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Sword and Sheild actions (WWIX Thread)

The Sword and Sheild
11-11-2003, 03:54
*The trees fell down quickly as a bulldozer with the Allied Eagle on it, rolled over the forests near the coast, around it many more bulldozers worked on with them. Men ran about with materials quikcly establishing a makeshift camp*

*Just within sight of the men on the beaches, the grey shapes of the Fleet Carrier Ark Royal and the King II class Battleship Hart floated in the cool waters of the Mediterranean. Although not seen from coast, they were escorted by a formidable force of cruisers and destroyers, though for the Allied Navy it was a relatively small force. They crept along, patrolling the coasts of the Balearic Islands as the Marines continued to build several bases on the islands.*

*The Carrier Battlegroup was the only one deployed to Iberian Command at Barcelona, the rest of the Navy had been recalled, then turned around, due in any day now. But Iberian Naval Command decided they could not wait for the rest of the Fleet to secure bases in the Mediterranean. With Barcelona giving them an optimal base on the Continent to launch Naval Forces, Command wanted another base that could more effectively choke convoys heading into the Mediterranean. At first, Algeria was chosen, but after careful debate, it was decided that if resources were spent building naval bases in Algeria, and another nation reached the Balearics, they could seriously threaten the link from Barcelona.*

*So the decision was made to secure the Balearic Islands first, the landings were swift, not many local forces resisting. Palmas and Evissa were both secured, and convoys began piling up supplies in their ports for construction and upkeep of what would be a large Naval Force. Each island had a garrison of some 12,000 Army Soldiers, and 2,000 Marines, but mostly they were unneeded, the exception being in San Francisco, where locals had rioted at the takeover, but the Army expected to secure the city within days.*

*With the Balearics now secure, Iberian Command turned it's attention towards land, and the already vulnerable position they held at Barcelona, allies would be needed. Representatives of the Allied States were sent to The Macabees with an offer of a Military Alliance, and further representatives were sent to all nations engaged, to get a feel for what nations might be counted on to accept an Alliance...*
11-11-2003, 04:45
OOC: Dang, everybody's choking off the Mediterranean... boy, do I need an Atlantic fleet base...
11-11-2003, 21:26
OOC: Dang, everybody's choking off the Mediterranean... boy, do I need an Atlantic fleet base...

Check your telegrams.
The Macabees
12-11-2003, 00:33
To: SnS Representative in Barcelona
From: Mac. Diplomat in Valencia

We would gladly accept a military alliance, as we are currently in operations to capture the Gibraltar and open the way to the Atlantic for our navy, we need a safe northern flank.
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 01:48
((OOC: Dammit! I thought I had posted my last post on here, I hate this computer. I had a rather lengthy post that I thought I posted about my newer movements in the Med., my comp said it could not find the webpage, but it does that a lot after I post, and it really did post it just like to screw with me and I hit re-load and it will double post. I had hoped this post would be about the fall of Tunis and Malta, oh well, it basically said the following ))

Allied Movements in the past week

The I Marine Division, supported by th Ark Royal battlegroup, made landings on the Balearic islands, quickly securing them and began establishing bases and converting several harbors for heavy Naval use. Soon following this, with the arrival of the major elements of the Allied Fleet that would be deployed in the area, the IV Marine Division began loading onto transports in Barcelona Harbor, and during this the II Army Corps (2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 2 Mechanized Inf. Division, 1 Motorized Recon Battalion) made it's push, mostly unopposed up the Iberian into the French proper, securing routes to and the city of Toulouse.

While the II Corps made it's push, the 2nd Transport Flotilla, escorted by the Arras Battlegroup, and the 3rd Naval Squadron, left Barcelona and pushed across the Northern Mediterranean to the French Coast. The IV Marine Division (On the Tr. flotilla) supported by the warship made an amphibious landing in and around Marseilles and quickly secured the city as elements of the II Army arrived from Toulouse, securing Allied control over that coastline from Barcelona-Toulouse-Marseilles. The only major city from Barcelona-Marseilles not controlled is Toulon.

Shortly after the European campaign was launched, on the Balearics the I Marine Division loaded itself onto transports, and under the cover of the Balearic Battlefleet, made it's way across a small strip of water, and landed in between Oran, and Algiers in Algeria. The I Marine Division secured Oran, and the IX Army Corps (2 Mech. Inf. Divisions, 2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Division) unloaded and raced into Algiers, securing the city.

Current Operations

The IV Marine Division has again loaded onto transports, and along with the Arras Battlegroup, and the 3rd Naval Squadron, along with elements from the Mediterranean Battlefleet, has sailed to Malta, and is currently making landings about 30 miles outside of Valetta.

