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Tyrador moves out (WWIX)

12-11-2003, 04:23
((( OOC: This thread is for those participating in WWIX. Anyone else here that's not on the list as made by The Macabees is asked to not post. Feel free to read :) )))

Let it begin....
Although it is clear something is happening.. Tyrador officals are silent saying only that the military is conducting an "exersise". Casual observers note the massing of troops on the northren border of Tyrador's territory in south Italy.
Offical transcripts of encrypted telegrams from Field Marshall Seville:

To: Field Commander Johnston
This is the offical count of mobilized forces under you control
[60] F/A-38 Mustang II
[6] F-27 Haste
[50] FU-29K Scorpion
[3] F-31X Cyclone
[12] F/A-117X Nighthawk
[10] F-117A Nighthawk
[20] A-4X Skyhawk II
[4] AC-130U Spectre
[1] AC-130H Spooky
[1] MC-130 Combat Talon
[50] A-10 Thunderbolts
[10] A-36B Mustang
[3] F-111F Aardvark
[6] FB-23X Black Widow
[4]AH-1A1 Super Cobra
[2] AH-6/MH-6 Little Bird
[1] OH-6 Defender
[6] AH-64 Apache
[40] AH-64F Apache
[10] AH-64D Longbow
[4] AH-66B Commanche
[20] UH-60 Blackhawk
[1] MH-66 Triton
[2] MH-1A1 SuperHuey
[24] UH-1A1 SuperHuey
[10]C-1707 BWB Cargo Transport
[300] C-5 Galaxys +[6] Strkyer (4 IFV 1 105mm 1 mortar/ADATS) +[90] infantry
[20] C-13 JackRabbit w/ 100 infantry
[100] C-130H Hercules w/ 8,000 infantry
[8] C-27J Spartans w/ 42 special forces operators
[8] KC-10 Extenders
[1] KC-1707 Refuelers
[2] RT-1907 UCAV control center/carrier BWB QDCA w/
->[12] FU-29K Scorpion
->[6] RQ-1 Predator
->[2] RQ-2 GlobalHawk
->[5] UCAV-45
[1] Trojan Class Airborne Aircraft Carrier
->[8] A-4X Skyhawk
->[2] F/A-18E Super Hornet
->[5] F-27 Haste ->[2] F-31X Cyclone
[2] Hyperion Class Battle Airship w/ 30 rangers
[110,000] Leg Infantry
[500] Mech Infantry
[50] M-2 Bradleys carrying [300] Infantry + w/ Hellfire or TOW
[55] M-3 Bradleys w/ [110] Infantry + w/ Hellfire systems or TOW
[60] M-6 Linebacker w/ [240] Infantry
[50] M-113A4 APC w/ M-99 mount + [450] Infantry
Main Battle Tanks
[340] M-1A2 Abrams w/ hellfire systems
[80] T-1 Scorpion Tanks
[30] M-48 CHAPPRAL Mobile PR SAM Launchers
[50] M-113 (M-730) Chappral IR Mobile SAM
[90] M163 Vulcan 20mm AA gun(on m113 tracks)
[50] M270 MLRS Rocket Artilery
[10] 105mm Towed Guns (towed by 10 MO Technicals w/ .50 cal MG)
[40] M189 155mm Howitzers
[120] M109 155mm Paladin Mobile Artillery
[40] M-200 200mm Mobile Artillery
Misc. Armored Vehicles
[65] AVENGER hummers
[100] HELLFIRE hummers
[35] hummers w/ 2 barrel .50 cal MG + TOW
[2] XB-FAB Fast Assualt Buggys
[31] M-113 Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle AMEV
[18] M-548 Cargo Carrier
[40] M-901 Improved TOW Vehicle
[10] M-981 Fire Support Team Vehicle (FISTV)
[7] M-1059 Lynx Smoke Generator Carrier
[20] M-1064 Self-propelled Mortar Carrier (120mm mortars)
[20] M-1064 Self-propelled Mortar Carrier (81mm mortars)
[3] M-1068 Std Integrated Command Post Sys. (SICPS) Carriers
[5] M-1108 Universal Carriers
[10] T-01 VelociRaptor Robot Tank
[12] T-02 Sabre Tooth Robot Tank

Prepare your forces to embark on the journey through and around the Alps. If we do not get word on alternate passage then we must move out on the original course.

