lot like NS.
03-09-2003, 06:04
prety shit so far..
Im having some problems with it. If anyone has any just send me a telegram,... :oops:
03-09-2003, 13:36
04-09-2003, 20:14
The Kingdom of Bahoudii Consulate is located at

It is hosted on BahoudiiNet servers. Information concerning hosting with BahoudiiNet can be found at

Our NGO (Kingdom of Bahoudii, Inc.) is currently under development and will be hosted at
05-09-2003, 09:19
its not my site , but an addiction of the past its a WAP (multiplayer online mobile phone ) game and its the next level up from NS
05-09-2003, 11:58
05-09-2003, 13:27

It's finally done.
15-09-2003, 07:11

The Atheist Empire Message board
15-09-2003, 12:17
The Exclusive Capitalizt Zone's forum is located at
15-09-2003, 20:31
thanks :D
Free Outer Eugenia
16-09-2003, 00:05
Please add these two:


The Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies

Thank you.
16-09-2003, 14:07
{United Powers} Splashscreen and HTML website:

Hope you all like the site. we also have a OOC/RPg forums, but i have yet to establish whether its for {UP}members only or if it can be accessible to the public. I'll get back to you.

{UP}Kaos Kestrel
Nag Ehgoeg
18-09-2003, 22:20
I made the middle east forum!
I am. a.
19-09-2003, 21:03
the nation of Knootoss now also has a website:
21-09-2003, 10:18
21-09-2003, 20:21

Yay! Thank you Mega Tau!

One minor point though, you spelled the URL correctly but the name of my nation is Knootoss, not Knootoos. If you could change that on your next update I would be much abliged.

*gives Mega a cookie*
22-09-2003, 00:42
Are there any free sites to create your site on?
22-09-2003, 23:56
UCONS (United Commonwealth of Northern States):
22-09-2003, 23:58
UCONS (United Commonwealth of Northern States):
23-09-2003, 21:03
24-09-2003, 09:09

Yay! Thank you Mega Tau!

One minor point though, you spelled the URL correctly but the name of my nation is Knootoss, not Knootoos. If you could change that on your next update I would be much abliged.

*gives Mega a cookie*

*crunch, eats cookie* Terribly sorry, it's now fixed :oops:
24-09-2003, 09:12
Are there any free sites to create your site on?

2 I know of off the top of my head.
26-09-2003, 10:51
Rejistania is at the moment at:
26-09-2003, 23:57
Behold his majesty...

The website for Trogdorany:
27-09-2003, 11:54
Hey, Mega, thanks for putting the {UP} site up, cheers

{UP}Kaos Kestrel
28-09-2003, 11:40
Hey, Mega, thanks for putting the {UP} site up, cheers

{UP}Kaos Kestrel
You're most welcome.
28-09-2003, 11:50
Little Danya
29-09-2003, 12:26
Danya's Lair has been changed to Daniella's Lair, but the link is still the same.
05-10-2003, 18:31
Updted and expanded:
06-10-2003, 02:54
Terra Matsu & Lerean Matsu Project
The EIB Network
06-10-2003, 04:22
The EIB Network has a website. It's URL is
06-10-2003, 06:01
The EIB Network has a website. It's URL is

I have a question, EIB. Has anyone, in all your time on NationStates, actually believed your claim that you are Rush Limbaugh?
06-10-2003, 19:58
Ehdhora is dead. Saladora is risen. (I used to be Ehdhora but I forgot and now I'm Saladora. My flag is even similar....anyway, I'll set up a site for Saladora soon.
06-10-2003, 20:47
Official Government Website (still in development).
08-10-2003, 08:46
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
08-10-2003, 08:55
---Post deleted by NationStates Moderators---
09-10-2003, 10:20
Atlantian Outcasts
11-10-2003, 13:14
11-10-2003, 17:31
Free Outer Eugenia
12-10-2003, 00:48
The Federation of Free Outer Eugenia
12-10-2003, 07:33

Though I might soon have Ehdhora back...I didn't know inactive nations could be ressurected!
12-10-2003, 08:31
my website is dead for now. maybe i should use dreamweaver and frontpage together. at least tripod supports fp extensions. too bad i cant chmod my php s.
13-10-2003, 03:23 8)
13-10-2003, 03:31
these aren't mine but they crack me up anyway