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Bisonic Troops Invade Estonia! (WW IX related)

12-11-2003, 22:32
OOC: If someone wants to RP Estonia, feel free.

Note about the deployment times: The Leningrand and Pskov region is not exactly gargantuan, and there is an efficient railway system linking the towns together
Perchory= south of the lake
Zhelcha river= how Bisonic army refers to the middle of the lake, the narrow part, where the 3rd strike will begin.
Estonia has a long history of aggression against the Bisonians living in the Leningrad Oblast. In the medieval ages, a battle on frozen Lake Peipus repulsed the first foray by the imperialist Estonians into Dark Terror. Eventually, these warmongering peoples were finally annexed by Sweden during the late Renaissance period. Finally, peaceful rule in the form of the Bisonic Empire was brought to these peoples in the 1800's. After declaring independence and finding they could not govern themselves, Bisonic troops restored order in 1940 at the request of the Estonian parliament. In 1990, the Estonians again seceded, and began a criminal war against the Bisonic minority.

Ethnic Bisonians constitute over 30% of the Estonian population, yet they have been opressed by the Estonians whenever Estonia was not in the Bisonic sphere of influence. A proposal for Estonia to relinquish control of its Eastern territory to a self-ruled state occupied by ethnic Bisonians with a capital at Voru was turned down by the criminal Estonians. At the request of ethnic Bisonians living under the criminal regime of Estonia, Bisonic troops are being sent in to protect the ethnic Bisonians in Estonia. As of right now, an armored thrust aimed at the city of Johvi has commenced in an attempt to "encourage" the Estonians to meet our demands.

(Secret IC orders to Bisonic Troops)


Regarding operations in the Johvi sector:
1. All Bisonic Army commanders should:
a) Reach objectives by the deadline given regardless of cost;
b)eliminate all disagreeing attitudes in the troop body utilizing force anywhere necessary;
c) Any officers who permit their troops to act in disagreement to statement A without specific permission from the Bisonic Army Command are to be sent for court-martial;
d) Any officers or soldiers found guilty in court-martial are to be redeployed into special assault battalions 2500 strong to allow them to repay their cowardice with deeds;
2. All Bisonic Army defense councils should:
a) Remove any officers who have allowed their troops to noncomply with statement 1A without the explicit permission of the divisional command and send them for court martial;

These orders are to be read aloud in all frontal Bisonic Units


Regarding upcoming operations in the Voru sector (OOC: Southing estonia, secret IC preparing to attack there):
1. The following units are to be deployed to the vicinity of Pechora for the upcoming second strike into Estonia
a) The 3rd, 4th, and 6th motorized rifle divisions are to be relocated from their current bases to Pechory within the next 5 days;
b) The 2nd BMP division is to be relocated to Pechory within the next 5 days;
c) The 3rd Guards (OOC: Tank unit) are to be relocated to Pechory within the next 5 days;
d) The 4th and 7th Artillery Regiments are to be relocated to Pechory within the next 5 days;
e) The 1st Shock Division is to be deployed to the Zhelcha river within the next 6 days;
f) The 5th Artillery Regiment is to be deployed to the Zhelcha river within the next 6 days;
2. The Commander of the Pechory Front should:
a). Launch the strike into Estonia no less than 8 days after the beginning of the war;
b). Not preceed the attack with air or artillery bombardments as to catch the Estonians off-guard;
c). Take advantage of the initial surprise to insert Spentsnaz into Estonia to create further confusion and hurry the collapse of Estonian forces;
d) Order two armored fists to converge on Voru after no more than 3 days of operations;
e) Utilize paratrooper forces to secure the other side of Lake Peipus (Zhelcha River sector) for immediate transfer of Bisonic Units there several hours before the night landing is to occur, 4 days after the attack launched from the Pechory sector begins
f) Commence the strike from the Zhelcha river 4 days after the strike from the Pechory vicinity as to surround Estonian forces in the area;
13-11-2003, 00:37
bump for the usual condemnation of imperialism...
United Elias
13-11-2003, 00:42
OOC: DT Rps well now :shock: :lol:


The Federal Dictatorship of United Elias fully supports the action of the Bisonic armed forces and we would liek to be able to send a team of analyists and observers to see how we can learne from the truimphs and mistakes made in this conflict. We are also prepared to assist militarily but we asume this might be iunecessary. However in the Baltic we have a Leviathan class SSN with a full complment of cruise missiles including three nuclear rounds taht we could use againsttargets you specifiy.

Ministry of Defence,
Federal Dictatorship of United Elias
13-11-2003, 00:47
Unless you're in WW9 (if you ask what it is, then youre not lol but you might be able to join..), you dont exist in this world, WW9 was an RP where everyone gets a city or two and tries to conquer the rest of the world. Sorta like Risk.
13-11-2003, 00:56
Dark Terror, since we're so close together, You're in Leningrad and I'm in Scadinavia and Finland, how 'bout an allience?
13-11-2003, 01:17
13-11-2003, 01:46
Theres someone else in Stockholm, I believe.
Dark Terror is interested in this alliance, as we both share common interests. We would like to request a naval invasion of the Estonian islands, as our own naval forces are quite limited. We are also inviting [your leader name here] to a summit in Leningrad.
14-11-2003, 01:56
Estonia capitulated 2 weeks into the war, as Bisonic tanks came within 60 miles of Tallinn, and a large part of the Estonian army, defending Kohtla Jarve, was surrounded. In the northern front, complete Bisonic control of the air, coupled with devastating MiG-33M/Su-39M teams to knock out Estonian radar and SAM sites, allowed the destruction of bridges and railways, preventing any large amount of troops from going in or out. Su-39M ground attack aircraft prevented a withdrawal of Estonian forces as Bisonic Shock Troops bypassed the besieged city from the south and swung northwards to completely encircle it. Some Bisonic Guards being held in reserve made a drive aimed at Tallinn, and reaching the city of Rakvere before pushing on to Vitna. A stretched supply line forced a temporary halt to the offensive, which could easily have reached Tallinn in another week.

In the Southern front, Bisonic Guards swung up at Voru, following a road from the Bisonic-Estonian border. On the next day, a second thrust from Pechory aimed at the city of Tartu began, forcing Estonian troops to abandon Voru for fear of being encircled. Reserve forces were sent to exploit the breakthrough, as the Estonian defense collapsed from constant aerial attack immediate exploitation of breakthroughs. As one Bisonic force swung westwards, along the Latvian border, airborne forces with BMD Airborne fighting vehicles were used to surround the city of Tartu, as the Bisonic smash into Estonia reached 50 miles a day.

Estonia has been fully incorporated into the Bisonic Union as the Tallinn Oblast, and the Estonian Armed Forces are being fully disarmed. Not forgetting their original purpose, Bisonic Troops will remain in Estonia to protect ethnic Bisonians living there. Martial Law has been declared in Estonia while Bisonic troops hunt down the terrorists responsible for several recent attacks on Bisonic convoys in Estonia.