To: Combat Enginnering Command of the island of Sicily:
All enginnering units will begin to step up beach foritifcations at likely landing areas, including the pouring of a 12 foot wall of reinforced concrete, cinder blocks and barbed wire. Also the rapid construction of bunkers, pill boxes, gaurd towers, tank positions and ADA.
Escape routes and tunnels are being dug linking inland bases to northeastern ports. get on it ASAP All required resources and man power are at your disposal.

To: Rear Admiral Walters:
You have control of task forces 2, 40 and 41 as well as screening group and invasion group. Sardina, Corsica and beyond are ripe for your taking, move out!
For your records the strength of task forces are:
Invasion Group
[1] R-500 Deathrain Cruise Missle Ships
->[1] Spartan Class Blimp
[1] Iowa Class Battleships w/ ADV missle sys
-> [2] SH-60 Seahawk
-> [2] SH-65A Dolphin ASW/S+R
[1] Ticonderoga Class Cruisers
->[2] SH-60 Seahawk
->[1] SH-65A Dolphin
[1] EM-150 Piotr Hotamel Class Amphibous Carrier
->[2] FU-29K Scorpion
->[6] A-V8B Harriers
->[9] F-35B S/VTOL
->[6] AH-1Z SeaCobras
->[2] RAH-66 Comanches
->[2] MH-66 Tritons
->[2] CV-22 Ospreys
->[2] SH-60 Seahawks
->[1] SH-46 Sea Knight
->[2] SH-65A Dolphin
->[130] Airborne Assault Troops From Helos 260 in 2 sorties [400] total
->[1] Stryker 125mm
->[3] Stryker APC w/ 27 Infantry
->[8] M-2 Bradley w/ 48 Infantry
[6] Modified Wasp Class Amphibious Carriers
->[108] AV-8B Harriers 18 on each
->[18] F-35B S/VTOL 3 on each
->[12] FU-29K Scorpion 2 on each
->[12] CV-22 Osprey 2 on each
->[36] AH-1Z SeaCobras 6 on each
->[12] RAH-66 Comanches 2 on each
->[12] MH-1R Huey 2 on each
->[30] SH-60 Seahawk 5 on each
->[12] SH-65A Dolphin 2 on each
->[12] SH-46 Sea Knight 2 on each
->[40] M-2 Bradleys w/ 240 Infantry 10 on each
->[12] Stryker ADATS SAM 2 on each
->[12] Stryker 125mm 2 on each
->[12] Stryker Mortar Carrier 2 on each
->[1] Stryker Command Vehicle only 1
->[1] Stryker Recon Vehicle only 1
->[6] Stryker Engineer Squad Vehicle 1 on each
->[7] Stryker Medical Evacuation Vehicle 1 on each
->[12] Stryker Anti-Tank Guided Missle System 2 on each
->[72] Stryker APC w/ 648 Infantry 12 on each
->[1,242] Airborne Assault Troops From all helos except dolphins 2,484 in 2 sorties [3,800] total
[12] Naiad Class Air Cushioned Landing Craft (assigned to Amphib Carriers, DLS and HST)
[10] LCACs (ferrying forces from corsica)
[6] Dock Landing Ships (will dock at first port captured)
[4] XB-HSV High Speed Transports
->[40] M-1A2 Abrams 10 on each
->[16] M109 155mm Paladin 4 on each
->[4] M-48 CHAPPRAL Mobile SAMs 1 on each
[2] Sprunace class destroyers
->[4] SH-60 2 on each
[2] Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers
->[4] SH-65A Dolphin 2 on each
[2] Dormer Class Cutters
[2] Cyclone Class Patrol Boats
[2] XB-SSB Special Speed Boats
[1] MarkVIII Speed Boat
[2] Mekong Class River Gunboats
Screening Group
[1] Iowa Class Battleship w/ ADV missle sys
-> [1] CV-22 Osprey
-> [1] SH-46 Sea Knight
-> [1] SH-60 Seahawk
[1] R-500 Deathrain Cruise Missle Ships
->[1] Spartan Class Blimps 1 on each
[1] Modifed Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier /w 116 aircraft
->[20] F/A-18E Super Hornets
->[5] F-33B Phoenix
->[10] F-23 Wildcat
->[20] F-27 Haste
->[10] FU-29K Scorpion
->[30] F-35C
->[3] SH-65A Dolphin
->[6] SH-60 Seahawk
->[3] KA-6 Tanker
->[2] EA-6B Prowler
->[3] A-4X Skyhawk II
->[1] E2-C Hawkeye
->[1] MH-66 Trition
->[1] SH-46 Sea Knight
->[1] CV-22 Osprey
->[1] Spartan Class Blimp
[2] Ticonderoga class Cruisers
->[4] SH-60 Seahawk 2 on each
->[2] SH-65A Dolphin 1 on each
[1] Boxcar Class Guided Missile Destroyer
->[1] SH-60 Seahawk
->[1] SH-65A Dolphin
[1] XB-JMB Class "Jet Missile" Destroyers
->[1] SH-60 Seahawk
[2] Sprunace class destroyers
->[4] SH-60 2 on each
[2] Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates
->[2] SH-65A Dolphin 1 on each
[1] PB-88 Phantom Fast Attack Boat
[1] Texan Class Support Vessel
[1] Virgina Class Attack Submarine
Task Force 2
Task Force 40
Task Force 41