The IX Army Corps has left Algiers following the arrival of roughly half the I Marine Division, and is pushing across North Africa, and at this moment is crossing the Tunisian border, with orders to secure Tunis, this is being supported by the newly arrived 3rd Air Force (1 Wing of Typhoon II Tac. Bombers, 2 Wings of F-22 Raptors, 1 Squadron of B-52 Stratofortresses), which can also support the Malta landings.
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 03:39
The IX Corps reached the Tunisian border as the night seized the sky, only to learn their march had been useless, Tunisia was under the control of another nation (Tahar Joblis as I understand), and the Corps had orders not to invade other nations. Although frustrated over this, elements of the 23rd Infantry and 1st Armored Divisions began to dig-in and establish bases along the SnS-Tunisian border, while the rest of the division turned about to establish bases at Algiers and Oran.

This freed up the I Marine Division for duty, and massing around 9,200 Marines at Algiers, the 3rd Transport Flotilla left the harbor with the Marines embarked (Around 60% of the I Marine Div.) and set course for Sardinia off the coast of Italy. From Palmas the 5th Naval Squadron left port to support the takeover of Sardinia by the I Marines, and the Arras was instructed to support the invasions of both Sardinia and Malta.

On Malta, the IV Marine division found the first real resistance of the expansion campaigns, the Maltese faced the IV Marine Division just off the beaches for the better part of 2 days. It was not until an entire brigade was loaded back up and landed on the Northern coast of Malta that resistance finally crumbled. Valetta fell the next day, following the capitols loss, most rebels lost the will to fight, and the island is considered secure. The IV Marines are remaining on station.
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 07:08
With Malta secure, major fighting for the Mediterranean forces of the SnS has come to a close. There remains some pockets of resistance on Sardinia, but they will be dealt with by the join SnS-Tyrador forces on the island.

However the need to expand for based that do not rely on the Suez canal or Straits of Gibraltar is needed. Two options remained open, one of them, to abandone all bases and move to Scotland, was out of the question. The next was to establish a line of supplies across Africa, it would require the seizure of the rest of Algeria and sections of Morocco, which was finally deemed acceptable considering the force allocation.

The Armies X Corps was split in two, 2 Divisions staying on the Iberian, while the other 3 were put on rail and planes and transported to Bilboa and on the Bay of Biscay coastline. From there, transports from Atlantic Command near Plymouth, England, picked these forces up and moved South.

With the Straits of Gibraltar blocked off, and the Suez unreasonable, no Naval forces could be dispatched from the huge squadrons in the Mediterranean, so a mock-up was made of Naval forces from Atlantic Command. This force linked up with the Transports off the coast of Portugal, and proceeded together South.

During this, elements of the IX Corps, specifically the 9th Motorized Division, were sent south from Algiers, striking across the Sahara for Southern Sahara. Ghardia, Beni Abbes, Tindouf were seized in Algeria by the 9th, while the forces from the X Corps landed on Tenerife, securing the Canary Islands, and two Divisions were put down in Western Sahara at El Aauin, quickly moving avross to Admire in Mauritania, and linking up with forces from the 9th Motorized that had been moving from Algiers.

Roads and railways are being repaired or upgraded at the moment to accomodate supplies for the Mediterranean Forces, and the X Corps is in the process of taking control of the rest of Mauritania, Western Sahara, and the rest of Algeria except for the Major mountains in the Ahaggar (The Southeastern part of Algeria).

The X Corps is currently spread out along the supply route from Beni Abbes to El Aaiun, with two Divisions moving into Mauritania. Although little resistance was offered when they moved through Algeria, and limited resistance in Western Sahara, the two cities of Atar in Mauritania, and Zug in Western Sahara have become the focus for local resistance.

The city of Nouackchott surrendered to the Cruiser Agammemnon when it reached the city, and a small garrison has been established. With the coasts secure, and most major cities, all efforts in Africa are focused on Atar and Zug, which have repulsed light pushes made by the X Corps two Mauritanian Divisions, currently the two are now rallying around the two cities, and they are expected to fall soon. However the locals resisting in the two cities are being offered full pardon, and even part of their own country. The Allied Government has sent representatives with the following terms.

To surrender Zug/Atar. Be disarmed for the moment, arms will be returned once you reach your final Destination. You will be transported by Allied trucks to the city of Tidjikja, which will become the new capitol of East Mauritania which will include Tidjikja, Akreiji, and Nema. Arms will be returned once you arrive, and the Allied Government will support East Mauritania improve it's infrastructure and stability, and once it is deemed necessary, the Allied Forces will leave West Mauritania at the end of major hostilities, and the two countries will be merged into one.

