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The Long March: Operation Ogedai Revenant (WWIX)

17-11-2003, 06:17
Executive Commitee Directive to the armed forces:

The TSR shall prepare for imminent action, invasion, and counterattack procedures.

The 2nd Army is to finish securing Albania and Macedonia. It is imperative that Tahar Joblissan troops present an utterly respectable image to the Albanian and Macedonian populace.

Operation Ogedai Revanant:
The Sixth Army shall be assembled from the following Tumens to a staging area in Kazakhstan, being transported through Isolationist People territory with prior diplomatic arrangements made with Isolationist People:
35th-36th Tumens
38th-43rd Tumens
49th-50th Tumens
11th-12th TSR Tumens
1st & 6th Greek Tumens
3rd Cretan Tumens
The Sixth Army shall be equipped with a recent listing of armor and equipment listed under the heading ARC/SIB-1400 in the TJGA Standard Armor and Variants manual, most recently released version.

Further sealed orders for this operation have been sent with unit commanders; further directives will be issued after the 6th Army has assembled at the staging point.

The Sixth Army has been assembling as swiftly as humanly possible, crossing the allied territory of Isolationist Peoples in surprisingly swift time at a great cost in fuel. Overhead flights back, forth, and ahead have proceeded with bewildering speed to catch up lingering elements and supplies not available on the immediate departure date, moving 15 full Tumens of the TJGA from as far away as Tunisia in five days to just behind IP battle lines in Kazakhstan. Great cargo dirigibles have been crossing overhead.

The entire affair has raised eyebrows in Isolationist People. The alliance between the two nations is relatively recent, and the massive numbers of Tahar Joblissan troops moving through their country has made some citizens - and perhaps more than a few government officials - nervous, as a matter of simple fact.

The Sixth Army banner was everywhere, it seemed, and then it was gone. Now assembled in Kazakhstan, the operation has only just begun. Kazakhstan, currently boiling with partisans struggling largely ineffectually against the might of the Isolationist People war machines, may shudder nervously to hear of the great force that has just arrived.

The fuel trucks alone seemed enough to conquer a small nation, looking upon the array.

They assembled, and counted, and it was good, for the Sixth Army was all present and officially declared to have begun. With great ceremony, the emblem of a shaggy horse was raised high and formally ironed onto uniforms and painted onto vehicles, or unveiled in many cases - a process taking several hours of time. They would, they knew, have to make up that lost time in hard hours of rough movement cross country. That, on top of long hours familiarizing themselves with vehicles and equipment that had been featured little in their training, but were represented heavily in the Sixth Army's gear.

The tumens that would soon comprise the Seventh Army were already being assembled, and accustomed to this equipment, but the Sixth would have to learn on the way. Haste was paramount here, and the TJAF war zeppelins overhead were scarcely pausing to let them catch up. More were on the way, and perhaps some would be abandoned on the road, for it would be a hard road, begining with the march of a thousand miles.

This thousand miles they covered in under three days' time, pausing only to visit complete annihilation on a casual pair of warlords, one of whom appeared to have mistaken their advance elements for Isolationist People forces far from their home lines, and another who thought to extract a toll for passage. Kazakhstan partisans by and large avoided trying to engage this huge massed movement, nearly a nation on the move; the thrumming of efficient, quiet Tahar Joblissan engines could be heard for miles around, making it easy to avoid.

They left a trail of spent fuel trucks, broken-down APCs, and an entire six truckloads of Tahar Joblissan math textbooks that had been included in their supplies by mistake.

An airborne diplomatic team arrived in Ulaan Baataar as the Sixth Army began to slow slightly and split up into tumens, beginning a lightning deployment across Inner Mongolia.
18-11-2003, 00:30
Ulan Bataar:

Freen Galas Mithros stepped confidently out of the plane onto the tarmac at Ulan Bataar's rude airport, followed by a number of polite young men in dark suits with military bearings and surprisingly similar physiques. This was, truly, an offer that Ulan Bataar could not refuse; however, it never hurt to be diplomatic and try and present one's most enticing arguments for accepting.

Of course, the thought would readily cross the minds of the political leaders in Ulan Bataar, it would probably be possible to throw their lot in with Largent and attempt to forcibly expell the Sixth Army from the region. However, the Mongolians, having been a subject state of China at points in their past history, would be loathe to throw themselves back into a Chinese yoke under Largentian direction; furthermore, for those more interested in realpolitik than history and pride, Tahar Joblis as a nation is grander, more powerful, more advanced, and less overextended than Largent - as F. G. Mithros's lovely diagrams and maps clearly indicated. And wasn't political reunification of the Mongol peoples a grand idea? And they call their units tumens - perhaps it had not come home earlier, but these Tahar Joblissans had respect for the history of Mongolia.

It was with no great surprise that Freen signalled the pilot to say he would be staying for a while, and that all was clear on his part in Operation Ogedai Revenant.

