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Cold to the Touch (Steel Butterfly Civil War - RP)

Steel Butterfly
17-01-2004, 02:34
"And?" Sir James Pierce asked the man. The ultimate treason was at hand, and this pact would insure his death if he was caught. But then...he wasn't about to let that was he?

"And ve're mobilizing," the pirate responded in a thick Russian accent. "Ve'll be up in a mattel ov days."

"Good," Pierce replied, smiling. Any other time he would be nervous...but not now...he was too far along and too far ahead now. "So you'll be ready?"

"As long as your forces do their job," the pirate said, smiling back.

"They're top of the line,"

"Ze bettel be," the pirate laughed. "You're talking about killing a governor. Zese things don't go ova vell vith the Emperor."
Sir James Pierce
Political Head of the Resistance
Viktor Mikhailovich Demidov
Russian Mafia - Orion Pirates
17-01-2004, 02:38
Steel Butterfly
17-01-2004, 02:43
[The OOC thread that is required reading:

Now...I have some backstory to cover, but as soon as the assassination occurs, it'll go public.]
17-01-2004, 02:46

I'm going to get involved in this when the Realm of the Risen RP is over and when this goes public (soon).
Steel Butterfly
17-01-2004, 03:02
Excitement wasn't consistant in the Imperial Palace. Somedays the stress was unbearable, while other days seemed mundane.

Today was one of those "other days" as far as Sky Marshall Zephyr was concerned. In fact, any day out of space...out of his ships...and away from his men was quite boring. Had he known what deskwork went along with being the Commander in Chief of the Imperial Space Fleet and Marines, he might have been content with simply being a low-level Admiral.

"Of course not," he argued with himself, feeling foolish for thinking such things. He was one of the most powerful men in the Orion Sector, and again and again he was reminded of that. Then again, at the current moment, writing reports on routine sweeps of trisector 12324, he felt weaker than when he was a midshipman. "My job's a contradiction," he thought, chuckling.

However, for an Emperor of a sector which included 8 inhabited planets and lightyears of space, days were rarely uneventful in nature. The small riots, businesses, and foreigner he had to deal with left him without much of a social life. There were no after hours for the leader of the Steel-Orion Empire.

International Tax Day came a week ago, and although the nations in the Orion Sector Alliance paid 5% of their GDP as a protectorate and cost of living fee automatically, there were always people in their nations who protested. Nemerov hated protesters, and although he could easily deal with them from within his Empire, he could not control his protectorates as much as he wanted. Perhaps he should make a new law regulating protests in his protectorates...but then again...perhaps not...

Sky Marshall Zephyr entered the Imperial Office at 19:00 hours to ask if the Emperor wanted to go out to dinner.

"No thanks," Nemerov replied. He had eaten in for a month straight, and he and Zephyr both knew that the Palace's food was top of the line. Nemerov also knew that Zephyr just wanted a break, and although they both did, Nemerov had work to do. "No work tonight?"

"No," Zephyr said. "No girlfriend tonight." Nemerov smiled and shaked his head as the Sky Marshall left his office.
Sky Marshall Michael Zephyr
Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Marines
Emperor Alexander Nemerov
Star Empire of Steel Butterfly,
In the Orion Sector which includes:
Steel Isle, Steel Moon,
CTaNbHaR Eabo4Ka, XIII,
Aeisis, Bivens, Esthar VIII
Orion Sector Alliance Premier,
Order of the Seraphim
17-01-2004, 03:24
<tag> I'll stay out of any fighting, also I'll not read the ooc part 1,2,3 & approch this cold like a real nation without intellagence assets in your nation if thats ok?
Steel Butterfly
17-01-2004, 03:26
[OOC: The only thread required is the one posted...not the other two. Realm of the Risen (Survival Horror RP) ( is suggested, but I understand that it's rather long.]
17-01-2004, 03:31
OOC: A summary could be made on this thread to explain things without having to go through pages of stuff.
17-01-2004, 03:32
[OOC: The only thread required is the one posted...not the other two. Realm of the Risen (Survival Horror RP) ( is suggested, but I understand that it's rather long.]

[OOC: We should do a one post summary of the Realm of the Risen RP at the end of that RP so nations can find out what is going on. Also, the Realm of the Risen RP should be archived when finished.]
Steel Butterfly
17-01-2004, 03:37
"Down another 0.2%!" a worker yelled at Dave. David Christopher Bivens had recently acquired the company and the planet of Bivens when his father, Greg, died. However, a death in the family was the least of his worries.

Due to NiMBUS Biotechnology's insider information with the Empire, Bivens Co. was slowly falling from their past greatness. Now, their stock was dropping by 5% daily. Tonight, it didn't seem to want to stop until it hit 7%.

"Damnit!" Dave exclaimed as the drop hit and passed the 7% mark. He slammed his fist down on his desk, the vibrations knocking his pens off the edge. Reaching down to get them, his phone rang. A Mr. Pierce was on the other line.
Dave Bivens
President/CEO of Bivens Co.
17-01-2004, 03:41
[[OOC: When this goes public, I am sure to get involved.]]
17-01-2004, 03:54
OOC: I hope you don't mind me throwing this in. Since I don't like participating in space tech warfare, I'm staying out. Consider this post the result of a leak (if that's alright).

M'Lord, news from Orion! An aide panted to Damien as he burst into the throne room. with both a scowl (for the intrusion) and a look of intrigue on his face Damien uttered Let me guess...a continued smear campaign against me? The aide hunched over with his hands on his knees. No Lord Dreadfire, not this time. It seems that we've bene leaked info about a possible uprising in Steel Butterfly. Damien scoffed and with a slight chuckle in his voice, he replied In SB? HA! I'm sure you must be mistaken. The aide straightened up abit, and shook his head grimly. No M'Lord, 'tis true. Even as we speak, tensions are rising in the heavens.

Damien rose and walked out onto the porch after casually waving his wrist at the servant. Bowing, the aide exited leaving Damien to himself. He looked up at the stars and his mind began to stray yet again. So, civil war is finally coming to you, old friend. 'Tis not a pleasant to see your brethren tear at their own throats. The coming days will truely test your resolve, and I'll see if all that hype you've been talking is true... Damien sighed then went back inside, issuing a statement to Michael Zephyr.

I have been informed of the "incidents" in your country. I know it seems surprising that me of all people is contacting you, especially with our galaxy wide treaty to respectfully stay out of space affairs forever (OOC: My "limited interaction" with space tech thing). I speak to you and you only Zephyr because since I met you I've seen a great Flame inside you. Like it or not, you are different, destined to go further than your predecessors. Although your nation shares a deep dislike for me, I believe one as gifted as you will see past the accusations. Although we cannot help due to our treaty to forever stay out of space (save for launching satellites) I will pledge to you my personal support. I pray you crush this rebellion or whatever quickly, and may you Drag the Waters of War and keep The Flame burning bright, for you indeed have it. (
---Damien Dreadfire---
-Supreme Dictator of AMF-
-C.o.E Member-
Ruler of The Ancient Republic of Greek Forces, The Silent Protectorate of Old Frankland, The Holy Kingdom of The Royal Knights, The Mentally Superior Republic of Arrogant Uber Geniuses, The Raving Lunatics of Hackers Demise

After issuing the statement, Damien went about his business, for there was not much more he could do.
Lunatic Retard Robots
17-01-2004, 03:57
The international aid consortium HQ in LRR watches the developments in steel butterfly very closely. Mine clearance and medical personell are loaded onto ships both modern and future tech, in order to reach all possible ranges of conflict.

Message to the Steel Butterfly government:

The International Aid Consortium will be more than happy to lend help to the population of Steel Butterfly in the event of a war. If you need help, you need no more than ask.

Note: I think the other members will approve, but don't consider this valid until I'm sure.
A Few Rich People
17-01-2004, 04:09

(OOC: The final drafts of my "fast-forward" to space tech are nearing completion and hope to corespond with the activation of this RP.)
17-01-2004, 04:11
17-01-2004, 05:21
<A Bump, will post later.>
17-01-2004, 10:04
17-01-2004, 14:26
The room in the 15th floor under ground was allways full of husked voices and action. The lighting was mostly on the darker side to allow better viewing of data screens and holo displays.

Second Space Lord Patricia Givens was a busy woman these days. Not only did she have the intelligence gathering and analysis for the entire Navy to handle, but now also the handling of the investigation of the attack on Hephaestus, but that was why she had gotten the job she mused.

"Admiral, i've got something you might be interested about." Captain Robert Steele stated from his work area.

"What is it Bob?"

"Well its nothing solid or nothing conclusive yet, but there is some indication of increased internal tension in The Orion Sector."

Now Givens was most curious and gazed over the Captains shoulder at the holo display, and frowned.

"Thats pretty damn inconclusive Bob."

"Yes Ma'am and i wouldnt start blowing any whistles yet but it something to note."

"Yes it is. I wonder what this could indicate. Nemerov is damn good in keeping his subjects in line, but....." Givens finished, leaving her sentence trail off into the distance.

"Allright, we'll do nothing for it yet. Afterall this yet doesnt tell us anything. If something really concrete comes up, then we'll start looking into it more. " Givens finished.

The Captain nodded and went back to analysing the mountains of hard data that the Office Of Naval Intelligence received every day.
The Silver Turtle
17-01-2004, 14:40
Sitting in his office, TGI Bob looked over the news, as he so often did.
Reports from AMF seemed to indicate that there was some sort of civil unrest in SB. Reports from Leda Colony seemed to confirm that.
Picking up the orange phone on his desk, he told Admiral Klack to prepare the Ineffable spacefleets for departure, just in case.
This has been an Ineffable Tag, sponsoring Wombat News. There's no better news!
17-01-2004, 16:53
Office of the Appointed Governor,
Somewhere on the edge of the Orion Sector.

- And so?

- Well, an other bill from the Empire. As always, 5%...

- I wonder what the hell are we paying for. I believe they don't even know where the hell are we.

- Well, better have them on our side then them hunting us down.

- True, that. And I believe that 5% is not so much of a loss anyway, with all the asteroid looting we are doing out here.

- And all the conclealed 'profit'.

The Governor raised his hand to his lips, smiling slyly. His aid smirked.

- Shhhh... If the Center knows that they are not recieving a certain share, we will have the TSF all around us in the matter of days and you and me will have to answer some questions to the TDI...
Nevermind anyway. Any other reports?

- Well, OSMC reports that several of their convoys ferrying materials have come under pirate attacks. Certain were lost, the escorts of the other ones did their jobs perfectly.

- Increasing pirate activity?

- Yes, Sire. I recommend an increase in escort ships during shipment of minerals.

- Well, our own possibilities are already outstretched and I believe OSMC Security Forces are also doing their max... I will see what I can do.

- More than that, the OSMC has lost concact with Mine #451. It was a low priority location due to the fact that they have already mined all that was to mine...
There were only around 50 personel there. Around 10 security guards and some 40 'workers'.

- Pirates?

- Who knows. They never attacked a mining colony before. The OSMC is sending out a fighter squadron to recon. Oh, and Bivens Co. dropped 7% today.

- Already 7%? They are breaking their records...
And about those pirates - I want increased patrol around the TSC-1 by all heavy vessels we have. And tell the TSF Ballegroup guarding us to be ready for anything.

- Yes, Sire! Now...
Some rumours of possible rioting within the Empire.

- Casual business...

- Some rumours of possible uprising within the Empire...

- Casual business...

- No, I mean - major uprising. And we think that the increase in pirate activities is related to it.

- Interesting, transmit to Center. Anything else?

- Not really...

- Well, I guess that's it for now then. If anything, you know where to find me.

The aid smirked and nodded. He stood up and went out of the office. He went through corridors, looking out of the illuminators on the space outside. A Thylacin Dreadnaught was in direct sight, with fighter patrols around it. An OSMC convoy was leaving the docking areas, under extensive fighter escort. A TSC-1 Security Detachment fighter squadron was approaching for docking, having finished the patrols.
All was as usual and as boring as it always was...

[OOC: Well, just to get myself involved a bit :) ]
Lunatic Retard Robots
17-01-2004, 17:12
In the inky darkness of space, an Albany Class sensors ship moves to the edge of the Orion Sector, flanked by a pair of Rockland Class destroyers. Something was strange about these ships, though. Instead of regular LRR battle-black, these ships were painted a light shade of navy blue and had their names displayed in big white letters, along with their nationality.

They are there to monitor the situation, and to provide information to any prospective peacekeeping force.
17-01-2004, 17:24
The leader of the Nanakaland Space Commitee (NSC) walked up to the President. "Mr. President," he said. "We have reports that there is civil unrest in the Empire of Steel Butterfly."

"What is their diplomacy stance to Nanakaland?" President Michael Smith asked.

"Friendly, sir," the NSC Commander replied.

"Is the one NSS* Capital Ship active?" Michael asked.

"Partially, sir," the NSC Commander replied. "We're not done constructing all of the features and the hyperspace core hasn't been tested yet."

"Fine," the President ordered. "I want the NSC Celestia active within 48 hours. That includes the hyperspace core. Ready all 100 of the fighter class NSS Space Shuttles and get the 20 NSS Frigates ready. We're going to watch this situation as it develops. Until the NSC Celestia is nearby, we will use the NSS Satellite Telescope X-10 to monitor. Don't pick a side yet, that could be a mistake considering the small size of our space fleet."

"Yes, sir," the NSC Commander replied again. He then left the room.

"God help us," President Smith said to himself....

[OOC: Good enough as an intro? This will be the first space war Nanakaland is involved in, so their fleet is small.]

*NSS stands for Nanakaland Space Ship. NS stands for Nanakaland [Naval] Ship.
17-01-2004, 17:36
"Michelle, we have some reports of a possible civil unrest in Steel Butterfly."

"How does it look right now?"

"Not that promising. Problem is, they are in the Orion sector. There is a chance that we should send some troops over to help. But how?"

"Now it is time for you to leave."