The 9th Motorized has returned to Algiers, though the going is slow as they were attacked at Agmar and some units had to be held back to pacify the city.
The Sword and Sheild
12-11-2003, 08:48
Although all West African forces are tied up in mopping up actions, the Allied States have made their intentions clear that they will occupy Sidi Ifni in Morocco as soon as Mauritania is stabilized. The occupation of Safi and Casablanca is also being proposed, however many admirals are pushing for the Seizure of the Cape Verde Islands.

Since no troops are being moved anywhere at the moment, it is not know which plan Allied Command has gone with, the Moroccan bases give them a closer port for supplies, and closer to CCC lands in case of war, but the Cape Verde Islands will give the Allied Navy a base to spot enemy fleets attempting to circumnavigate the hold the Allied Navy has on the Western Mediterranean.
The Sword and Sheild
13-11-2003, 02:20
The Allied Government has sent a communique to Exetonia, expressing their concern over his use of city-destroying weapons, especially on the cities of Paris, Lyon (Dangerously close to my cities), and Orleans. However Exetonia remains a critical ally as he controls Northern France, and is approaching the flanks of Kisnesia's armies in France.

Regarding Kisnesia, with our supply routes re-opened with our taking of West Africa, we are moving up three more Corps through our supply route to reinforce our positions in Southern France, and the Franco-Spanish border. Our Air Forces are almost completely deployed now, with the significant missing of the I Air Force, which is being held in reserve on the mainland for quick deployment to West Africa should the need arrive, or the III Air Force be destroyed. The majority of the Allied Engineering Corps is contructed lines of defense in Southern France and Northeastern Spain. An elastic defense line is being prepared along the French borders, and Spanish borders, while a static defense is being prepared around the three major cities.

In Mauritania, the city of Atar has accepted the terms, and the majority of the rebel combatants have begun to be transported to the newly established republic of East Mauritania. But Zug has refused, and the XXIV Division encircling the city has been repulsed in it's only attack. A brigade from Algiers has been sent, along with two from the Atar garrison, and an additional brigade from the Canary Islands. The Commander of the seige of Zug is Major General Rockwell, a competent commander during the Algierian Campaigns, and commanded a brigade during the Marseilles campaign, however he has not faced major oppisition until now.

The decision has been made and a light force of 4 destroyers, 2 cruisers, and a heavy cruiser has been sent with two brigades from the Canary's to secure the Cape Verde islands.
The Sword and Sheild
14-11-2003, 08:17
The Battle for Zug has cost the XXIV Division and it's reinforcements far more casualties then was ever intended for the entire campaign. Out of the nearly 36,000 Allied troops in the attack, 2,300 have been killed, and an additional 4,300 have been wounded. More damage was taken by the vehicles themselves, however the XXIV remains the main force in Central SnS Africa.

Meanwhile, while the XXVII Corps has been dispatched from Algeria to Spain to assist in the campaigns against IGH, the newly arrived XX Corps and I Corps have been deployed to Southern West Africa and Mauritania. Messages have been sent to allies not to land in Cameroon, as other forces have arrived there first, however the XX Corps has been dispatched to secure the following countries, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, and Ghana. The I Corps has been assigned to assaul across the Al Djouf Desert and into Mali, Niger and Burkina. Local resistance is expected to be light fter the Zug campaign, and the citizens of these countries are being gauranteed limited control from Barcelona.

At least two divisions from the XXIV Corps have been dispatched, via the naval forces at Nouakchatt, to the Gulf of Guinea, and are currently lnding in Gabon with the inention of capturing Gabon, Cabinda, and Congo. The rest of the X Corps has moved to Sidi Ifni in souther Morocco to act as a deterrent along with the IX Corps in Algeria to any actions by CCC.

The last reinforcement Corps that have been requested are beginning their long trek across the Atlantic towards Western Sahara and Mauritania. These forces are the V Corps (2 Infantry Divisions, 2 Motorized Infantry Divisions, 1 Mechanized Infantry Division), the XI Corps (1 Armored Division, 3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Motorized Division), the XV Corps (2 Motorized Divisions, 3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Brigade), and the XIX Division (2 Mechanized Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Motorized Division). These forces are to arrive within 2 RL days, the majority being deployed to Europe and Algeria.

These may not be the last Corps to be requisitioned from the Allied States, however the training and outfitting of new Corps is said to take some time, and no Homeland Corps can be detached, so this is the only Corps the Command can expect to recieve unless in dire circumstances.
The Sword and Sheild
14-11-2003, 08:54
General Army Deployment
To: Allied Command, Philadelphia
From: European/African Joint Command

(Not counting Corps sent to Madras)

5 Corps in Europe
5 Corps in North/West Africa

4 Corps on the way

14 Corps in total (Plus Marine Corps makes 15)

2nd Army (European Army)

II Corps (2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 2 Mechanized Inf. