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Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.... except....

25-12-2003, 08:23
Silent night, holy night

Silence. The etheral realm was silent tonight. And looking down upon the Earth, it was also there a silent night.

And in space, where Ainulindalion currently was situated, it was silent as well. No sound.

If a ship explodes in space, does it make a sound?

Of course not. No ait, no sound.

Ainulindalion looked down at the Earth. Holy night tonight?

Perhaps. He was the Son of the Song of the Holy Ones.

All is calm, all is bright

Calm. Yes, it was calm. The fabric of the universe moved on as it had for all the ages of the world, though. Localized incidents disturbed the peace of the night, on the Emerald Orb slowly rotating beneath Ainulindalion's gaze, though.

He suppresed them, where he could. Small, unnoticed incidents. Crimes being commited. Murder, rape, theft.

The one night a year Ainulindalion was freed, somewhat, from his promise.

This was his gift to the world. His gift to Eru, the father of them all.

The impact of God had to be felt differently, experienced differently, told differently, to different people.

Hence this holiday. Billions of people worldwide celebrated it. All because Eru had wished a certain understanding with the humans. And for the most part, he had gotten it.

But again, free will got in the way. And the humans, as always, screwed things up. Even this.

As for bright? He examined the planet, seeing in all spectra that made up the universe.

He could only do this without physical form, though. But now, he experienced creation the way it was meant to be.

Earth, pulsing with life, tearing into the fabric of reality, bending it, flexing it. The Earth certainly was bright. The lights of a trillion homes echoed into space. Rings of organic made satellites ringed the third planet, stations, and ships, each blazing, alone in the night, but together joined as well.

Such was the way of all things. Seperate, yet bound.

’round you virgin mother and child

Yes. It was true. The human woman to give birth to Eru, and not give birth to him, at the same time, had been a virgin.

Ainulindalion could impregnate a woman, leaving her a virgin, but where would the fun be in that? It'd be boring. But Eru wasn't particularly concerned about boredom.

He had bigger things on his mind.

Ainulindalion stretched out his mind, reaching out, seeking the children. The new children first. Their minds were the most interesting. Their formlessness was a miracle, in that they still functioned.

He quickly moved through the ranks, though, seeking out older children, steadily working upwards in age.

And to each one, he presented a gift. Well, not nearly each one. He was no where near that powerful.

Humans had wondered about it for centuries. How did Santa bring all the gifts?

Simple. There wasn't just one Santa.

Every being in the heavens capable of such a feat took part, creating the gifts the children longed for, that perhaps their parents could not afford, or could not understand.

But the children, for whom the holiday was truly about, they would know happiness. Peace. Joy. If only for a moment.

But it was all that was required.

Holy infant so tender and mild

Tender. Mild. Not words Ainulindalion would use to describe himself.

But then, he wasn't an infant, was he?

Born of creation's song, he was without form, with name, and without equal.

All others were either greater or lesser than he.

He was unique, another blip in the tapestry of Creation.

But a big blip.

Sleep in heavenly peace

Recently, though, he had changed. He'd become softer, perhaps even tender.

Then again, perhaps not.

His promise, the one thing that meant more to him than her forbid what he was about to think.

Love. There could not be love between them. For one, she was a mortal, and he could not intertangle himself in the affairs of mortals.

He could not change the balance.

Two, he was unsure whether or not she could love in return.

Red contrasted with blue and brown, over pale skin. Perhaps not the human standard of perfection, but he did not ever seeing himself becoming bored with her by his side, or on top of him, or under him. That made her perfect for him. The most dangerous thing for a godling was boredom.

But tonight, in a country that did not celebrate Christmas, nay, even denied its existence, he would enjoy unwrapping his Christmas present.

Sleep in heavenly peace

That they would.
imported_Sentient Peoples
25-12-2003, 09:18
The Northern Expanse
25-12-2003, 10:32
Actually, there is sound in space. Humans just aren't sensitive enough to hear it. Happy debunking. :)

- Imperator Roland C. Godwin
25-12-2003, 13:38
there is love in the nontangable
in more shapes and forms then ever immagined
though to speak of shape and form in the nontagable is to speak metaphoricly
great and small alike are our invisible friends
loving us, mosly harmless and meaning,
even and often doing
well and great kindnessess
not often understood or appreacieated.

welcome oh unseen ones
and peace and blessings to you as well.

Gehenna Tartarus
29-12-2003, 23:40
Darkness was falling, stars lit up against the blackness of the sky; the moon shone forth, lighting up the path of the weary, the lonely, and the forgotten. The sky’s eye bright, hanging for all to see as it watched the world below, even the clouds not strong enough to hide its reflected glory.

I sit here, looking up into the moonlit sky, waiting for you. Even when you are not here I feel your presence, so much have you touched my soul. You have made me whole, when I thought there were only fragments.

Speckles of snow began to fall, obscuring the stars from her view. Pulling her cape closer around her, blocking the cold night air from reaching her skin, she gazes up, flakes of white resting on her eyelashes for a moment before they vanish; her hair catching a sprinkling, glittering in the ethereal light of the moon.

A second feels like a lifetime, standing here beneath the stars. Even the cold does not have the power to freeze you from my heart, to dampen my resolve. If it takes me all my life, I will show you how much I love you.

In the background the sounds of a party could be heard, not for Christmas, they didn’t follow that tradition. Emperor Acheron had decided to give the date another meaning for Tartarian’s, it was to celebrate his triumphs and glories, and it bore his name even now.

Voices were carried on the breeze, filling the silent night with cheer. She could make out the faint sound of a tune, straining to recall its title. She shook her head, allowing her mind to fill of images of dancing people. She smiled, eyes closing against the falling snow, blocking out the light, losing herself in the moment.

If I stand here, will you feel my presence? Will you come to me? Or am I fooling myself with false hope? Are you just another dream that will fade and die?

Even in her happiest of moments, she couldn’t dismiss the doubts. It would end, it always did. Even if she tried to cling onto her hope, would it still slip through her fingers? She opened her eyes, her gaze fixed to the moon, its image reflected in her blue pools. Her brown hair blowing in the breeze, brushing over her face; cape tight against her body covering her scarlet dress, keeping out the chill, as she kept up her vigil. Her thoughts were a million miles away with him.

Don’t fly away
You have wings
The power to leave me
You fell from the sky
Like an angel
And I am afraid
That the sky will take you back

I beg you
Don’t fly away
Drakonian Imperium
30-12-2003, 11:36
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01-01-2004, 01:49
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