Inner Mongolia, Sixth Army Operational HQ:

"We have yet to encounter Largentian forces on the ground or, for that matter, even made radio contact with them. It appears as though either their eyes cast not northwards into the desert, they consider this entire area worthless, they are deliberately ignoring us as some sort of diplomatic insult -" "I'd doubt it." "-or they have remarkably incompetent intelligence departments."

"It's also possible that they're still in shock and trying to figure out where we showed up from. It hasn't yet been a week since the Sixth Army was officially formed, and we've already secured - not firmly in the populace's mind perhaps, but in terms of position, claim, and ground intel - virtually the entirety of what was once called Inner Mongolia and will - according to the report I have here from the Diplomatic Corps - soon be the southernmost section of pan-Mongolia, whatever the name ends up being. Seventh Army will be assembled soon, we have temporary airstrips set up, and sections of the proto-Seventh Army are working with IP forces to extend, connect, expand, and repair existing rail lines as IP forces expand through Kazakhstan already. The Seventh Army as a whole should be ready and formed in several more days, and start heading our way shortly thereafter."

"Mmm. Y'know, I love the steppes in the fall. It's nice and peaceful out here."

"For now. Yes, it is nice... lots of open space, not many people. I'm not used to it."

Interim Report:
Operation Ogedai Revenant is thus far going exactly as planned, with the slight revisions in priorities. "Inner" Mongolia has been secured with a minimum of violence, "Outer" Mongolia is proving diplomaticly cooperative, and lead elements heading north into Buryatia have encountered no signs of organized resistance in this wide open, desolate, sparsely populated land. As per recent orders, rail networks and mobile defenses have been prepared in order to speed the way and defend against possible sudden Largentian assault, although our current ground intel does not indicate this as a strong immediate possibility. The official formation of a pan-mongolian republic is likely to occur shortly. We've encountered some problems with the polling, as some of our ballot blanks were replaced by wath textbooks by the logistics crews.
18-11-2003, 03:45
18-11-2003, 22:03
Radio Broadcast:
"Reporting live from Ulan Baatar, this is Tanya Press of World News Reporting - the network that can't buy third party insurance for its reporters in the field anymore. That's right, we go live where the action is, and I've had the tremendous fortune of being on site to break this news to the world. A political coalition backed verbally by Tahar Joblis in the area has, after lightning fast polling, the likes of which I've never seen before, declared itself the leaders of the new Free Siberian Democratic Republics, taking a clear majority of the elected offices set forth by the new temporary constitution. In a speech earlier this afternoon, leading coalition party spokesman Yesukai Olzvoi spoke of pan-Mongolian unity, and the security of the siberian peoples. Here is a taped excerpt from his speech." Tanya licked her lips, and turned the minicassette player on, hoping the line out was connected into the right port.

Translator overdub on the crackling background of a speech poorly recorded in Mongolian:
"For too long, the bear and dragon have played Mongolia in its various pieces for pawns in their games. Now, the stage of the world is being upset, and it is clearly time for us to make our stand as a free nation who will not be overrun and dominated by imperialist powers. People of Ulan Baatar before me, by a seventy eight percent count on the ballot initiative put before the people across the land, I give you Pan-Mongolia!" Cheers.

Communique from Sixth Army Command to Cyprus Central Command:
The stage has been set and the audience has granted a standing ovation. Operation is an unqualified success; however, we urgently desire news of the Seventh Army. It's a bit twitchy operating this near Largent.

OOC: here ( is a map of Russia; subdivisions included in the current borders of Pan-Mongolia include Buryatia, Tuva, Chita, and Irkutsk as marked on that map. It also includes Mongolia and most of Inner Mongolia. (
19-11-2003, 01:25
ooc// ok so mongolia, right?, what other names/numbers off the map?
19-11-2003, 01:53
To temporarily ensure peace President Deridan has decided to hold an immediat press confrence.

[I] Ladys, gentlemen, citizens of the world, I realize in recent times Largent and Tahar Joblis could have been better. There was Gibralter blockade crisis and hostile words have been shared. We relize our mistakes and plan to correct them by saying the following; we do not plan on invading Tahar Joblis, there is no point to it and he would most likley prove the victor because of his superior size. We hope to put this in the past. Thank you.[I]
03-12-2003, 09:02
The Free Siberian Republics have been gearing up for their own defense. Although General Winter is their most fervent defender, and he will soon be at his station, FSR troops have been recieving training by Tahar Joblissans on the use and production of a number of simple robust weapons systems, such as the 106mm recoilless rifle - expected to play the role of the main heavy gun in the Siberian cavalry. The introduction of the Vom to Siberia seems a possibly ingenius move; the Mongolians have never before considered using technology used to cross rivers and lakes to move across a winter landscape.

The northern boundaries of the FSR have become unclear, but from Yakutia to Krasnoyarsk appear to be part of the FSR, and the border with IP held territory has been lengthened by the addition of Altay, and a firm line established with Largentian territories south of the Kamchatka Naval Base with the addition of Amur (Amur and Khabarovsk.)