I expect them to remain in one piece!


As the nations around him mobilize and as all the major powers are stacked against one another, as a cold conflict begins to heats up: Field Marshall Seville of Tyrador takes time to confer with his trusted advsior and friend, Fleet Admiral Goodman...

"Admiral, take a look at these recon photos..
At least the leaders of Soviet Trasa are not stupid, they will prove a worthy foe"

"I have just read all of the latest reports, it is happening just as you said it would Field Marshall."

"Of course it is you fool! Things are falling into place quickly, I see our oppurtunity to awaken as a true power in this world coming shortly."

"We will have to move quickly if we do not want our ultimate goal to be revealed"

"No, they won't have any idea what we are doing... they are pre-occupied, its almost too easy.
First we will gradually position our pieces and then we will strike so quickly and so totaly there won't be TIME to counter!.

"Have you read the reports on Tahar Joblissan Deployments?"

"Yes, I wouldn't give it much thought usually, but in times like these...."

"Shall I vector a Task Force into a better position?"

"TF 34 is free eh?.. Hmm.. Yes, send them to a defensive position to our southwest, they would be suspicous if we didn't do something

"Aye Aye sir."<long pause>
"So I guess that's it, I'm needed on the carrier, if all goes well I'll see you on video conference tomorrow.

"Indeed, have a safe flight"

/As the CV-22 Osprey lifts off from the roof of the Tyradorian Joint Military HQ in downtown Palermo and heads toward a carrier group to the northwest, a shoulder fired missile streaks across the sky, fired from a small rubber boat near the coast. The IR warning reciever activates and releases a volley of flares. At the last moment the missile goes for the flare, but it doesn't matter, the missile was too close. The rightside engine is shreded by shrapnel and the Osprey spirals down toward the black ocean. The admiral and crew of the CV-22 struggle to get thier parachutes on.. at 1000 feet they jump in a desprate attempt to save thier lives. AH-1A1 escorts home in on the missile trail and fire a barrage of rockets and 25mm MG fire, no doubt destroying the small enemy craft. It seems those who landed thier parachutes on the beach have been killed.The fate and identity of those who landed in the water is still only known to the SH-65A rescue pilots. Ground crews are sent to recover and idenify the dead/ The incident is to be reported on international news the next day.