"Okay, I will keep you posted." The young man walked out of the room. Michelle walked behind her desk and picked up the phone and dialed a number. She sat in a chair and looked at the ceiling waiting for an answer.

"Hello," said the voice.

"Mr. President, we need to use the second colony ship. There is unrest in Steel Butterfly. That is in the Orion sector, so we have to use the FTL drives. We will also need some of the best of the best fighters for this mission, and some of the Processed."

"That sounds feasable. The launch will have to take place in the Desert Wastelands so nobody knows about it. The launch codes will be there A.S.A.P."
17-01-2004, 19:11
President Jon Anerton reached out took a sip of his coffee, was enjoying his morning newspaper.

Turning to the business section the lead article caught his attention. The article was about how the NiMbus Corp stocks were doing so well, and that it was gaining more and more of the market share.

He slammed his paper on to the table knocking his coffee all over the table, and the paper.

One of his aids looked up, she was startled by his actions “What’s wrong sir?”

He took a moment to collect him self “Nothing Jill, it’s just this NiMbus Corp. I’ve never really trusted them”
A Few Rich People
17-01-2004, 20:06
(OOC: This is an intro and a “fast-forward” to space tech (that means the RotR was with my modern+ btw))
(PS: Most of this is a modified 40k system so you don’t really need to read it)

Centuries have pass since the Last Great Crusade, even more since the fabled “Ring War”, and the name Mikosolf Corperation has long sense been forgot and records turned to dust. Only the vague remnants of the system have remained a constant in the Empire. Much time has past since the first space flight to the mighty Emperor Class Battleships.

Though great things exist much has been lost in the march of time, origins of the Empire, and much technical data as well. Despite all this the Empire, now nears a population of (Don’t worry I won’t use the 5% rule or anywhere close to it) one hundred billion. The bureaucracy of the ancient days slowly died to an immortal god emperor, the last great Chairman, who’s own name has been lost in the dark.

The 1st Division, the pride and joy of the Empire, has been distant at best, but forever remaining loyal, to heed the beck and whim of the Emperor while remaining absent from his side.

With news of the powerful, but distant Steel Butterfly Empire, and its possible insurrection, reaches the upper crust of the government indecision reigns supreme. Though indecision due to lack of information one decision was made: To send word to the 1st Division Tribes and to mobilize the First Imperial fleet to near the Orion sector.
17-01-2004, 20:23
tag for now, substance latter
17-01-2004, 21:22
Grand Overlord Robert Fyre picked up a data disk from his desk and slid it into a reader slot, glad to me on the last matter of the day. What was this? Ah, yes. Authorization for the payment of Steel Butterfly's tax. Great, he thought, Rich is going to complain about that. Richard Thompson, Cspalla's Chief Commerce Officer and thus in charge of government finances, always argued for him to put pressure of Steel Butterfly to remove the tax. Not that he would. If that tax kept Cspalla safe and in a position of relative power, so be it. They could afford it anyway,

Robert spun his chair around and looked at his full-length window, finding the star around which the world of Steel Butterfly orbited. It was one of the few stars visible through the city's Csilla's lights. For nearly all of Cspalla's history, they had been allied to SB. Even now, the great area that was Cspallan Space was right off of the Orion Sector. While its government was sometimes hard to deal with, he valued their alliance. If there was any truth to the rumbling of rebellion with that great nation (something Robert personally doubted) he would do everything in his power to stop it from gaining to much strength. Their closeness, most physically and polticly, meant that events in one had consequences in the other. Besides, he took Cspalla's alliances seriously.
17-01-2004, 21:35
A fourth stack of files were now sitting at his desk.

Ipkiss groaned and let his head fall forward on to the solid oak, a motion followed by a thump as bone and flesh met wood.

The Prime Minister of Canada-Germany groan again as he felt his eyes unfocus due to the blow.

An intercom buzzed, "Prime Minister? The Deputy Guardian is here to see you."

His head raised itself off the table, forehead still smarting.

"Send him in."

Seconds later the door opened, alowing the Deputy Guardian in.

"Have you briefed the Guardian Protector on the situation yet Deputy?" Ipkiss asked.

"Yes, he recived the information as soon as he landed."

"Good," the PM replied, "Contact the Minister of Trade and set up a meeting time at 11:20 tommorow between the three of us."

"Yes sir."
17-01-2004, 23:13
The NSC Commander was given a nearly impossible deadline. He had to ready the entire Nanakaland Space Fleet in 48 hours or he'd lose his job. There was only one thing he could do. He had to get help by the ally nation of The Last Anarchy Order.

TRANSMISSION - To: The Last Anarchy Order; From: NSC Command
Greetings, fellow allies. I need to ready the entire Nanakaland Space Fleet within 48 hours. I need help to do this. You are an ally of Nanakaland through the Legion of Defence and The Kingdom of the Midlands. Trust me. If you help us complete our fleet in such a tight deadline, I will repay your nation later.
17-01-2004, 23:26
Michelle seen the message from their close allies, Nanakaland. She began a return message to them.

What do you want to have ready?
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 00:35
Sky Marshall Zephyr straightened his uniform in the mirror. The shuttle would be docking soon, and he wanted to look his best. He straightened his hair in the mirror and flashed a bright smile to his reflection. This is what he loved – Starship Inspection. Second only to War itself, Starship Inspection gave him a chance to reach out and make sure everything, and everyone, stayed in line – his line.

Warning: Shuttle Docking in 5…4…3…2…

Zephyr felt a slight jolt as the air-tight clamps were put in place. It was a process near perfected over the years of space travel in the Empire. Many experts believed that within the next century, more people would be living in space than on planets in the Empire. Zephyr, for one, wouldn’t mind the idea. Artificial gravity felt just as restricting as normal gravity.

“Please, sir, this way,” a guard told Zephyr as he entered the ship. Clean, new, the ship was what had become a standard in the Empire – utmost perfection.

“Sky Marshall on the bridge!” a lieutenant announced as Zephyr passed through the automatically opening doors. He beamed at the captain and held out his hand.

Captain Lusec Apakoh wasn’t accustomed to such friendliness. Military by inevitability, Apakoh had a troubled youth. It was surprising, by all accounts, due to the fact that “Apakoh” was one of the six famed names in the Empire. Those with the famed last names normally went far, regardless if they deserved to or not. However, early on Lusec was cast out, and the only thing that prevented his aggressive spirit from immigrating to a pirate ship was the Orion Military Academy. The Imperial Space Marines served him well, and he was determined to serve it twice as well.

Regardless, the young Captain shook the young Sky Marshall’s hand and returned his smile. “Are you ready for your tour, sir?”

“I think I know my way around a starship, Captain,” The Sky Marshall replied. Captain Apakoh shook his head.

“I’m merely doing what was told of me, sir,” Apakoh said.

“Then come Captain, lets journey through the halls together,” Zephyr said. Normally he would not be as jolly either, but nothing could destroy his joy of Starship Inspection. Well…not many things at least. “Tell me, Captain…where is your maiden voyage supposed to take you?” The two left the bridge and exited down a corridor.

“Steel Moon,” Captain Apakoh replied. Steel Moon, the third-largest planet population wise in the Empire, was mostly all urban, much like the planets of Bivens and Steel Butterfly. Steel Moon was in fact not a moon, and was just one of many mistakes made by early Steel Butterfly astronomers. Why, another planet was even named Steel Isle. An explanation for that had yet to surface among the history books.

“A business trip?” The Sky Marshall asked.

“Cargo escort,” Apakoh replied, rolling his eyes…er…his eye. “A majestic battleship…guarding cargo…”

“Each must pay their due,” Zephyr laughed. Surely he understood the Captain’s pain, but then again, there was always the threat of piracy.
Sky Marshall Michael Zephyr
Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Marines
Captain Lusec Apakoh
81st Imperial Marines
18-01-2004, 02:05
Michelle seen the message from their close allies, Nanakaland. She began a return message to them.

What do you want to have ready?

Need Ready:
1 Capital Ship - NSS Celestia
100 Fighters - NSS Space Shuttles
20 Frigates - NSS Assault Frigates

2 Destroyers - NSS Orion; NSS Luna
10 Frigates - NSS Support Frigates
18-01-2004, 02:11
Affirmative. Tg me if you want any specific designs for them. If so, I can make a picture. If not, they will be the LAO versions altered to something a bit different so that we can tell each other apart.
18-01-2004, 02:38
Affirmative. Tg me if you want any specific designs for them. If so, I can make a picture. If not, they will be the LAO versions altered to something a bit different so that we can tell each other apart.

The NSS Celestia is partially completed and should look like something out of the Homeworld series. The NSS Space Shuttles look like US Space Shuttles with big guns on them. Everything else has no specific design.
18-01-2004, 04:07
Somewhere on the outskirts of the Orion Sector.

Welcome to TSC-1 FinDep MainHub.

Please enter your name: Miloradov Gennady

Please enter personal access passcode: *****


Please specify the requested action:



Please enter security passcode: ********


Please wait... acessing transfer database...


Please enter source account: **********


Please enter account security passcode: *******


Please enter destinatory: Steel Butterfly Imperial Treasury[OOC: Or whatever you call it. :wink: ]

Acessing... acess established.

Warning: Transfer under High Security regulations.

Please enter validation passcode: *****



Gennady bit his lip as he mistyped the last passcode. With all the passcodes there were to remember he just had to forget the most important one! Immediately, the door into his office slammed open and a squad of Security Guards burst in.

- It is okay, it is only me... again...

- Mistyped the passcodes... again?

- Yeah...

- Well, good luck then.

- Thank you.

The head of the squad nodded and went out, contacting a maintenance staff member to come around and fix the door. Gennady sighed and stared into the terminal once again. The logo of the FinDep was staring back at him. He stretched his arms and reached for the commslink.

- Sire?

- Yes?

- Would it be possible to just send an incassator over to those Imperials?

- Been mistyping the passcodes again?

- Yes, I am blocked from the FinDep and my door needs repairing. And you know I am the only one who has the validation passcode for absolute priority transfers since I am the head of the damned TSC-1 FinDep!!!

- Yes.. well... Calm down. I'll see what I can do. Maybe we shouldn't have imposed so many codes around...

- Well, typing them is funny at least, with all the boredom around here. Oh well, we'll have to recalibrate the system again...

- True, true. Well, I'll detach a squad to convoy some funds over to the Imperials then.

- Thank you.

- Go get some sleep.

- Yes, Sire.

Gennady closed the session and stretched in his armschair. He did not have the strength to go all the way over to his apartments, so he went into the resting room of his office, where there was a bed and a small bathroom near it and fell asleep.

The Governor opened a coded commsession with the Head of the Security Detachment.

- Yes, Sire, that will be done right away.


Of course, Sire, I understand.


Yes, extreme vigilance. I will detach the best pilots.


Yes, Sire!

A mere half an hour later, two small combat shuttles, accopanied by a squad of Piranha class fighters left one of the numerous launching bays of the massive structure that was the TSC-1 and sped off towards Steel Butterfly territory. The money was, of course, on one of the ships, and not necessarily on one of the shuttles...

Meanwhile, the Governor was transmitting a highely coded absolute priority request to the Steel Butterfly Imperial Treasury[OOC: Or whatever you call it.] to detach some ships to meet a Taraskovyan convoy on approach.

OOC: Well, since there are pirates around, the convoy might get intercepted. If not, then it will make it safely to destination. :roll:
18-01-2004, 04:45
Lord Holbrook Stanway, His Majesty's Ambassador to the Star Empire of Steel Butterfly sighed heavily as he set down his tea cup and the latest dispatches from the diplomatic courier ship that had arrived two days ago. The situation back on Proxima was taking a turn for something of the worse, and the reports he had sent back with the courier were not much better.
Something was amiss in the Steel Empire, the network of careful eyes and ears put into place by the ESS (Ministry of External State Security) gave at least that much. It seemed that there may be some fraying of relations between Emperor Nemerov and the nobility of the Steel Empire, apparently more so than usual.
As is usual, by whatever means, His Majesty, Emperor Rowald Alderman I, was already somewhat aware of the situation, confirming Stanway's opinion yet again that a seperate communications network lurked somewhere else.
He summons his aide.
"Yes, My Lord?" the young woman enters.
"When will the convoy to Steel Isle arrive? The one carrying the United Guilds attempt to establish markets there."
The aide brings up her comp-pad, "It should arrive today, My Lord."
Stanway gazes off into space for a moment, "Thank you, that will be all."
"Very well, My Lord."
Stanway turns his chair to look out the window on the capital of the Steel Empire.
Your jumping at shadows a voice in his mind says.
"Maybe," he says to himself. "But even shadows take on a form from time to time."
He turns back, preparing to send a report informing the Steel Empire's interior ministry noting Valinon's concern over some movements within the Steel Empire.


On the fringes of the Steel Isle planetary system, several exit jump points breech the blackness of space.
A pair of destroyers and a frigate from the Inter-Solar System Security Force (the ISSSF a privately funded security concern for the United Guilds of Valinon), escort a quartet of massive Baen-class freighters. But following behind the convoy is a Virgo-class heavy cruiser, a Star Armada heavy cruiser. The Admiralty wanted to have at least a token representation to the first convoy to Steel Isle, and the ISSSF and the United Guilds had been forced to bend from the pressure from the Palace.
The HMS Amington opens a hailing channel.
"Steel Isle Orbital Traffic Control, this is the HMS Amington escorting a commercial convoy to planetary orbit. We request acknowledgement of our intentions and a certified flight pattern to orbit."
Captain (JG) Ardo Melnikov sets at his command station on the bridge of the Amington. He is almost surprised at the safe arrival of the convoy. The journey from Alpha Centauri had been surprisingly uneventful, with only a minor stop over at an Ortagan trading enclave before the final jump to the Orion Sector. But he knows it will not be a full guarantee until his charges are in safe orbital pattern.
"Have Commander Suska have her ships form up at the head of the convoy. I don't want to be surprised and humiliated this close to our destination. Send out the Longshards for a reconnaissane run."
"Aye, Captain."
Melnikov steeples his fingers, watching the planet grow closer as his ship approaches at 1/3 of its usual acceleration.
18-01-2004, 04:47
"Am I hearing you right Ipkiss? You want to support these Steel Butterfly seperatists against their right and legal government?" Guardian Protecter Jee Leng Tan questioned.

"Exactly right Tan." the Prime Minister responded.

These two men and the Minister of Foreign Trade Relations sat in the Prime Minister's office; the fourth pile of folders now spread out along the oak desk and any space that paper could be laid apon.

"If that is true then why, exactly did you call me here Prime Minister? It sounds like a job for the Department of National Defence, not the Ministry of Foreign Trade Relations and the G-P Agency." the Trade Minister replied.

"Indeed, and why would we get involved anyways? It's not our fight, nor would it benifit us, espesially if the Seperatists lose." added GP Tan.

Ipkiss shook his head, "You're wrong, both of you. It's true that if we support the seperatists and they lose, we'll have a big target on our backs saying "Kick me" but think about what would happen if the Sep's won? Think trade. To those that would help them, the Seperatist government would undoubtidly grant increadible accsess to Steel Butterfly markets and technology. This is why you're here Trade minister. You're to work out a draft contract between their and our government."

To this, Tan replied "Don't you think that's jumping the gun a bit Ipkiss? I mean, as proud as I am of our forces, and as certine I am of their ability to fight all comers, the technology gap between us and that of the Steel Empire is significant."

"Very true. But chanses are we won't need any kind of military power. Infact, I'm almost certine of it. It'll probably happen that all we'll need to do is support them morally and politicly. This is why the Minister of National Defence ISN'T here. But to plan for all contingencies, tell me Jee Leng, how are our Naturally Enableds doing?"

The cognitive leap was not exactly a casm. "I see. And how many Enableds would you plan on sending?"

"Two hundred Seventy-five. Two hundred Man Enabled's and Seventy-five of your Agents."

GP Tan's lips compressed together, "Seventy-five Agents. Enough to set up a network around 10 countries."

"But only .01% of your Agency. Think about it Tan, the intelligence we could gather from Steel Sources."

If possible, Tan's lips compressed even further. "I still don't like it..."

"But?" Was the responce.

"But... you're right. That, however, would not be the entire reason to agree to it."

From his briefcase, Tan extracted a rather thick minila folder to add to the mess.

"We're gotten reports, most of them unsubstansiated, from various sources out in the Astroid belt about certine activities from the Steel-Orion company "NiMBUS". Rumour has it that they have developed or altered some kind of super virus. It also seems that they have already infected and destroyed settlements, one that we know of but probably many others, with this super virus. We think it may be a weapon of some kind. The current government seems to support NiMBUS and it's activities."

Nodding at the info, Ipkiss rose from his chair. "So, you're agreed?"

"Yes." Tan replied.

"I don't suppose I have much of a choice?" the Trade Minister Questioned.

Ipkiss shook his head.

"I didn't think so."
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 04:58
"Tell me, General..." the Emperor frowned. "Where is this talk of insurection stemming from?"

All the letters, all the pledges of assistance...

"I am not sure," High General Shockey said, taking his glare off the eyes of the Emperor and adjusting it to the floor.

"And the Sky Marshall?"

"Checking ships, I assume..."

"Tarasovka is late," Nemerov said, shaking his head. He hadn't slept in days.

"Late, sir?"

"Tax payments," Nemerov explained. Shockey laughed.

"Do we really need the"

"IT'S THE PRINCIPLE!" Nemerov snapped and then drew back. Shockey was a bit taken back by the outburst.

"I didn't mean to be upsetting..." the High General backtracked.

"I..." the Emperor answered. The stress of the matter was getting to him. He needed sleep...but he couldn't have his time wasted by matters of the rest. "I know..."

The High General nodded and then exited the room. The lights dimmed.

"Please Alexander, you do need your rest..."

"I...I didn't know you were listening..." Nemerov said, looking around, trying to place the voice.

"It is not your fault the money will not be in on time, and you won't be held accountable for it."

"The money will be in on time," Nemerov said, straightening himself up. "I can assure you..."

"You are nobel..."

"What do you want?" Nemerov said towards no one. It was merely a voice.

"There has been an accident.."


"...and it needs to be cleaned up."


"Tappee, a city there...we tried...but their ground is not the same as most..."

"I cannot go flinging around nuclear warheads and pretending that they are Lysol!" Nemerov shouted.

"But I can..." the voice replied. "But you know my methods...if one cannot be supplied..."

"It will be," Nemerov answered. "You may pick it up tomorrow."

"Good..." the voice said, the face coming into view. Someone knocked at the door.

"You must leave!" Nemerov demanded.

"Why?" The voice laughed. "Afraid of being...corrupt?"

"Just get out!"

"Those who aren't corrupt...are swallowed whole by those who are..."


And with that the man vanished, as the lights came back on full strength, and Nemerov, sweaty with nervousness, opened the door.
Emperor Alexander Nemerov
Star Empire of Steel Butterfly,
In the Orion Sector which includes:
Steel Isle, Steel Moon,
CTaNbHaR Eabo4Ka, XIII,
Aeisis, Bivens, Esthar VIII
Orion Sector Alliance Premier,
Order of the Seraphim
High General James Shockey
High Commander of the Imperial Military
Dr. Robert Ackerman
CEO, President, and Lead Developer
NiMBUS Biotechnologies
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 05:10
The HMS Amington opens a hailing channel.
"Steel Isle Orbital Traffic Control, this is the HMS Amington escorting a commercial convoy to planetary orbit. We request acknowledgement of our intentions and a certified flight pattern to orbit."

.:Open Channel to the HMC Amington:.
Channel Opened

"This is the Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, I repeat this is the Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard. Please allow your frieghters to be now escorted by the Emperor's Fleet. All escort ships are cleared for docking at Docking Bay C-247. All freighters shall be escorted by the Emperor's Fleet to Docking Bay B-030. Flight pattern being send. Please procede now."

Channel Maintained
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 05:32
"Damnit!" Dave exclaimed as the drop hit and passed the 7% mark. He slammed his fist down on his desk, the vibrations knocking his pens off the edge. Reaching down to get them, his phone rang. A Mr. Pierce was on the other line.

The man had asked that they meet in private, and that privacy was attained through a trip to the rather beautiful planet of Aeisis. He had never seen nor heard of James Pierce before, and had no clue of why the man wanted to meet him.

"Perhaps a secret business deal," He had thought to himself as he approached the planet. However now he could see just how close to the target he hit.


"TREASON!" He exclaimed at the top of his lungs, standing up out of his chair and knocking his wine off the table. He seemed to have a habit of knocking things onto the floor. "DO YOU FATHOM WHAT YOU'VE JUST REQUESTED OF ME?"

"Calm down Mr. Bivens," Sir James Pierce commanded, but Dave would not hear it.


"Fine...sit killed...or worse..."


"I am Sir James Pierce, an oppertunist of the most grave oppertunity. You for one should know well of NiMBUS's doing."

"NiMBUS," Dave thought to himself, feeling his lip curl out of hatred. "A business rivalry will not make me leave the Empire!"

"You are not leaving the Empire, we will be reforming the Empire," Pierce said, ever calm.

"And I take it you'll be Emperor then?"

"If I play my cards right..."

"Well I for one think you're a few cards short of a full deck," Bivens replied. Pierce laughed, checking his watch.

"Oh really, Mr. Bivens?" He said, smiling an honest smile. "A real loyalist would have ran right out of here the moment I suggested it. I think you see the big picture, you're simply afraid of it. It's only natural. Fear that it. Granted I'm rather afraid myself." The smile quickly faded. "But then I think...if we do not do something soon...what else shall they take from us? NiMBUS and the Government are one in the same anymore, David, and the balance is slowly tilting towards the Corporation. We now have the means to put up a good fight...we just need the funds. Without you, Mr. Bivens, our cause, and that of the enlightened people, is over before it has begun."

"What do you want from me?" Bivens asked, looking up and into the eyes of the man who wanted him to betray everything his family had ever worked for and worked towards.

"Four things," Pierce replied. "Funds,"

"Money is nothing to me," Bivens replied. He was one of the richest men in the Empire, thanks to his heritage.


"If you are correct in your assumption, soldiers will flock to your ideals,"

"Your planet to join the resistance,"

"The Bivens Co. is the planet...and I am the company..."

"Your Loyalty and Alliance,"

Bivens looked down at the table once more. This was a blood pack that he could not back down on. But it had to be done. He reached across the table and shook Sir James Pierce's hand.

"I assure you, I will not back down on my word..."

Pierce's hand was cold to the touch and it sent a chill up Bivens's spine, which rejuvinated life back into his system.

"Come now," Pierce said, leading Bivens to the door. "This is not a time of celebration."
Sir James Pierce
Political Head of the Resistance
Dave Bivens
President/CEO of Bivens Co.
18-01-2004, 06:57
A beautiful woman in her mid thirties entered Jon office. He glanced up gave the woman a brief smile then returned back to his reading.

“Good morning Jade, you look lovely as always” he said from behind his desk.

Her name was Jade Allenson; she was the Lead chair for the Intelligence Tribunal, which served a Tappee’s Intelligence agency, and most powerful institution. A job that up until a few days ago was his, with the resignation of the former President Smith Allenson, the political structure of Tappee changed. It was an age-old tradition for the lead chair of the Tribunal to assume role of President when the position was open, and Jade had been appointed to take his job when he became President.

He placed the file that he was reading on his desk, and looked up at her “You know that your father left rather large shoe to fill.”

She couldn’t help but chuckle at the comment “I’m just glad that it you that took the his job and not me” she took a moment to look around the room, she could remember the way that it looked when he had occupied the office “Like what you done with the place. My father as much as I love him has no sense of style. Anyways I trust that there was a reason why you called me here?”

Jon sat back in his chair and folded his arms, his demeanour was much more serious now “Have you heard from Kobe and the team yet.” The focus had shifted from being personal, to work.

Taking a moment she thought to herself for a moment then shock her head “No I’m afraid that I haven’t” she looked at him for a moment “There’s something bothering you about the incident in Tatania isn’t there.”

She was about the only person that he knew that could tell what a person was thinking just by looking at them, he was never able to hide anything from her “It that Tatania is where the NiMbus Corp had there Tappee HQ. With the incident they might move somewhere else, and they currently have control of such a large portion of the market here. Just worried about the economy that’s all.”

“The problem with corporation such as NiMbus is that once they get so much control of the market they no longer answer to the government, the government answers to them. Such as the case in Steel Butterfly right now, even as we speak there a rumours of a possible rebellion right now.” It was under her fathers rule that Tappee seen outside business enter the country.

Reaching down Jon took a sip of his coffee. “Do you think that the situation in Steel Butterfly is serious”

Letting out a bit of sigh Jade answered his question “Given the relationship that Steel Butterfly has with its protectorates something like this is not uncommon, specially since it's tax time. Nine time out ten the situation is resolved before it even begins”

“I know, but I want you to keep an eye on the situation just in case” responded Jon. If anything happed this would be his first diplomatic test

Jade nodded and got up to go about the rest of her day

“Oh by the way as soon as Kobe checks in I want to know” he said just before she closed the door on her way out. There was more going on in Tatania then he knew about, he could feel it in his gut.
Commander Jade Allenson
Lead Chair Intelligence tribunal
President Jon Anerton
18-01-2004, 11:58
Special Convoy DS-23,
Outskirts of the Orion Sector.

- Breeze to Wind. We got two zeroes. Progressing.

- Roger that Breeze.

Two Piranha fighters were flying in front, with a rather large distance in front of them, scanning the route in front of them. The two shuttles followed rather far away, accompanied by four fighters in formation around them, with two more fighters closing the entire formation from behind at a bit the same distance. They were heading towards the 'Argus' Patrol station, an old TSF space station floating somewhere in space, providing patrols to secure the OSMC routes. With the abandonnement of the Parkan CSS Class projects due to the devellopement of the Thylacin Dreadnaught and smaller, but overly powerfull Blade and Wolf fighters, Argus was slowly forgotten. At that precise moment in time, Argus was the only TSF asset to have a squadron of Parkan H-16 Class Space Raiders in service.

From there, they would take the base portals to a system in the Orion Sector where, hopefully, they will be met by Imperial ships who will take the load off and the team will return home. All jumping from TSC-1 portals on a distance greater than a parsec was strictly forbidden, for the amount of energy generated during the jumps would attract too much attention to the already very 'unstealthy' mammoth.

- Breeze to Wind, we got two zeroes. Progressing.

- Roger that Breeze. Commander to squadron - ETA: 1h 14m. Stay close and watch out.

- Gale to Wind, we got two zeroes. Progressing...
18-01-2004, 12:10
Vigvar Winter Palace,
Capital City of Vigvar,
Grand Duchy of Tarasovka,

- Sire, the TSC-1 reports that they had some issues with paying their Orion tax.

- Such as?

- They did not precise, but they said the problem should be solved shortly.

- Anything else?

- TSC-1 reports hightened pirate activity in their vicinity. As well as increased rumours of a massive inssurection. We have been 'getting knowledge' about several nations mobilising. Nothing concrete for now...

- Well, we have our own problems to worry about.

The two men were walking along a balcony, giving on the Great Gardens of the Palace. One was Mikhail II, the new Grand Duke. The other one was Grigory Miroslavsky, the new High Concillor for Outer Affairs, dealing with everything civilian the Grand Duchy had somewhere up there, among those many stars. Not having any major planetary colonies, except the one to be established on a territory purchased from Menelmacar on Mars, the Grand Duchy did not have one planetary settlement. The High Councillor had to supervise the coordination with the TSC-1 and Svarog and the respective colonial governors then coordinated with the lesser 'assets', such as space stations and asteroid mining colonies.

- I do hope this situation with Kerathor be resolved, soon... I still can't believe Her Highness Anastasya would do such a... thing!

- As they say... 'shit happens'.

The weather outside was dull. It was not raining, but the sky over Vigvar was grey. Out in the Gardens a patrol of 1st Batallion Guards went on with their daily duties...
18-01-2004, 12:51
Office of Naval Intelligence
City of Irmansul
Clairmont Island

"So thats the situation Admiral." Captain Steele finished his report and sweeped with his hand over the light codes on the holo tank representing the Orion Sector.

Admiral Patricia Givens, Second Space Lord, head of Bureau Of Planning sighed heavully.
"Im supprised the shooting hasnt begun allready." She noted sarcastically.
"Not that it really matters, it will begin and soon and there will be little to nothing we can do."


"Robert, the problem is that we are in debt to Nemerov. Not only did he help us with the funding of Hephaestus but he also pretty rigidly stood up for us when those damn Xanthalian Dreadnaughts attacked our yard."

Steele nodded in understanding.

"Now that would put us to support Nemerov openly, but as we here in ONI know propably better than anyone, NiMBUS has a strong influence to the Empire, hell i'd say that they are secretly running the Empire! And we also know what NiMBUS is responsible of. The Sword would burn in hell before he helped them retain their position of power. But, as i mentioned earlier, we cant go against Nemerov either. The Sword is a man of principle, and he would never stab someone in the back who has helped us as much as Nemerov has."

Again Steele nodded, more gravely this time, and broke the silence coming after the Admiral's explanation.
"So, what is our course of action?"

The Admiral rubbed her chin and eyed the light codes of the Orion sector intently.
"Well we cant take any direct action because of the reasons i mentioned. But we need first hand intelligence and observer data from the Orion Sector."

"A reconnaissance element Ma'am?"

"Yes, but something with firepower too if it appears there is a situation we absolutely need to intervene in....Umm, how about the Rapier and the Artemis?" The Admiral asked, naming the two Minstrel-class Destroyers. Small as the Destroyers were (only 88,000 tons), they carried a real punch, were fast and equipped with excellent electronic-warfare suites and sensors arrays.
Steele consulted his datapad and spoke.

"They are both ready to leave in two days. They are currently stocking up at Hephaestus."

"Good, i want a Pinnace to deliver their orders to them. I'll put the orders to the message queue, pick them up from there in an hour and put a pinnace underway."

"Yes Ma'am."


From: Admiral Patricia Givens, Second Space Lord, Bureau Of Planning
To: Captain Costanza Stark CO HMS Rapier & Captain Julia McHale CO HMS Artemis

You are hereby ordered to proceed immidietly to the Orion Sector. Your mission is to act as forward scouting and reconnaissance element for ONI and keep a close watch on the internal occurrings of the Star Empire. You will obey Rules of Engagement to the letter, do not engage unless you are fired upon. You are also instructed to remain under cover.

Good luck, and godspeed.

18-01-2004, 20:30
The President looked at his watch. It was time to call the NSC. For one, he needed to check the pictures from the space satellite. That way, he'd be able to see movements of other fleets. For another, he needed to check on the mobilization of his own fleet. He picked up his phone and hit speed dial #4.

"Hello," said a female voice on the other end. "Welcome to -"

"I need to speak with the NSC Commander, now," the President interrupted.

"One moment please," replied the secretary. Elevator music played over the line for a few minutes. President Michael Smith was getting more and more impatient by the moment. Was he the only one who understood the urgency of the situation?

"Hello, said the NSC Commander. "Thomas Johnson, here."

"What is the current status on the NSC Celestia?" asked Michael.

"Almost complete," Commander Johnson replied.

"Good," the President said angrilly. "Because you only have 12 hours left." Michael was enraged. He expected the fleet to be ready by now. What could possibly be taking them so long? Apparantly the President forgot the Nanakaland hadn't been in space for decades like the other nations. "What about the rest of the fleet?" he asked.

"Almost mobilized," Thomas replied.

"Fine," Michael said. "What about the images from the NSS Satellite Telescope X-10? Do you have any? Could you send me some?"

"Yes," replied Thomas Johnson. "We have pleanty of high resoultion images. We will be able to send you some soon. You should take a look at these pictures. It looks like it is developing into an international incident."

"More like an intergalactic incident," President Michael Smith commented to himself as he hung up. The President was right....
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 20:47
"So I 'ave ze funding," the pirate said as Pierce and Bivens entered what looked like a control room.

"Who's this?" Bivens asked.

"Viktor Mikhailovich Demidov," the pirate responded, eyeing Bivens up. Muscular and athletic, Bivens had been a football and baseball star in school. He had intended to join the Orion Military Academy, but then his father had died, and he had inherited the company...and the planet...

"David Christopher Bivens," Bivens replied, giving the well dressed pirate the same look. The pirate did not seem like the type of man you'd want to run your mouth off to.

Sir James looked at the two men and felt the tensions between them. He quickly broke up the visual argument. "I can tell how you two already feel about each other." Both men looked at him. "Well I'm telling you right now to drop it. We're in this for the ideals, gentlemen, not for our own personal agenda. I can assure you, Mr. Demidov can attend a classy party as fast as Mr. Bivens can kick your ass. You both are not that different, and the sooner you realize that, the better off we are."

Bivens and Demidov glared at each other. The thought of them, a respected businessman, and a ruthless pirate, being one in the same was daunting.

"I hope you know how to use one of zese," Viktor said, throwing a pistol at Dave. Bivens looked it over, and was nicely surprised by it. It was Bivens Co.'s latest, a model which fired both ammunition and energy projectiles. He ran his fingers over the DX81 logo and smiled. "Zey're all ve use," the pirate said. Bivens couldn't decide if his was honored...or the fact that the pirates only used weapons that his company made.

"So what's the battle plan?" Bivens asked, much to the amusement of Demidov, who left the room laughing.

"You go with me," Pierce replied. "We have some business to take care of in Tappee."


"A rescue of sorts..."
Sir James Pierce
Political Head of the Resistance
Dave Bivens
President/CEO of Bivens Co.
Viktor Mikhailovich Demidov
Russian Mafia - Orion Pirates
18-01-2004, 21:16
It was a sunny day on LAO. There was a nice, gentle breeze whipping through the countryside. It seemed like it was a day where nothing good or bad would happen. But, something was going to happen.

T minus 10 minutes and counting. A voice rang out through the valley. All crew report to your positions A.S.A.P.

Michelle looked out the window. They were on the inside of a top-secret facility in the Desert Wastelands of LAO. Today, they were secretely launching a Colony Ship and about 1 hundred Orderian Space MArines into space. It would be an adventure into the unknown for them. She prayed that the FTL Drives worked as planned. If they did, the ships would be in the Orion Sector in a matter of hours.

Captain John Nettel stared out of his Radical Visions Space Marine Attack Ship(RVSMAS) into the sky. He was at the bottom of the canyon floor, docked with Omega 2, the Colony Ship, and 100 of his fellow Space Marines, 2 to a ship, all waiting for the signal to press the Engage FTL Drive button. He looked behind him at Lt. Jill Fonte. He smiled and turned around.

T minus 30 seconds and counting.

John engaged the primary engine. It roared a steady breath of fire. 20 seconds left he thought. He made sure his helmet and all of his gear was on right. 10 seconds. He began to sweat and put his finger over the FTL button.

Engage FTL Drive now! said the voice. All of the ships were realeased from their docking mechanism. The ships roared out of the bay. They shot into space before John could even begin cussing at the ship for going so fast. Then the ship came to a halt. "Jill! We did it! We made it!" celebrated John
"Hell yeah! After this, I'm buyin the creators some beer!" yelled Jill

It worked, the Space Marines were in the Orion Sector. One challenge completed, millions were still left...
Captain John Nettel
Lt. Jill Fonte
Orderian Space Marines
18-01-2004, 21:16
18-01-2004, 21:18
18-01-2004, 21:55
Robert Fyre sat, again, at his desk, the new morning's rays reaching over the mountains to the east. Lara Topaine, Director of the Cspallan Intelligence Service, sat on the other side, reading the morning's briefs.

"You honestly think there is that much creditability to this talk of rebellion in Steel Butterfly?"

Her cold gray eyes bored into him. "Sir, I do. NiMBUS has gained so much power, its upsetting a lot of people. Some are going to want to change it."

Robert sighed. He had always thought Nemerov had let that corporation get to powerful. Then he glanced down at his day planer…today he met with the CEOs of Cspallan Technologies and Blue Stone Investments. Much as I like to think, Cspalla isn't that far off from there.

"NiMBUS, humm? Again? I keep hearing about them. What's the embassy say?"

"Naturally the Orion government hasn't made any public announcement, but they also say Nemerov has reportedly been working long hours, and NiMBUS officials are an increasingly common sight at the palace. The consulate on Bivens also says that the hits they are taking from NiMBUS's dominance is making things particularly unpleasant. If a rebellion does happen, it may well be there."

"And Bivens could have the resources to bankroll it."

"Correct, sir. That’s why I want authorization to increase CIS presence in Bivens, and keep an eye on a few top officials."

"Fine, but keep it quiet. Do the same with NiMBUS. I want more data on them."

"I'll do what I can, but their security is tight. Its going to be hard."

"I want results, Director Topaine, not excuses."

"Yes, sir."
18-01-2004, 22:10
The HMS Amington opens a hailing channel.
"Steel Isle Orbital Traffic Control, this is the HMS Amington escorting a commercial convoy to planetary orbit. We request acknowledgement of our intentions and a certified flight pattern to orbit."

.:Open Channel to the HMC Amington:.
Channel Opened

"This is the Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, I repeat this is the Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard. Please allow your frieghters to be now escorted by the Emperor's Fleet. All escort ships are cleared for docking at Docking Bay C-247. All freighters shall be escorted by the Emperor's Fleet to Docking Bay B-030. Flight pattern being send. Please procede now."

Channel Maintained

Captain Melnikov nods to his comm officer, several seconds later, Melnikov opens the channel.

"Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, this is Captain Melnikov of the Amington. We have received your course and are preparing to lay it in. Freighters will rendezvous with the Emperor's Fleet and proceed to B-030. My command will prepare for docking a C-247."
A little over an hour later, Captain Melnikov watches as his ship and the ISSSF escort finish their docking procedures.
"Commander Donovan, I shall retire to my quarters, you have the con."
"Aye, sir, I have the con," Melnikov steps into the lift and feels it begin to descend.
In his quarters, Melnikov activates a secure channel to the Steel Atmospheric Guard.
"Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, I wish to know your policy concerning foreign personnel on Steel Isle. If at all possible I would like to let some of my noncoms and ratings, as well as officers, have some R&R while we are in-system."
18-01-2004, 22:12
HMS Artemis
Hyperspace Eta band
Approximately 3 days away from the Orion Sector

The sweeping kick came in as a supprise. A padded foot propelled by muscles honed by a few decades of excersise, came in like a hammer, but the hammer missed its target as Commander Dennis Sunday evaded the kick by a centimeter at most. Seeing the opening in his opponents pose, he launched himself against the opponent, delivering a snap kick to the right shoulded only to be deflected away by a padded arm, another kick to the ribs, one to be deflected by an elbow, and a combination of strikes with both of his hands, deflected away by the lightning quick arms of his opponent. And then it was Dennis' turn to go defensive as his opponent attacked. A thunderous combination strike of both hands and feet struck at his defense and a single un-expected kick of a padded foot penetrated his guard and struck his ribs. He grunted as the pain flowed in but did not let it distract himself.

Instead he catched the right arm of his opponent in a lock and began a throw to bring the combatant to the mat. But instead the opponent countered his lock in mid-flight, detaching the locked arm from the Commander's grip and landing in a defensive pose on both feet to the Commander's right, in a flurry of emotion, the opponent turned the tables and executed a complex combination throw which resulted in Dennis dropping to the mat on his stomach. In no more than a second, a weight slammed to his back as the knee of his opponent burrowed to his back and the arms grabbed his head in a lock in which breaking his neck could be completed with a single quick motion.


Commander Dennis Sunday yelled and the weight got off from his back. He stood up and gazed at his opponent. The woman was 5 centimeters shorter than he, and more than likely had only half of the body mass, but that did not make Gunnery Sergeant Iris Babcock any less dangerous.

"Damn Gunny, if i didnt know better, i would guess you were severely trying to kill me there."

"Meaning no disrespect Commander, if i tried to kill you, you would be dead allready."

"No doubts about that Gunny."

They were both clad in the Gi which was the official martial arts fighting suit in tournaments and full-contact sparrings. They both had heavy padding in their suits in order to reduce the power of the blows they were delivering at each other. But regardless, altough the strikes didnt kill, they sure as hell hurt.

Clairmont Armed forces were taught a number of different martial arts. Most of the courses were optional except the mandatory close-combat course every trooper, ensing and recruit had to go thru. The most favored of all the martial arts taught to the Armed Forces was Coup De' Vitesse. A style which robbed shamelessly from practically all of the martial arts styles from kick-boxing to ninjutsu and kung-fu. The Coup was an offensive heavy style. Concentrating less on defence and more on heavy offense. Some in the Armed Forces viewed it as less stylish and elegant as Judo but it was never meant to be that anyway, the purpose of the Coup was to bring maximum amount of damage to the opponent, quickly and with precision.

Dennis snapped back from his thoughts and set back in position at the mat. They were sparring at the relatively small gym of the Artemis and the platoon of Marines observing were clearly most impressed by the capabilities of a mere navy officer.


The match had gone relatively well. It had ended up with 4 points for Dennis and 7 points for Gunny Babcock. Dennis wasnt disappointed, afterall, Gunny Babcock had trained in the Coup for some two and a half odd decades and Dennis merely ten years. And he was learning, he had caught the Gunnery Sergeant twice with very complex combination attacks and twice more with little less stylish moves but the Gunny had clearly been impressed by the Commande's abilities also.

He strode over from the lift to his seat slightly behind the Captain's and gazed at the screens coming out of the armrests of his chair. They were getting there faster than he had first expected, engineering must be driving pretty close to the limit. But he didnt mean to go and tell them to take it easier, afterall the more experience they got in cutting limits the better. The small tactical plot screen showed the Rapier roughly a lightsecond astern from the Artemis.