ENCRYPTED Diplomatic Transmission to ADK:
We know things do not look good, with our army massing near your border, but trust in this we have no designs on western Italy. Our territorial claim lies beyond ADK, where excatly I can't say. With the world falling into chaos now is the time to put your cards on the table. We would not usualy surround a nuetral nation with an army of the size we have gathered but you leave us with no choice in the matter. We must go around your territory and we realize this would unsettle your military. We cannot expect you to stand by and let us through without some type of treaty, so we propose a non-agression pact, simply vowing that Tyrador shall not attack ADK without provocation and vice-versa. Idealy we would ask for aid in our attack as well as permission to move along your coast towards our objective, but we fear without some type of formal agreement of non-agression, asking such, and revealing our plans would be foolish...
Here are the facts, we need to know what side your on now before we do what we have to do. In southern tip of Italy, A force of 400 tanks is being mobilized, at least 110,000 troops have thier marching orders and over a thousand aircraft are being readied. A massive ferrying of over 100,000 more troops and thousands of tons of equipment between sicily and the mainland is underway. Without formal response from your government we will move our forces into thier positon, going very near to your borders. Let it be known that any agressive action taken against our forces will be responded to 100 fold as we cannot aford to be hindered in our task.
CHS CitiBank Corp
12-11-2003, 04:27
Would you consider an alliance?
we are looking for ppl to help keep the straits of gibraltar under our control... (being our ally will allow your ships to pass through the straits, as we mined them)
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 04:28
OOC: Corsica is ripe for the taking, but I've invaded Sardinia and Malta.

And if you would sign an Alliance with us, we would gladly relinquish control of Sardinia to a duel control, perhaps half of it to you, or maybe even all of it.
12-11-2003, 04:43
Message to CHS CitiBank Corp:
We require access to the straits of Gibraltar, but we consider the mining a hostile act and your recent expanisonist actions are disturbing as well.

We will agree to refrain from any hostile actions against you, if you agree to the same, AND grant us access to the straits.


Message to The Sword and Sheild:
We graciously accept your offer for the allignment of our forces. We live in dangerous times.
We will agree to dual control of Sardina, as we require it as a staging area and we have no real need for Malta but we would like to install a listening post there as we had planned if that is alright.
CHS CitiBank Corp
12-11-2003, 05:02
ooc/ why do you require access to gibraltar? (our starting point and central base)

We feel we cannot comply with your requirement for codes to the mines, especially due to your threatening letter, REQUIRING access to our facility here. How was it an agressive expansionist move to move away from almost all the nations involved in this war? Furthermore we refuse access to the mines based on your alliance with a nation that has allied itself with another nation that attacked us for no reason. (SnS is allied to maccabees, right?)
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 05:04
((Correct, not sure if it is a full blown Alliance, or a Defensive Alliance, hence the reason I have yet to Declare War, but if someone attacks his main nation right now, I would Declare War on them ))
12-11-2003, 05:09
(OOC: we require access to the atlantic ocean, if you have mined the straits of gilbitrar if you did mine that and we cant do that then its not acceptable. also sorry for the error i meant to say straits not just gilbitrar)

IC: If you do not allow our ships access to the Atlantic, there will be..... difficulties... :evil:
CHS CitiBank Corp
12-11-2003, 05:12
we already have "difficulties", so a few more dont bother us...
our allies should be here soon anyway (i hope)
12-11-2003, 05:14
***Communication to allies*** (visible to others)
Armacor NAVFLT1, NAVFLT3 and ASSGRP3 are passing off the coast of Annaba, we should be at your position in 1 hour (RW).
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 05:14
we already have "difficulties", so a few more dont bother us...
our allies should be here soon anyway (i hope)

This is the reason I may go to war with you even if it is only a Defensive Alliance with The Macabees, I don't want access to the Atlantic, I need access to the Atlantic
12-11-2003, 05:14
***Communication to allies*** (visible to others)
Armacor NAVFLT1, NAVFLT3 and ASSGRP3 are passing off the coast of Annaba, we should be at your position in 1 hour (RW).

ooc// kisnesia is around here with 10 carriers and 20 more approaching as well...
12-11-2003, 21:12
Offical transcripts of encrypted telegrams from Field Marshall Seville:

To: Rear Admiral Walters
Admiral, after the succesful take over of Corsica, Northren Italy and is open, but not for long. Exetonia is moving its forces deeper and deeper inside of France and our allies are also making progress, now is the time to grab what we can and establish a presence before it's too late.
From Monaco eastward you are to secure the coast. Once ashore push up as far as you can try to gain control of the entire eastern border of France above Sword and Shiled controlled territory, there is to be no restraint exersized on your part. The 3rd Army will meet your invasion force on the eastern flank. What will happen when we meet Exetoniaian forces in the middle of France or Soviet Trasian forces in western germany?, well, that remains to be seen, do not take agressive action towards them but stand your ground.
Once the Invasion Group esablishes a beachhead and offloads its forces you will retain command of Screening group only. The other task forces will be needed elsewhere.

To: Air Marshall Pilato
I want to get as much tank killing power as we can as close to Germany as possible. We need to have at least the ability to repel that amount of tanks. I want all A-10s, A-36Bs, A-4Xs, all attack helicopters, and both A-14s The 3rd army will secure bases of operation in the swiss alps per thier orders, this may take time so be ready to move the aircraft into foward bases ASAP. I mean everything support defense re-arm re-fuel faciltys etc. I also want you to esablish a KC-10 hub in the first airfield we can get our hands on. Also step up unmanned CAP, I want all FU-29Ks that are not assigned to carrier vessels or airships to be activated on 3 levels of Combat Air Patrols around key areas. Cover the invasion of france with at least 120 F-31X Cyclones, so that the carrier planes can concentrate on taking out ground defenses and CAS. Also I want a flight of 1 Megafortress and 5 Stratofortresses to bombard the coast at least once every 2 hours until the invasion begins. Escort them with F/A-22s. You also are entrusted with increased air cover of the army's movement, the convoys and the ferrying between sardinia, corsica, sicily and the mainland. All assests are under your control, dont screw up.

Broadcast Transmission:
To: The 5th Tyradorian Atlantic Fleet
Stand off and do not enter the strait of Gilbitrar until we can muster more forces, prepare to recieve a courier via an EF-14 Fire Cat Flight

Inside the courier's laptop computer, sealed orders to the Admiral.
To: Admiral Pascale
30 of your Devil Ray Class Concrete Submarines are to proceed, unescorted to the English Channel. Once they arrive they are to submerge and wait on the bottom of the sea floor for ships to pass overhead. I want a virgina class sub to remain nearby to relay orders
If the command of "uncover" is given to the subs have them retreat to a fall back positon. If the command strike is given have them destroy any vessel which passes overhead. otherwise they are to remain there dormant and unseen for as long as they can last.
send 5 Devilrays to submerge 2 miles outside the defenses of the strait of gilbitrar to await further orders.
12-11-2003, 23:48
OOC: Mind pulling up details of T34 for me?

"Ahh, so Tyrador finally reacts to the rather abrupt alterations in the political geography to their south. I want that fleet watched 24/7, but for the love of Mikey, don't start sinking it right now!"

"Mikey? I didn't know you were a Mikist, Admiral."

"I'm not... I'm talking about Commodore Mike Johnson, liason officer down in TSR. He's supposed to marry my daughter as soon as this is over, and I want him to pull through in one piece."

"Tsk tsk. He is retiring to a civilian job soon?"

"Actually, I was thinking of retiring myself. Take up crocheting, and be a nice little old grandmother living by the beach spoiling my grandkids rotten."

"Now, about the recent IP actions here and here..."

"Yes, that is quite a mess. I'm just glad that they don't have our missile technology. Or stockpile."
13-11-2003, 00:01
Note to all, as soon as re-enforcements arrive, exetonia will be moving unoposed to what was Paris Via Normandy taking out resistance aslong the way and securing the ports. We will then prepare to move into Germany. I suggest an allaince between our nations so wen co-ordinate our actions. also, the JAXMi2 missiles are a sucess and we will continue to use them to put down any oposition permanently. That is all - Exetonian Government.
13-11-2003, 04:24
Exetonia: An alliance would be most prudent at this time, with such large military forces convergeing on various objectives in the same region at the same time we need keep clear who is on what side. It also seems that our goals in europe for the time, seem to be non-conflicting and cooperation would hasten both of our campaigns