'Three more days. I just hope we wont run into a full blown war when we drop out of hyper'
Steel Butterfly
18-01-2004, 23:36
In his quarters, Melnikov activates a secure channel to the Steel Atmospheric Guard.
"Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, I wish to know your policy concerning foreign personnel on Steel Isle. If at all possible I would like to let some of my noncoms and ratings, as well as officers, have some R&R while we are in-system."

.:Closed Channel Incoming From HMC Amington, Captain's Quarters:.
Channel Accepted - Initiating...

"Captain Melnikov, I am pleased to inform you that Steel Isle was not nicknamed the "Resort Planet" for no apparent reason. We have plenty of locations full of activities or simply bare with splendor. Also, with our transportation system, you may now visit any place on the planet in less that 30 minutes! The Orion Sector Public Transit Starship Fleet can also take you to one of over one thousand sites throughout the sector. We invite you to say, as soon as you pass the screening exam."

Channel Maintained
18-01-2004, 23:39
The NSC Commander, Thomas Johnson, was hand-picked by the President to lead the first Nanakaland Space Fleet Mission. An NSS Space Shuttle took off from a secret base near Nanakan Labs in the Nanakan Highlands. The NSS Space Shuttle left earth's atmosphere and entered mini-hyperspace* in the direction of the Nanakaland Moon Base.

On board the shuttle, Commander Thomas Johnson was nervous. He hoped that the NSS Celestia had been readied. The shuttle docked in Docking Bay D-17. Commander Johnson stepped out of the shuttle and walked toward the bridge. He could only hope that engineers in The Last Anarchy Order kept up their promise and helped complete the hyperspace drive....

*Only frigates, capital ships, and other large ships have hyperspace capability in the Nanakaland Space Fleet. Fighters have mini-hyperspace, which can only go about the distance from the earth to the moon.
18-01-2004, 23:53
In his quarters, Melnikov activates a secure channel to the Steel Atmospheric Guard.
"Steel Isle Atmospheric Guard, I wish to know your policy concerning foreign personnel on Steel Isle. If at all possible I would like to let some of my noncoms and ratings, as well as officers, have some R&R while we are in-system."

.:Closed Channel Incoming From HMC Amington, Captain's Quarters:.
Channel Accepted - Initiating...

"Captain Melnikov, I am pleased to inform you that Steel Isle was not nicknamed the "Resort Planet" for no apparent reason. We have plenty of locations full of activities or simply bare with splendor. Also, with our transportation system, you may now visit any place on the planet in less that 30 minutes! The Orion Sector Public Transit Starship Fleet can also take you to one of over one thousand sites throughout the sector. We invite you to say, as soon as you pass the screening exam."

Channel Maintained

"My thanks, I think my crew will certainly enjoy this tour of duty. I will rotate crewmen off and on while the Amington is docked. If there are any problems involving my own personnel, or ISSSF personnel, please alert me or one of my staff as soon as possible," Amington opens a link to the bridge, freezing the Steel Isle one to see if a response comes.
Commander Donovan's image appears, "Yes, Captain?"
"Commander," Melnikov says, "I will be organizing a rotation schedule for the crew to go down planetside for some R&R. The first group will leave in approximately an hour, and I will be going as well. I have some materials to deliver to the embassy here. However, I want you to accompany the second group, and Lieutenant Commander Ranaldi to go with the third. So until I return you have the con."
"Aye, sir," Melnikov breaks the link and brings up the personnel files, he begins to assign shifts to go planetside, keeping them spread out among the ship so it is not too short staffed at anyone time.
19-01-2004, 03:33
President Michael Smith knew that by this point Commander Johnson had arrived in the NSS Celestia. Michael picked up his phone and dialed a special number. As Michael dialed the number, the electricity traveled through the phone lines. It went to a sattellite dish which beamed the signal off to a sattellite. The sattellite turned a 180 degree angle until it faced toward the moon.

The sattellite converted the electric signal into light rays and the light hit a sattellite orbiting the moon. That sattellite changed the signal into a sound signal and beamed it to the NSS Celestia, still docked to a massive space station. The sattellite dish reciever on the NSS Celestia recieved the signal and sent it to the bridge.

"Incoming audio transmission," said an automated voice.

"Williams," Commander Johnson ordered. "Establish an audio link."

"Yes, sir," Williams, the ship's communications engineer replied as he started typing into a computer. A beeping noise could be heard for a second and then a voice echoed through the bridge (command center).

"This is President Michael J. Smith of Nanakaland," said a voice through a staticy connection. "Is..." Static went through the transmission.

"Williams!" shouted the NSC Commander. "Restablish connections with Nanakaland."

"Yes, sir." Williams typed a few key strokes. The connection came back.

"...operational? I repeat, is the NSC Celestia, all of its subsytems, and the rest of the fleet operational?" said the familiar voice of the President.

"Yes, sir," Commander Johnson replied.

"Fine then," Michael said. "Activate hyperspace. Set a course to the system Steel Butterfly is in. Don't choose any sides yet. I figure that it will take twenty minutes to send communications back and forth after the hyperspace jump. I repeat, don't choose any sides yet.

"Rodger that," Thomas Johnson responded. "Williams, end communications. Captain Roders, prepare for hyperspace. Set the coordinates. Estimated time of arrival is three minutes."

The fighters docked in the NSS Celestia and the rest of the fleet's enginees glowed blue. The fleet entered hyperspace....
19-01-2004, 04:11
Prime Minister's Office
Inside the Federal Parliment Buildings, Capital City, C-G

"We've managed to pinpoint the planet in the Center of the Seperatist's forces, they call it "Aeisis". The person in charge seems to be a man named Sir James Pierce. Looks like he's the guy to go to. Though he seems to be off planet, all information we have points to his nominal offices."

"Excellent. Send a rider up to FarReach with the message."

"Yes Prime Minister."

Astroid Station FarReach
Deep inside Sol System Astroid Belt

C-G AeroSpace Force Lieutenant Charlie Kakouski looked at the message that had arrived with the recent Rider from Earth, "They want us to send THIS on the Machine's first test?"

Lieutenant Colonel Sandy Bica-Jones(BJ) Hunnicut shrugged and leaned back on her chair, looking around her new office. 'I guess they wanted a real test. How long until the machine is operational?"

"35 hours or so."

"Good, when the machine comes online, I want that message sent."

"Yes ma'am."
19-01-2004, 04:54
The NSC Celestia and it's escorts pulled out of hyperspace. They had arrived in the Orion Sector, home of the Empire of Steel Butterfly. Commander Johnson remembered his orders. Nanakaland was to stay neutral until further observations. This was the first time Nanakaland had actually sent armed ships outside of the solar system. That gave Thomas Johnson every right to be nervous. He didn't even know if Nanakaland could communicate successfully with the Celestia this far away.

Thomas knew the rutine. After years of training, he probably couldn't forget. When entering a system of a civilization more advanced and powerful that was in war, the rules were to remain neutral until one of two things could be done. The first thing was establishing communication with one or more of the waring factions. The second thing was to find the weakness of a waring faction and take note of it in case of later combat. The NSC Commander was trying to do both things.

He told Lieutenant Williams to establish a com-link with the Empire of Steel Butterfly's government. Everyone was on high alert. After all, they didn't know what to expect. One thing was for certain. If one hostile gesture was made by either side, the Nanakaland ships would attack and ten squadrans of Nanakaland Space Marines would board the nearest enemy capital ship....
The NSC Celestia.
One of the two escorting destroyers.
Steel Butterfly
19-01-2004, 06:52
"Captain Apakoh...uh...Sky Marshall!" an ensign ran through the corrodor, nearly running into the two officer.

The new ship, the ISF Aria, had been on its way home from its maiden voyage. The Captain and the Sky Marshall were busy joking about deskwork and women. "What is it?" Captain Apakoh asked the ensign, grabbing the man by the shoulders to steady him.

"We have armed ships in the sector! They just dropped out of hyperspace!"

"What?" The Captain said, his eyes growing large. The Sky Marshall had already began sprinting for the near-by bridge.

"Do we have backup nearby?" Zephyr shouted to the comm officer.

"We're right on the doorstep of the 3rd Imperial Space Fleet," the officer replied.

"Signal them," Sky Marshall Zephyr ordered. "Tell them I have initiated Sector Lockdown QTH-23864."

"Yes, sir!"

"Raise shields, ready weapons," commanded the captain.

"The 3rd Fleet is mobilizing. They're with us..."

.:ISF Aria to NSC Celestia:.
Channel Open

"You are under direct orders to stand down. Shut down your engines, weapons, and shields. You are in violation of the 5th Isolation Act, signed in on the 12th day of December, last year. Prepare to be boarded - an investigation will begin shortly."

Channel Terminated
Sky Marshall Michael Zephyr
Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Marines
Captain Lusec Apakoh
81st Imperial Marines

[OOC: Try not to resist too much, this process will not take long. The act made by the Sky Marshall is not hostile, he is simply following procedure. That and he's rather paranoid due to everything that's going on with all the foreign nations. No harm will be done to your ships.]
Steel Butterfly
19-01-2004, 07:01
[OOC: Also, this is for the most part an into to the war, as are the last few pages of Realm of the Risen. I'll be sure to post the URL here when it is made...and that will be as soon as a certain RPer (Wretchengard) posts his last post (he's had 3 days) so that the people can be rescued. :roll: ]
19-01-2004, 17:05
[OOC: This takes place during the Steel Butterfly post two posts above.]

"Open a visual com-link with the engineering sector," ordered Commander Johnson.

"Com-link established," replied Lieutenant Williams after a few moments of typing.

"What do you want?" asked Chief Engineer Marcus O'Connor.

"I want to know what armaments this thing has," replied the NSC Commander.

"The usual. Plasma lasers, EMP cannons -" O'Connor said.

"Anything not experimental?" asked Thomas Johnson. O'Connor grinned.

"I knew you'd say that," he commented. "The torpedo bays are loaded with nuclear ICBMs. They don't have as powerful an impact in space, but a few of them will pierce any capital ship's hull or damage any space station. You can even aim them toward a planet and wipe out a city. Very powerful when -" The com-link went down.

"Williams," said the commander. "Why did you bring down that com-link?"

"Sir," the Lieutenant replied. "We have an incomming transmission. It's from a local Steel Butterfly ship. I had no choice but to open a new audio com-link."

"You are under direct orders to stand down," said a voice. "Shut down your engines, weapons, and shields. You are in violation of the 5th Isolation Act, signed in on the 12th day of December, last year. Prepare to be boarded - an investigation will begin shortly." The channel then closed.

"How many are there?" the NSC Commander asked Rebecca Walters, the lieutenant in charge of the radar.

"Too many for our fleet to take on without signifigant losses," she replied.

"Let the boarding party on," Commander Johnson ordered. "We can't fight yet under direct orders of the President." The commander wouldn't of fought even if the President didn't tell him to stay neutral for the moment. The situation was too impossible. "Stand down all engines, weapons, and shields. That includes the EMP cannon, classified as both a weapon and a shield. We're going to great them peacefully." Everyone was silent for a moment. "Now!" he shouted. Everyone started working disabling the systems they were told to disable....
19-01-2004, 18:24
Meanwhile, down in the engineering sector of the NSS Celestia...

A visual com-link was established with the bridge. It seemed important. Marcus O'Connor went over to the communications wall. "What do you want?" he asked.

"I want to know what armaments this thing has, the NSC Commander replied.

"The usual. Plasma lasers EMP cannons -" the chief engineer started to say.

"Anything not experimental?" Johnson asked. He obviously didn't want to risk his life or the lives of the crew in the fleet using weapons that were barely tested by Nanakaland.

"I knew you would say that," O'Connor commented. "The torpedo bays are loaded with nuclear ICBMs. They don't have as powerful an impact in space, but a few of them will pierce any capital ship's hull or damage any space station. You can even aim them toward a planet and wipe out a city. Very powerful when we're in a situation where we can't win by traditional means or if we finish off a crippled enemy fleet." It was then that O'Connor noticed that the com-link was down. It was replaced with an audio com-link.

"You are under direct orders to stand down," said a voice. O'Connor was nervous. He knew that the Celestia and the rest of the fleet were under orders to stay neutral. The crew would have no choice but to listen. "Shut down your engines, weapons, and shields. You are in violation of the 5th Isolation Act, signed in on the 12th day of December, last year. Prepare to be boarded - an investigation will begin shortly." The channel then closed.

It wasn't long before Commander Johnson ordered everyone to comply with Steel Butterfly. O'Connor personally would have wanted to blast the Steel Butterfly fleet to bits and side with the rebellion, however there was a time to fight and a time to go with diplomacy. Their fleet seemed too powerful for the small Nanakan fleet. Besides, the higher command seemed to want to stay neutral, for the moment at least.

O'Connor reluctantly ordered the shut down of the engines, weapons, and shields. He wasn't going to lose his command of the engineering sector of the ship just because he was against the Empire. Soon, the ship was disabled for the boarding party. O'Connor could only hope that this wasn't a trap....
The NSS Celestia.
19-01-2004, 18:43
Captain Robert Daniels, onboard the NSS Luna, recieved a transmission from Commander Johnson. The transmission was being broadcasted to every ship in Nanakaland's fleet on a private frequency. "Open a com-link," Captain Daniels ordered.

"This is Commander Johnson," a voice said. "Power down all shields, weapons, and engines. Don't try to resist. Steel Butterfly's fleet is too large to take on and our hyperspace engines would need to recharge to retreat. There is no other thing we can do. I repeat, power down all shields, weapons, and engines. Then the com-link closed.

"You heard the commander," Captain Daniels said. "Get to work. We don't want to fail the first space mission outside of the solar system preformed by Nanakaland. We need to stay neutral, even if that means that Steel Butterfly needs to board our three capital ships."
The NSS Luna

Note: The three capital ships are the NSS Celestia (Dreadnaugt/Command Ship), the NSS Luna, and the NSS Orion (Destroyers).
19-01-2004, 19:48
HMS Artemis
Hyperspace Beta band
2 minutes from the Orion Sector

"I want the Rapier tucked in on us tight, keep us at minimum regulation separation." Captain Julia McHale instructed her comm officer.

"Aye Skipper."

"Translation to Alpha band in 15 seconds." Coaxswain Barney Isvarien reported from his station.

The seconds ticked down and suddendly an edge of nausea struck McHale as her ship "descended" from the Beta band of hyperspace to the Alpha band. The warsawski sails positioned in 90 degree angle comparable to the ships central axis, bled off transit energy in brilliant blue light-show.

"Translation to N-Space in 90 seconds." Isvarian reported as he went methodically thru the soft translation procedure McHale had instructed him to follow. They could have crash-translated right from the Theta bands to N-Space if need be but that would have created unnecessary stress on his hardware and massive nausea on her crew. 'Better to take it easy, we arent in a rush' McHale thought.

"Allright people, the moment we hit n-space we are going to lie doggo. Full passive mode, no active systems engaged. If someone finds us out, we will use our EW to mask our real identity while transmitting the transponder code of a Merchant vessel." She had allready briefed her command staff of the plan but she went thru it again, just in order to be sure. And she was sure that Captain Stark was doing exactly the same thing aboard the Rapier.

"Hitting the hyper wall in 10 seconds."

The chrono ticked down to zero and the swirling blue beauty of hyperspace vanished and the two Destroyers entered the Orion-sector. Their warsawski sails glowed brightly, blue lightings arcing away from the disks of gravitic stress while the sensors of the ships tried to get their bearings. The sensors sorted out the disturbance caused by translation to n-space in less than 30 seconds and then the warsawski sails of the two destroyers folded back to Impeller Wedge's. But the two ships didnt start accelerating but shut down their drives and laid silent.

"Allright, lets see whats the air like in The Star Empire."
19-01-2004, 20:08
Captain John Nettel was in charch of his Squadron of 10 ships. Each Squadron was told be the Colony Ship Omega 1 (Where the general was at) that they could go and look at the area until they were given orders. Nettel's squadron, Delta, decided to go towards Steel Butterfly. When they had gotten near the plante, they noticed a large capital ship.

Immediately, he realized it was of Nanakaland design. As a matter of fact, LAO helped get it operational. "Jill, can you get a transmission link online with that ship?"

"Sure can Captain, they are on our same frequency, only at a different level," eplied Lt. Jill Fonte.

"Good. Get the link online," said Nettel.


"Hello, I am Captain John Nettel of the LAO Space Marines, Delta Squadron Leader. I need to talk with the leader of the ship."
Captain John Nettel
19-01-2004, 20:15
Fort Nanaka, Nanakaland - 1400 hours Standard Midland Time (SMT)
Just outside Nanakapolis, in Fort Nanaka, President Michael J. Smith held an emergency meeting. Down below the earth's surface, was a hidden conference room. The conference room had two doors. One door lead up to Fort Nanaka and the other door lead under the street and up to Government Castle. There was a rectangular office table. At one end sat President Smith and major military and NSC people were sitting around the rest of the table.

"By this time, if all went well, the NSS Celestia and its escorts have pulled out of hyperspace and are located in the Orion Sector," the President explained. "That should be about thirty minutes away at the earliest if we use conventional communication methods. We need to lower the speed of the communications to about three minutes at the most."

"But that's impossible!" exclaimed a five star general. "We have the fastest method of communication possible without an additional five years of R&D!"

"You didn't let me finish," Michael replied. "The only way to go faster is if we were to harness the power of hyperspace. We send a probe through that has hyperspace capabilities -"

"Still impossible," the general interrupted. "Only capital ships and frigates in our fleet have hyperspace. Our fighters only have sub-hyperspace."

"We do that because otherwise the hyperspace core would fill the whole ship, leaving no room for crew," explained the President. "However, we have developed a fighter craft made entirely out of a hyperspace core and a communications emitter."

"How does that work?" asked a Special Forces Commander.

"It opens up a hyperspace channel to the desired destination - the Orion Sector for instance," President Michael explained. "It is controled remotely to go to the other side. Instead of closing the hyperspace field when it is done, however, it leaves it open, allowing communications to be bounced back and forth between where it took off and where it landed. Once the probe is almost out of energy, it quickly hyperspaces back to its starting location and is retreived to be recharged."

"That's a crazy enough idea, it might just work," commented one of the admirals.

"One of the probes is ready to be sent," said Michael Smith. "Once done, we should have fast communications with the NSS Celestia for approximently 30 minutes until we need to send another probe. We have to be careful...."
19-01-2004, 20:34
19-01-2004, 20:36
The NSS Celestia - 1410 hours SMT
Commander Johnson was waiting in the bridge for the boarding party to come. It was always bad on a commander's mood waiting to surrender his fleet - or have it boarded, he couldn't quite remember the complete wording of the message. It was just then that two things happened. For one, a hyperspace signature of a probe comming from earth was detected. For another, a ship on the same frequency of Nanakaland's region's frequency transmitted a message. Williams established a com-link with the LAO vessel.

"Hello, I am Captain John Nettel of the LAO Space Marines, Delta Squadron Leader," said a voice. "I need to talk with the leader of the ship."

"I'm here," Commander Johnson replied, waiting for LAO to respond....
19-01-2004, 21:38
"I see you have some Steel Butterfly ships moving towards you. We have done our reasearch on SB, and we beleive that is the Sky Marshall coming to check out yourself. If you want , could create a diversion, long enough for you to get away. I just don't want to see an ally get bullied around," said Captain John Nettel.
Steel Butterfly
19-01-2004, 22:15
[OOC: Try not to push the “Who’s side are you on?” thing. As of now, there is no resistance…and your intelligence cannot be that good. This goes for everyone.]

The Rangers had been on the Nanak ships for merely five minutes before a fighter was caught on scanners.

“We got a fighter…”

“How many?” Captain Apakoh asked.

“Just one…it appears to be a transmitter…”

“Sending signals back,” Zephyr mused. Regardless, his ships were much too advanced and far greater in both power and number.

“Sir we have another squadron on scanners…”


“No…Unknown…making computer record now…”

“How strong are they?”

“They don’t appear to match the level of the Empire, sir,”

“Good,” Captain Apakoh said. He already had too much to worry about. The Sky Marshall wasn’t as sure.

“Lieutenant, request backup,” he ordered. “Something seems to be going on here, and I don’t like it one bit. We can easily defeat the ships in question, but not without possible casualties. We have received word of a possible resistance against the Empire, and it is expected that these two races are responsible. We currently outnumber then three to one, let’s make it at least five. Also, pull the Rangers out of the Nanak ship. They do not pass inspection…send them packing!”
Sky Marshall Michael Zephyr
Commander of the Imperial Fleet and Marines
Captain Lusec Apakoh
81st Imperial Marines
19-01-2004, 22:47
The NSS Celestia - 1420 hours SMT
"Sh*t!" exclaimed Commander Johnson. "I have a hunch that they aren't going to let us sneak around their system to investigate rumors of civil unrest. How long would it take to charge up the hyperspace engines in the ships?"

"Too long to get out of here unscratched," replied Lieutenant Williams.

"What about the EMP cannon?" the commander asked.

"It may work," explained Williams. "However, it would take ten seconds to charge, so they'd still see it comming. We have to wait until they come to us." The commander thought for a while. He was stumped.

"Wait a minute," said Lieutenant Rebecca Walters. "What about the nuclear ICBMs?"

"As long as they don't have an EMP cannon like us, it would distract them enough to launch our squadron of fighters to cripple their capital ships," Lieutenant Williams explained. "Then they'd be forced to surrender.

"Plug it in the probability computer, Williams," Commander Johnson ordered. Williams started typing fast.

"The odds are about 534:1," Williams commented. "Not to promising."

"Wait a minute," said Rebecca. "The transmitter is here. Let's contact Nanakaland."

"An SOS wouldn't work," Johnson commented. "We're the only armed ships Nanakaland has. Besides Steel Butterfly is at least a decade more advanced than our space program."

"No," replied Rebecca. "I meant get a diversion. We have pleantly of useless probes, but if they are moving they look like fighters."

"I don't like where you're going, Lieutenant," the commander said. It didn't matter. They had no other choice....
19-01-2004, 22:58
19-01-2004, 23:00
Orion Sector - 1425 SMT
Dozens of Nanakaland communication probes hyperspaced to scattered areas throughout the sector. The plan was that, hopefully, the hyperspace signatures would confuse enemy radar and sensors. Unfortunally, it confused the sensors of the Nanakaland fleet....
20-01-2004, 00:17
"Ummm, Jill, doesn't something seem wrong here?" asked the Captain.

"Yeah, there were a few transmissions that came from the Steel Butterfly ship. And it seems they are going to exit the Nanakaland ship. We need to get out of here," replied Jill.

"Affirmative." Captain Fohn Nettel presses a transmission button. "Attention Orderian Space Marines, we have reason to beleive that Steel Butterfly considers us and Nanakaland Enemies of the State. We need to contact Northridge City A.S.A.P. And to Delta Squadron, we need to get back to the fleet."
20-01-2004, 00:30
HMS Rapier
Solar System edge


"What is Skipper?"

"Those." Captain Costanza Stark motioned with his finger at the Imperial and Nanakaland ships. The main holo-tank showed all the signals and contacts in the entire system but these had caught the captains attention.

"We've got them on gravitics but we dont have as much info about whats happening than i'd like." The Captain spoke, more to himself than actually to his bridge crew.

"Tactical, i want a RD to go and take a closer look. Maximum stealth, and i want the RD to keep atleast a light-second of distance to them."

The tactical officer acknowledged and keyed his console. The two destroyers both carried a number of Reconnaissance Drones. Un-manned craft propelled by an Impeller Wedge and filled with surveillance and electronic warfare equipment to keep them hidden while gathering their data. It took the tactical officer mere 30 seconds to program the flight pattern to the drone. A moment later, one separated from the starboard drone launch bay of the Rapier and shot away from its mothership, towards the scene its masters had taken interest in. The drone was going slower than it was capable of in order to avoid detection while its electronic-warfare equipment fought to keep as much of its drive emissions hidden as possible.


The briefing room of the HMS Artemis was filled with officers, but the focus of everyone of them was concentrated on Major Thomas Dixon as he outlined his reconnaissance plans.

"As the Captain has explained, the Artemis and Rapier must hold position at the edge of the system to avoid detection, but it is most likely that we will need to get planetside to gather intel of the situation occurring there."

The adjoined officers let off a chorus of acknowledgements and sounds of understanding and Captain McHale motioned the Major to continue.

"Thus we need to get some of our marine personnel planetside, under-cover ofcourse, to evaluate the situation. When accounting for the restrictions set by the conditions the Captain mentioned, the only option left is insertion via parasite-craft."

Again the officers acknowledged and the major continued.

"Since our Thunderhawk-class Pinnace's are the only parasite-craft we carry that could carry out this assigment, we are forced to use them. Getting in-system shouldnt be a big of a problem. A Pinnace is a relatively small craft and i doubt a single one would be picked up if we accelerated from the edge and coasted on a ballistic course towards our destination. The re-entry to the target planet however is a problem. A Pinnace under power when attempting re-entry would be detected without a doubt, but Gunnery Sergeant Babcock had a solution to this. We could drive the Pinnace on ballistic to the athmosphere and engage power only when its absolutely necessary in order to avoid crashing."

The gathered officers murmured among each other a bit and then someone spoke.

"Isnt that awfully risky? That kind of re-entry would leave absolutely no room for error."

The Major simply smiled thinly at the man and answered.

"We are marines Commander, risk is our job."
20-01-2004, 00:44
The NSS Celestia - 1430 hours SMT
"Are the shields back online?" asked the commander.

"Yes," replied O'Connor through the com-link.

"Can you garuntee that they didn't detect it?"

"I'm not that sure to tell you the truth. I can only pray that the dozens of probes are driving their systems crazy."

"Open a com-link with them," the commander ordered. "Make sure it is ampliphied through the probes. Also make sure the probes are recording at the same time."

"But that will give a -"

"Percisely," the commander finished. "If it was recording and playing at the same time in the same area, it would give a high pitched 'feedback,' the same occassionally heard in concerts. Except these would be amplified much higher and broadcasted in the Steel Butterfly ships."

"Are you sure that this would disable their sensors?"

"It would at least be a defening enough noise that they could think straight. Do it." O'Connor no longer objected. He typed in a few commands on his computer and broadcasted a message, amplified by the probes, toward Steel Butterfly ships. He also recorded a message from the Steel Butterfly ships at the same time. A deafinging beep hit through the enemy ships.

"NOW!" Commander Johnson shouted. The hyperspace engines in the fleet started charging. Hopefully, the beeping disabled the enemy ships long enough to do an emergency hyperspace. The problem was is that the fleet didn't set the coordinates. They could turn up anywhere....
Lunatic Retard Robots
20-01-2004, 01:03
Just outside Steel Butterfly space, the Men At Work glide through the inky darkness. The LRRSV(s) Colin Hay, Ron Strykert, Jerry Speiser, Greg Ham, and John Rees sail in a loose delta formation in towards the Orion Sector. Their purpose was to gather information about the recent disturbences in Steel Butterfly. The maps they use show the border of the Orion sector as 40km wide, and the LRR ships carefully skirt the line, monitoring transmissions. Their main purpose was to report on any major humanitarian crises or massacres of the civillian population.

Aboard the LRRSV Colin Hay, a Providence class patrol ship.....

"There's a group of ships about an hour's sail ahead of us, present velocity. It looks like one Nanakian vessel, a group of SB ships, and one or two obscure ones."
"They might not like this.....meh, take us in."
"Ok. We'll be there in about 45 minutes."
"Thanks. Ok, men! We're currently headed towards a congregation of ships about 45 minutes away, FYI."
"Roger that, Colin."
"Ok, Colin."
"Should we keep in formation, Colin?"
"Understood, Colin."
"Yeah, why not. Current formation, Ron."
20-01-2004, 01:08
It looks like one Nanakian vessel...

Actually three Nanakan capital ships. I'm keeping track.

Secret TAG
20-01-2004, 01:55
>>Cspallan Armed Forces Command Center<<

The officers in the CAFCC monitored the situation brewing on long-rang sensors. "Damn it!" The ranking officer, Cspallan Space Force CO Admiral Arkay Petrovich, cursed the readouts. "Try and tap in to the OSA defense nets. Read from them may be better."

It was iffy. Several Orion Sector Alliance sensor arrays were closer, but Arkay didn't think they were as good as Cspallan units. "Linking with OSA defense net," said a young ensign. "Inputting location….what the hell?"


"Ambient energy is crazy, sir. Looks like some kind of primitive jamming system. I'm not getting much of read, but it looks like its directed at Steel Butterfly craft."

"Somebody is trying an incursion into Orion? They have a death wish or what?"

"Hard to tell sir. But it defiantly looks like a confrontation of some kind."

"I'm going upstairs with this. Keep watching until otherwise ordered."

>>Grand Overlord's Office<<

Robert Fyre was furious. "Admiral, this had better be damn good. You just interrupted the CEO of Blue Stone."

The CSF officer told him about the situation.

"Holy….that close? Ok, what’s the closest fleet?"

"The fifth, sir. It can be there in a few minutes at maximum speed."

That caused a moment of reflection. Damn, they really are close to Cspallan Space. "Send it. Tell them to render assistance to the SB fleet if necessary."

"Right away, sir."

>>Bridge of CSF Csar, inbound to engagement area.<<

Admiral Jason Shoemaker, CO of the CSF's Fifth Fleet, was thrilled. After all that time jumping around boarders patrolling for enemies that never came, he finally got something to do. The ride was rough. At this speed, the Spatial Inversion Drive created enough turbulence to make for quite a few "bumps". After a short time they dropped out about 500 km from the Steel Butterfly fleet. "Hail the lead SB ship," he ordered.

"Hailing…go ahead sir."

"Steel Butterfly fleet, this is Admiral Jason Shoemaker of the Cspallan Space Force. Do you require assistance?"
20-01-2004, 03:40
Celackian Premier Mikal H. Barikanov paced his office. He turned to face his companion and addressed him.

“I do not like what you are suggesting Mr. Kanosis. You are suggesting that we go to war with an allied nation who has great power and ferment a civil war in that nation which will be bloody and very destructive with a huge amount of collateral damage? The last time something like this was proposed was the Xanthalian civil war. We lost an entire battle group in that debaticle. We did it to grab some planets and we lost several hundred people. We only managed to escaped open war thrust upon us by a coalition of nations by claiming that the attackers were actually the second exodus cult, which, I may remind you, that is still out there despite your fleet hunting them. So why do we suggest we wage war?”

Kanosis received the brow-beating and then calmly spoke up in return.

“Sir with all due respect, that debaticle had nothing to do with me other than than opposing it and the ship that was named after me being sent it. As well on the note of that I have not found the second exodus that is not true. Just last week we managed to stumble upon one of their bases and we did destroy it as well as regain 3 cruisers. We also gained vital intelligence on their whereabouts and the fleet is now hunting them down. As well for my reasons?” Kanosis realized how hard it would be to convince the premier so he decided to lie. “Not only the land grab but also I do have some contacts with rebels. Also I have received word that NIMBUS corporation is now controlled by the Steel butterfly government. That means if the government topples so does NIMBUS> That means our own companies will fill the void left behind. Our economy will surge up.”

Barikanov closed his eyes and stopped pacing. He crossed his and started to think.

“Wait until the rebels strike the first blow until we openly declare war. However try to funnel cash and supplies through you contacts to the rebels. Dismissed”

Barikanov sat down and started to consider the consequences of his words. By then however, Kanosis had already left.
Admiral Fitzgerald Kanosis.
Celackian premier Miakal H. Barikanov.

(o.o.c. I'm a little behind but I'll catch up later.)
20-01-2004, 08:55
As Jon entered the room he could smell the sweat in the air, even though it was five in the morning the gym was busy. He looked a round the room for an open treadmill, but found one, but choose instead to wait for a certain one.

When it finally opened up some time he quickly stepped up on it and began to enter the setting. He casually looked over at the woman who was running on the tread beside him.

“Good morning Jade.” he said with a smile on his face, from what he could tell she had been running for a while now “How’s Cal and the kids?”

She returned the smile “Not bad, Jason’s got a cold and was up all night, so I decided to come in a bit early.”

“The joys of parenthood” he said jokingly. By this time he was running a good pace. “I’m surprised you didn’t say home today”

Jade just shook her head “No need, Cal took the day off to stay with the Kids.” She paused as a thought jumped in her head “Oh, by the way you know how you asked me to keep an eye on SB”

He gave her a nod acknowledging her, once she saw his that he was actually now paying attention to her and not making small talk she continued. “Well early this morning a number on ship from both the Nanakland and LAO jumped into the Orion system, and it appears that they are not getting a warm welcome.”

A confuse look came across Jon’s face, he was trying to fit the pieces together, but couldn’t do it “That doesn’t make any sense. Do you think that they are trying to invade SB.”

As Jade routine she took a sip of her water, but also answered Jon’s question. “There is no way that the two them could even hope to take on SB, they don’t have to resources to do. Nan just recently got Space technology, there is no sense in their action.”

Jon let out a bit of sigh “ok, keep an eye on the situation then. Also it has been nearly two days now have you heard from Kobe yet.” He had hoped that she had just forgot to mention it.

“Afraid not. If I don’t hear from him by the end of the day then I’m going to send in a full division from the Second X.”

All this news was causing him the worry a bit “Very well do what you have too.”
Jade Allenson
Jon Anerton
20-01-2004, 12:12
[OOC: No pirate interceptions of my convoy carrying a huge sum of money :shock:
*wonders if he should make the governor transmit the exact position of the convoy to the pirates and the fighters to put a huge "ATTACK ME" writing on their hull* :? ]
20-01-2004, 21:54
Deep Space - 1430 hours SMT
The emergency hyperspace kicked in. Because the coordinates weren't set in time for the hyperspace jump, the fleet ended up in the middle of Deep Space. The fleet made it out alive, but Commander Johnson had a feeling that if they were to return to complete their mission, they'd have to find a more inconspicuous way to enter the Orion System.

Commander Johnson opened up a com-link with the engineering sector on the Celestia. "Hello," the commander said. "What is the current status of the systems.

"Not too good," Engineering Chief O'Connor replied grimly. "Hyperspace drives on all ships offline. Weapons offline. Shields offline. EMP cannon low. It looks like we're stuck in the middle of nowhere until we can get our systems back online - if we can get our systems back online."
20-01-2004, 22:10
It was not long before the Deep Space Pirates located the crippled Nanakan vessels. Massive pirate capital ships, supported by dozens of frigates and hundreds of fighters, hyperspaced into the area of Deep Space. The pirates had been lucky. They found some ships on their own turf.

"You have entered our turf," boomed a voice to the NSS Celestia through a com-link. "Surrender your ships now and we might let you live." It did appear like the situation just got worse for Nanakaland's first armed space mission outside the solar system....
21-01-2004, 00:13
"Lost them Skipper." The tactical officer of the Rapier reported.

The three light codes marking the three Nanakaland capital ships had disappeared in a bright burst, indicating an FTL entry or escape event. Now only the Imperial ships remained in the group of ships the reconnaissance drone had been sent to investigate.

"Indeed, additional data?"

"CiC makes them three capital ships, we dont have anything matching their emissions in the database however but from what CiC gathered, they belonged to Nanakaland." Captain Stark's Executive Officer reported.

"There was some sort of confrontation between the Imperial ships and them because those Nanakian vessels seemed to really be in a hurry to get out of here." The Exec yet continued after he finished, Stark sat silently for a minute, rubbing his jaw in thought.

"Allright, recall the drone, we arent leaving it there just for someone to accidentally bump into it."
Steel Butterfly
21-01-2004, 00:18
[OOC: No pirate interceptions of my convoy carrying a huge sum of money :shock:
*wonders if he should make the governor transmit the exact position of the convoy to the pirates and the fighters to put a huge "ATTACK ME" writing on their hull* :? ]

Sorry man...the Pirates have more important things right now....

But if you insist... :twisted:
Lunatic Retard Robots
21-01-2004, 00:47
Aboard the Colin Hay and the rest of the Men At Work, sensors operators, consisting of most of the crew of five, try to plot a hyperspace route for the Nankan ships. Meanwhile, they continue their patrol around the orion sector, headed to the last known position of the Nankan ships.

The operators sit inside their large consoles, festooned with holoprojectors, plasma screens, and various buttons and knobs. They sift through the sensors readings in an attempt to plot a hyperspace course for the Nankan ships.

"Ah! Found one! Doesn't look good though. This course puts the Nankan ships right into the area known to be occupied by the Deep Space Pirates."
"Hmmm. Not good. We've got cloak on these ships, right? If we run on minimum emissions, we should be able to sneak in, provided that we get away from our hyperspace signatures fast. Sound good?"
"Good enough."
"Charging hyperspace drives."

The Men At Work disappear into hyperspace in their delta formation, headed for the plotted position of the Nankan ships.
Steel Butterfly
21-01-2004, 01:31
[OOC: You may wish to read on from this page ( as it pertains to the story and includes characters associated with it. This thread, which was meant as an intro is quickly wrapping up. As I said, the first "action thread" or whatever's URL will be posted here.]
21-01-2004, 02:07
A.S FarReach
Deep in the Sol System Astroid belt

The 10 Man-Enabled's lay in a circle, feet pointing into the center and waited for the go-ahead.





Sounds of 5 generator surging to full capasity was accompenied with the efforts of the 10 Enabled's. A Ultra Low Band Carrier Wave surged out from the Station accompenied by 10 other pulses. It's destination was the planet Aeisis, it's message:

To: Sir James Pierce, Political Head of the Resistance
From: Prime Minister Stanley Ipkiss of Canada-Germany

Sir Pierce, news of your political Struggle against the encroachment fo the Corperation of NiMBUS inside your political and governmental circles has reached us. Further news, based half on rumour, but half on varfiable fact, places NiMBUS as the creator of some sort of Supervirus which, some say, they have already used to infect some settlements. The Same sources tells us that NiMBUS has made use of the Steel Butterfly military to "clean up" after itself.

We would never want to be on the recieving end of such a virus and to that end, we would like to offer you monatary, political, moral, and if it comes to it, military support in the form of our Enableds.

(Video of Several Naturally Enableds moving and fighting at horrific speeds, of an Enabled Stoping a single bullet in the air, of serveral Man Enableds protecting a tank from various Missiles and energy strikes.)

We are willing to send a number of these men and women to help you should fighting be nessasary, though you would have to send a ship to pick them up for we lack the FTL technology to get them there.

In return for our efforts, other than the removal of such a dangerous threat to the stabability of the political forces in the universe, is that when the Steel Empire's markets need goods, or need to be rid of goods, that you would think of us.

Prime Minister Stanley Ipkiss

The Message flows through space, gathering small bits of static as it goes, but leaving neary a blip in it's wake. One by one the 10 original pulses are reduced, until, 500k away from the planet of Aeisis, and it's target, the last pulse fades, leaving the ULBCW message to limp into the planet's atmosphere on it's own.

What Sir Pierce would finally get would look like this:

To: Sir James Pierce, Head of the Resistance
From: Prime Minister Stanley Ipkiss of Canada-Germany

Sir Pierce, news of your political Struggle against the encroachment fo the Corp...tion of NiMBUS inside your pol..ical and governmental circles has reached us. news, based h... on rumour, but half on varfiable fact, places NiMBUS as the creator of some sort of Supervirus which, some say, they have already used to infect s..e settlements. T.e S... sources tel.s us that NiMBUS has m... use of the Steel Butterfly military to "clean up" after i......

We w...d never w..t to be on the recieving end of such a virus and to that end, we would like to offer you monatary, political, m...., and if it comes to it, military support in the form of our Ena......

(Video of Several Naturally Enableds moving and fighting at horrific speeds, of an Enabled Stoping a single bullet in the air, of serveral Man Enableds protecting a tank from various Missiles and energy strikes.)

We are willing t. send an number of these men and w...n to help you should fighting be nessasary, though you would have to send a ship to pick them up for we lack the FTL technology to get them there.

In return for our efforts, other than the removal of such a dangerous threat to the stabability of the political forces in the universe, is that when the Steel Empire's markets need goods, or need to be rid of goods, that you would think of us.

Prime Minister Stanley Ipkiss
21-01-2004, 03:59
Deep Space - 1440 hours SMT
"Commander," Lieutenant Walters said. "Pirates, right ahead of us."

"Are communications still up?" asked the commander. "Lieutenant Williams, launch a distress beakon. We're stuck here unless someone comes to help us."

"Yes, sir," replied Williams.

"Do we have any systems left for a diversion?" Commander Johnson asked.

"Yes, sir," replied a lieutenant. "The docking bays are still online. Let's show the pirates what our fighters can do."
21-01-2004, 21:08
[OOC: No pirate interceptions of my convoy carrying a huge sum of money :shock:
*wonders if he should make the governor transmit the exact position of the convoy to the pirates and the fighters to put a huge "ATTACK ME" writing on their hull* :? ]

Sorry man...the Pirates have more important things right now....

But if you insist... :twisted:


1. Intercept several billions in Euro equivalent in one little interception(provided they don't blow up the craft transporting the money. Hard, since they don't know which one it is, and it can be any of the escort, too :? )

2. TSC-1 doesn't pay the tax.

3. Empire wonders why didn't GDT pay the tax.

4. GDT wonders why didn't TSC-1 pay the tax.

5. TSC-1 says it paid the tax.

6. GDT tells the Empire it paid the tax.

7a. Empire refuses to listen and is angry after GDT.
7b. Empire throws the fault at the pirates.

8. Shit happens.

If thats not important for pirates, don't know what is :shock: ]
21-01-2004, 22:01
Deep Space - 1444 hours SMT
Onboard the Celestia, Commander Johnson had just come up with an idea to geet back in the Orion Sector. "Stop!" he shouted at everyone else in the ship's bridge. "I have an idea." Someone forwarded the command to the docking bays. The launching of the fighter squadrons was paused.

"What is it?" asked Lieutenant Williams.

"I'll ask the questions to make sure that it works first," replied the commander. "Where are we?" Lieutenant Walters brought up a map of their current location on the screen at the front of the Bridge. It showed the region of space they were in.

"We're in a large and mainly uninhabited region of space simply known as 'Deep Space,'" she said. "It's full of nomads and pirates. The largest star system in the region is known by locals as 'The Great System' and is ruled by an oppressive emperor. We happened to hyperspace near a massive asteroid field, where the Deep Space Pirates have their hideout."

"Oh great," commented Williams. "So we litterally went out of the frying pan and into the fire." Commander Johnson paid no attention to Williams.

"Do you know if the pirates here have any links with the pirates in the Orion Sector?" the commander asked Lieutenant Walters. She now figured out Commander Johnson's plan.

"Possibly," Walters replied. "Pirates don't keep their allegences out in the open too much. However, if we could somehow befriend these pirates, they could probably sneak our fleet right past Steel Butterfly's security - for a price, of course."

"I see where you're going," said Lieutenant Williams. "These Deep Space Pirates could probably loan us some cloaking devices or start a diversion. If the Deep Space Pirates where to team up with the pirates in the Orion Sector, it would be even easier."

"I see that you both have found out my plan," Commander Johnson said. "So I don't need to waste time explaining it to you. However, there is one problem."

"A problem?" asked Williams.

"Yes," the commander replied. "If we were to do this, we'd not only make enemies with the empire of Steel Butterfly, but also the empire of The 'Great' System. That would spell doom for Nanakaland, and possibly Earth, if we didn't succeed."

"Problem noted," commented Lieutenant Walters. "However, the benifits outweight the risks - I think."

"Fine," Commander Johnson said. "Walters, take over command of the fleet while I'm gone. Williams, open up communications with the docking bay. I'm going to ride an unarmed shuttle loaded with gold to the Deep Space Pirates. Maybe then we could work out a deal." The commander paused. "Oh, and save some of the gold. We may also have to bribe the pirates of the Orion Sector." With that the NSC Commander left the bridge, leaving the two Lieutenants and the rest of the officers in the command center of the Celestia....
The NSS Celestia
21-01-2004, 22:25
Meanwhile, onboard the main pirate vessel, the Fist...

The Pirate Chief grinned as he watched the Nanakan vessels - his prey was going to be his soon. The leader of the Deep Space Pirates, was captured at the end of the Deep Space Wars, the only modern wars to be fought in the region of Deep Space. It had resulted in the Nomadic Peoples of the Great Space Fleet to find a homeworld, while the Deep Space Pirates' fleets lay in ruin as their leader was imprisioned in a cell in The Great System. The Pirate Chief had escaped, with the help of some local rebel groups.

By now, the Deep Space Pirates had rebuilt their fleet and went back to raiding weaker vessels that were stupid enough to wander into Deep Space. Naturally, that kept the Great System from being a center of trade and comerce and thus the pirates were an enemy of them. As the Pirate Chief glanced at his monitors at the Nanakan vessels, he noticed something odd.

"Sir," said one of his officers. "A lone Nanakan fighter is launching - it is unarmed. Should we destroy it?" Apparantly an officer noticed it too.

"No," the pirate chieften replied. "I think that they might be pleading for their lives...."
21-01-2004, 23:44
21-01-2004, 23:44
[OOC: Time to backtrack a little. The following post takes place at the same time as the post at the top of this page. It backtracks about 15 minutes of the roleplay.]

Nanakaland Space Control Center, Nanakan Highlands, Nanakaland - 1430 hours SMT
Everyone in the control center held their breath as the Nanakaland fleet hyperspaced into the unknown. Soon, someone broke the silence.

"Where is the fleet?" asked a person in the room.

"I don't know," replied the person in charge of radar and communications. "We've lost contact with the fleet for at least a half hour. They're on their own for a while."

"Don't worry," said another person. "I have full confidence in our commander. He'll get out there fine."

"He may be skilled," commented the President, "but the odds are against him with both technology and numbers."

"What about the other fleet?" asked a general. "When will the primary space fleet be finished construction?"

"Not soon enough," Michael replied. "Not soon enough..."
Lunatic Retard Robots
22-01-2004, 00:10
The Men At Work hyperspace into what the Nankan charts label "Deep Space." However, on LRR charts, the region is full of names. There's the Hippy Trail, a deep-space asteroid vein near a burned-out star, the squid nebula, a collection of red-colored dust particles that is harvestable with the proper vehicles, and many other astrographical features. LRR nomadity once again proves its worth.

The five ships exit hyperspace several thousand kilometers away, and start scanning the area.

"There's the Nankan ships, and the pirate ships. They probably won't try to kill the nankan ships, as they are a good quarry, especially in this part of space."
"Right. Wait, is that a fighter signature?"
"It appears to be. They are probably trying to negotiate."
"Move us in closer, contact the Nankan ship, ultra-low frequnecy."
"Ok. NSS Celestia, this is the LRRSV Colin Hay. We are aware of your plight, and our jammers might be able to scramble the pirates' sensors systems for us both to escape back to charted space."

The crew of the LRRSV Colin Hay. Captain Hay is the one in the suit.

OCC: I never would've thought of that one, Nanakland. And also, is there any sort of understanding, say, between Deep Space Pirates and LRR, perhaps a less-than-legal deal with them?
Steel Butterfly
22-01-2004, 03:55
"So dis is 'ow you...say...'Cry 'avoc and let slip de dogs of war?'"

"It seems that way," Bivens responded to the head pirate as the starship neared the surface.

"Vhat about family?" Demidov asked. "Who does dis Nemerov 'ave?"

"No one," Pierce said, entering the room. "...and he'll have less soon. General, who is assigned the duty?"

"The Second Marines, sir," General Michael Sherman said, checking his watch. "Captain Leon Williams." Pierce knew the name, and the man, well.

"Good," Pierce responded.

"...and so?" the pirate asked.

"...and so I give the Second Marines twelve hours to assassinate a major Steel Butterfly leader, a governor of a planet at that, and then proclaim to the universe our discontent with the NiMBUS Corporation. Soon after all Nationalists from the planets of Bivens and Aeisis shall be purged and sent in refugee ships to the capital, where they will arive, long dead from exposure to the great darkness of space. Soon after, Nemerov will respond by fueling the emotions of those he surrounds himself with, and launching an anti-terrorist fleet of four battleships, filled with top of the line marines and technology. These ships will be promptly dealt with by the Mr. Demidov, while he spares one of the ships in question. My troops will be assisting him recover the fourth ship of the anti-terror fleet," Pierce said. Bivens and the military leaders looked on in amazement. This man was no mere resistance leader.

"After that?" Bivens asked as the ship reached and landed on the planet of Aeisis, the landing thud barely noticible.

"After that it's up to them," Pierce said, noticibly distancing himself from the Empire. "If they take us seriously, they'll invade, and blood and souls will fly."

"If dey don't...?" Demidov asked.

"If they don't...we make them take us seriously. Frankly gentlemen, I'm in this to win."
Sir James Pierce
Political Head of the Resistance
Dave Bivens
President/CEO of Bivens Co.
Viktor Mikhailovich Demidov
Russian Mafia - Orion Pirates
General Michael Sherman
Commander of the Mobile Infantry
22-01-2004, 22:38
Deep Space - 1450 hours SMT
The shuttle slowly approached the Deep Space Pirate ship named the Fist. As soon as it was within range, a tractor beem from the Fist pulled the shuttle into a docking bay. The shuttle entered, then Fist's airlocks closed.

Commander Johnson stepped out of his shuttle. He was searched by two guards. The only weapon they found was his pistol. Johnson was then led out of the docking bay by a group of twenty pirates. On the way, the commander could hear the guards that took his pistol.

"I can't believe it," said a guard. "This is a primitive pistol. It fires bullets - not even lazers or electric bursts!"

"By the looks of it, it was manufactured in Nanakaland," the other guard replied.

"Barbarians," commented the first guard. "All of their 'advanced' technology is experimental, probably. This nation isn't too advanced for us. We could probably crush their fleet easilly by..." Commander Johnson walked out of earshot of the commenting guards. Actually, it was more like he was shoved out of earshot. Personally, Thomas Johnson would have liked to have heard the rest of the conversation. He continued down the long hallway to the bridge. It was time for negotiations....
22-01-2004, 22:38
The NSS Celestia - 1450 hours SMT
All of the officers in the Celestia waited. All they could do was wait. The commander was negotiating with pirates. The Celestia had to stay on alert. Negotiations could go wrong at anytime - especially while dealing with outlaws. It was than that they recieved a Lunatic Retard Robot Message.

"Ok. NSS Celestia, this is the LRRSV Colin Hay," said a voice through a staticy com-link. It was obviously on a low frequency to avoid pirate detection. However, somethings, such as audio quality, is sacrificed when using very high or low frequencies. "We are aware of your plight, and our jammers might be able to scramble the pirates' sensors systems for us both to escape back to charted space." The bridge was silent for a moment. Finally, Lieutenant Williams decided to respond.

"This is the NSS Celestia of Nanakaland," he replied through the same frequency. "While help to escape would be welcome, we have our commander onboard a pirate ship trying to negotiate with the Deep Space Pirates. If we strike a deal with the pirates, that would be the easiest way to enter the Orion Sector using some of their advanced cloaking devices. We recommend you leave before they detect you. However, if you wish, you could stay around a little longer just in case negotiations fail."
The NSS Celestia
Steel Butterfly
23-01-2004, 00:07
Let the Outside Slowly Die (

Next thread...true thread. Finish the Pirate thing here Nanak.
Steel Butterfly
23-01-2004, 00:07
Let the Outside Slowly Die (

Next thread...true thread. Finish the Pirate thing here Nanak.
23-01-2004, 00:22
The Fist
They continued walking for a little while. Commander Johnson once had wandered off into another room, but he soon left that room and continued down the hall until they reached the bridge. The doors automatically opened, and the group entered a dark room. The Deep Space Pirate Chief turned around to greet the commander.

"I understand you want a deal," the pirate leader said. "I have heard that you will trade all of the gold in your transport shuttle for your fleet and three cloaking devices in your capital ships." The pirate leader seemed to know what was going on. He must have monitered a few conversations that were with the escorting pirates in the hall. Commander Johnson looked up at the pirate leader, who was at an elevated platform. "That is a done deal. I already have men getting the gold and I have sent an unmanned shuttle with the cloaking devices to the Celestia." Commander Johnson was relieved. He started to turn around to leave the room.

"Not so fast," said a big pirate who moved to block the door. "You also said something about our rivals in the Orion Sector."

"But -" the commander started to say. It was too late. The Pirate Chief raised a blaster rifle and shot at Commander Johnson....
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-01-2004, 00:56
"Roger that, NSS Celestia. By the way, we've been trying to get into the Orion sector ourselves, with limited success. The cloaking systems aboard our ships are not quite up to scratch. Would it be possible to include us in the deal?"
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-01-2004, 00:56
"Roger that, NSS Celestia. By the way, we've been trying to get into the Orion sector ourselves, with limited success. The cloaking systems aboard our ships are not quite up to scratch. Would it be possible to include us in the deal?"
23-01-2004, 01:00
The Fist - 1500 hours SMT
The laser bolts shot from the blaster rifle litterally went straight through Commander Johnson with no clear sign of damage. The commander turned around to face the Pirate Chief. "Sorry to sound generic, but I saw that comming," Johnson explained. "When your idiot guards let me wander off for a minute, I activated a holographic emitter. I then faked the rest and really headed back to my shuttle. The movements are being controled from a joystick back from my shuttle. The voice of this hologram is really a speaker. I regained the gold and my men at the Celestia have taken the three cloaking devices and repaired the systems. I'm now landing in the Celestia." He paused. "Have a nice day!" The hologram vanished.

Meanwhile, in the NSS Celestia, the men in the engineering sector were working overtime to install the cloaking device. The damaged systems had been fixed during the "negotiation." Similar scenes were happening in the other two Nanakaland capital ships. Lieutenant Williams recieved orders via a com-link from the commander, who had just landed in a Celestia docking bay. Plan B was underway.

Back in the Fist, it had seemed that the tide had turned. The Pirate Chief was making his way to an escape pod. The only hope of the pirates were to activate the weapons and tractor beams before the Nanakaland fleet charged up theirs. It was too late, however. Three nuclear missiles launched from torpedo bays in the Celestia. The Fist sustained heavy damage.

The Nanakaland fleet entered hyperspace. They were heading toward an area just outside the Orion Sector. The plan was to hyperspace just outside Steel Butterfly sensors, activate the cloaking devices, and slowly sneak through. Commander Johnson had a mission and he didn't intend to fail it....
23-01-2004, 01:16
Story Continued Here (
Now that the Deep Space subplot is over, it's time to post my last post in this thread. I will continue my storyline over in the next SB Civil War thread.
Steel Butterfly
23-01-2004, 01:52
I take it you and Deep Space Pirates are one in the same? Either way...I'm fine with long as you don't let the subplots take over.
23-01-2004, 22:57
I take it you and Deep Space Pirates are one in the same? Either way...I'm fine with long as you don't let the subplots take over.

[OOC: I do have Deep Space Pirates and The Great System as puppet nations. However, with puppet nations I improvise to keep it unpredictable and fun. I also try to get my puppet nations at each others' throat so that everyone knows I'm not cheating.]