OOC: Task Force 34 (TF 34)
[10] Seawolf Class Attack Submarines w/ 2 Manta unmanned subs each
[2] XB-ASSN-V Attack Submarines
[1] SeaSquid Class Submarine
->[1] AH-1A1 Super Cobra
[1] Iowa Class Battleship w/ ADV missle sys
->[2] SH-60 Seahawk
->[2] SH-65A Dolphins
[1] Modifed Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers /w 116 aircraft
->[20] F/A-18E Super Hornets
->[5] F-33B Phoenix
->[10] F-23 Wildcat
->[20] F-27 Haste
->[10] FU-29K Scorpion
->[30] F-35C JSF
->[3] SH-65A Dolphin
->[6] SH-60 Seahawk
->[3] KA-6 Tanker
->[2] EA-6B Prowler
->[3] A-4X Skyhawk II
->[1] E2-C Hawkeye
->[1] MH-66 Trition
->[1] SH-46 Sea Knight
->[1] CV-22 Osprey
->[1] Spartan Class Blimp
[2] XB-MPC Multi-Platform Cruiser
->[6] SH-60 Seahawk
->[1] Spartan Class Blimp
[2] Ticonderoga Class Cruisers
->[4] SH-60 Seahawk 2 on each
->[2] SH-65A Dolphin 1 on each
[1] XB-AAMB Anti-Air Missile Ship (ooc: deathrain with large # of SAMs)
[2] Sprunace class destroyers
->[4] SH-60 Seahawk
[1] Boxcar Class Guided Missile Destroyers
->[1] SH-60 Seahawk
->[1] SH-65A Dolphin
[1] X Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate
->[1] SH-65A Dolphin
[1] PB-88 Phantom Fast Attack Boats
[1] XB-SSB Special Speed Boat
[1] MarkVIII Speed Boats
[1] TYPE-97 Medical Frigates
[1] Underway Replenishment Ship
The Macabees
13-11-2003, 04:30
Exetonia...I advise you to stay clear of Zossen and Artitsa, big time allies of mine...

Well, you don't have to heed it, since I can't really do anything about it, but I just wanted to ask you to please not start anything with them.
13-11-2003, 05:08
Encrypted transmission from Rear Admiral Walters.

To Field Marshall Seville.
We have completed the landing our forces, and the Invasion group and the task forces are being placed back under central fleet command. General Messina of the Marines has taken one of the Mekong class river gunboats, and I have allowed it. Other than that the entire groupings are returned. I am turning over primary force command to General Messina, he will be coordianting with the 3rd Army and central command.
Also what is the word on the Fleet Admiral, is he in command of the fleet or not? What is his condition, does he live? I have had to put up with these questions from my Captians and thier officers and I think it is imperative that you at least aprise your other Admirals of the situation.

Encrypted trasmission from Field Commander Johnston

To Field Marshall Seville.
We have met little resistance and are prepared to cross into Switzerland. We are awaiting orders.

To General Messina.
Link with our forces at the edge of the swiss border, follow our lead and be patient, do not be too agressive. Take what forces you need to secure the French border, but you will need to concentrate as large a force as you can for the comming campaign against Switzerland. We are awaitng word from the Field Marshall.

Encrypted trasmissions from Field Marshall Seville

To Air Marshall Pilato.
Coordinate your forces with General Messina and Commander Johnston, and commence bombing of swiss military targets.

To Field Commander Johnston.
You are cleared to sieze Switzerland now.

Public statement to the world by Field Marshall Seville (a few hours later):
The government of Switzerland has been continually laundering, and holding funds of criminals, terrorists and hostile governments. We will not allow multiple wars of expansion which indeed threaten our very sovreignity to be finaced through a nation which is right under our noses. This is why I have ordered our forces to invade the rouge nation: Switzerland. That is all
13-11-2003, 06:01
-Sorry posted in the wrong thread-
The Macabees
13-11-2003, 06:03
OOC: Tortuga: This is WWIX... a set piece "war game" only with real casualties and battles, which closed on monday.
13-11-2003, 06:05
-Sorry, posted in wrong thread-
The Macabees
13-11-2003, 06:07
OOC: My mistake... sorry about that.

IC: Tyrador you have my full support also.
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 06:08
(( There it looks right now ))

Official Statement by the Allied Senate

The Allied States stand firmly behind their ally Tyrador in this matter, the nation of Switzerland has escaped justice far too many times under it's pretense of "neutrality". This is in no way claiming the Swiss people themselves are money laundering criminals, but the repeated crimes of their Government cannot go unanswered, and we applaud Tyrador for taking the initiative. We have not received any requests for Military Assistance from Tyrador, however should he need it, the majority of the XII Corps is in and around Marseilles, along with the extensive Naval force stationed at Marseilles and Cagliari are available to him should he need it.

Transmission to Tyrador
Allied Military Forces will go on an alert in Southern France with your invasion beginning. You do of course have transit rights through Allied territory, and should you require Naval support (Unlikely, since Switzerland is landlocked) or Naval Air support we can provide it from our Carrier battlegroups in the Tyrrhenian Sea, and you may also use our Air Bases in Southern France for your Aircraft. Should you require Land support the XII Corps in Marseilles can spare the majority (5 out of 6 Divisions) of it's forces to lend assistance.
13-11-2003, 06:37
Encrypted transmission from Military Liason office
To: The Sword and Shield:
We do not require any assistance in the actual campaign but would appreicate if you kept an eye on the so called "neutral" forces of ADK and any TJ naval activity in the Medditerranin(sp?)
We will be taking advantage of the airbases you offer basing tankers, cargo and electronic warfare aircraft as well as fighters. We also offer your forces the use of our air bases in eastern Italy and a port in south Italy
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 06:46
To: Tyrador

We will be keeping a closer eye on Soviet Trasa, we already are closely watching Tahlar Jobliss as he is becoming a Mediterranean (this is the spelling btw, I always thought there were two t's for the longest time) Power. We request permission to use Taranto as a base for a squadron of ships that in a future conflict with a Mediterranean power, the Adriatic can be sealed off from them by this squadron, thus preventing an amphibious invasion of the Italian Adriatic shore. In the odd event we went to war with a Balkan's power that didn't have access to the Mediterranean, this squadron could bottle them up in the Adriatic.
13-11-2003, 07:01
To Sns:
Be sure that our eyes are firmly affixed on Soviet Trasa already, hence our movements and foward deployment of nearly our entire land based anti-tank aircraft force.
Taranto is a major hub and already crowded, but we will clear some space for you, perhaps we will deploy some more vessels into the Mediterranean.
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 07:06
To Tyrador:

After careful review, we believe a base at Venice would be much better for fending off ships in the Adriatic. Basing at Taranto is a bit off since our fleets and aircraft at Malta, and I'm imagining you have an already large naval force in the Ionian, will be able to secure the Ionian Sea and Gulf of Sidra. Basing a squadron at Venice would allow it to move down the Adriatic and intercept any enemy ships in the relatively small Adriatic.
13-11-2003, 07:21
As we have just recently come into control of Venice, we have yet to establish a major presence there, so it will be easy to allot sufficinent space for you to build a naval base.
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15-11-2003, 08:33
Encrypted transmission from Field Commander Johnson
To Field Marshall Seville:
Progress against the Swiss is constant but slow. We are confident we will reach Geneva in a few days, but request more forces to expedite the campaign. We request the paradrop of mountain troops.

Encrypted transmissions from Field Marshall Seville
To Field Commander Johnson:
You will have your paratroopers commander, ETA of the first drop is in 5 minutes via C-13 Jack Rabbit. Total numbers you can expect will be 40,000. Secure the country quickly so that we can deploy additonal anti-tank forces in foward air bases. Just so you hear from me and not from rumors, I am commisioning a second Field Commander, TA General Zakier. I am giving him the 8th Army with orders to march up the coast and mass his forces 20 miles outside of Venice.

To Admiral Pascale:
Bring the fleet within 1 mile of maximum weapons range, await reinforcements from the Pacific fleet and expect to combine with Task Force 2 and 41 shortly...
16-11-2003, 00:18
Secure Encrypted video conference link via sat com:

Field Marshall Seville speaks to his commanders:

Good morning Admiral Pascale, Rear Admiral Walters, General Messina, Air Marshall Pilato , Field Commanders Johnston and Zakier and of course, Fleet Admiral Goodman. I am pleased to see all of you on the VID Link. We have alot to cover and not much time before the satelite moves out of range.
First I would like to congradulate General Messina and Commander Johnston on thier capture of switzerland I understand wesustained suprisingly low casualties for an operation of this size. Air Marshall i want you to move in all of the anti-tank air power you can on foward swiss bases, Commander Johnston you will be tasked with conscription of the former swiss military. Since all swiss citizens have recieved military training by the former government, the transition should be easy. We are already securing the vast amounts of capital we will need to pay for this war from the Swiss banks. Commander Zakier you have your orders to move up onto the Austrian border and hold your position.
Admirals, the situation in Gilbitrar has deteriorated beyond the point of no return. Admiral Gooman I want the majority of the fleet under your control
to make its way to the straits to meet up with the now combined atlantic/pacific fleet headed up by Pascale. Walters I want you to cede control of screening group, appoint a captain to task force command. Make your way to the south to defend against possible Tahar Joblisian agression while we make our move in Gilbitrar. General Messina, send a few artillery batteries across SnS territory, along with a pair of armor platoons. If need be we may launch strikes against fortifications from the land positions. I see the signal is getting distorted, I would like to take the time we have left to wish you all good hunting, and to remind you that......**** TRANSMISSION ENDS****
16-11-2003, 23:11
Encrypted messages from Field Marshall Seville:

To Field Commander Zaiker(who has been massing his forces on the Austrian border)

Field Commander Zaiker you are to take the entire 8th Army and push into Austria, your primary goals are to neutralize all Soveit Trasian tanks, and expel all hostile Infantry. When Johnston moves in from the west, he will push as far east as he can, your secondary goal is to effect a massive link-up so that we will be able to move unapposed through the country side. Johnston will capture and foritfy cities as you push further north.
Work with Air Marshall Pilato, he is authorized to give you wahtever CAS and fighter support you need.

Deployed Anti-Tank Aircraft assets placed under your control include:
[650] A-10 Thunderbolts
[2] A-14 Warthog
[20] A-4X Skyhawk II
[210] A-36B Mustang
[250] AH-1A1 Super Cobra
[5] AH-6/MH-6 Little Bird
[5] OH-6 Defender
[200] AH-64 Apache
[420] AH-64F Apache
[350] AH-64D Longbow
[4] RAH-66 Commanche
[4] AH-66B Commanche
These aircraft will be under your direct control for offensive actions.

Also assigned directly and fully to the support of the 8th army is the following airpower:

[7] AC-130U Spectre
[1] AC-130H Spooky
[1] MC-130 Combat Talon
[1] RT-1907 UCAV control center/carrier BWB QDCA w/
->[12] FU-29K Scorpion
->[6] RQ-1 Predator
->[2] RQ-2 GlobalHawk
->[5] UCAV-45
[1] Trojan Class Airborne Aircraft Carrier
->[8] A-4X Skyhawk
->[2] F/A-18E Super Hornet
->[5] F-27 Haste
->[2] F-31X Cyclone
[3] Hyperion Class Battle Airship
[2] MH-1A1 SuperHuey
[20] UH-60 Blackhawk
[1] EH-60
[2] MH-66 Trition
[30] A-4X Skyhawk
[100] F-31X Cyclone
You will of course require additonal air power, and all fighter cover and airstrikes you request will be directed to the Air Marshall. He is to grant all requests.
CMD Johnston already has his orders and is moving out, don't let him beat you to the capital!!!

To Air Marshall Pilato:
Commence SEAD sorties against Soviet Trasain targets. After which commence bombing raids on: Austrain and German cities, military installation and troop gorupings under Trasian control. Also commecne concurrent Air strikes, guided by our ground forces and SF which have already infiltrated the area.
As you send the bomber force of:
[80] B-2 Spirits
[10] B-1B Lancers
[100] B-52R Stratofortress
[10] MB-52I Megafortress
Escort them with:
[18] F/A-38 Mustang II
[20] F-27 Haste
[40] F-31X Cyclone
at least.
I expect multiple bombing runs of course.

To Captain Jackson(acting commander of screening group)
Commence tomahawk cruise missile bombardment, the R-500 Deathrain is to exhaust its ordance on this first strike of high-risk targets in Soviet Trasa. As for the other vessels distribute the target load evenly

To Rear Admiral Walters
You must form a new task force, take what you need from the docks at Venice and Palermo and if nessacary take from the other task forces under your control. You are to bring the fleet up the east coast and set up near venice, for bombardment of Austrian targets via the main guns of the Norad battleship and via tomahawk and hatchet cruise missile strikes. Time is short move quickly.
17-11-2003, 17:17
TO tyador

We are willing to hand of Austria, Look for the Thread The Austrian incident for our terms.

this is non-negociable.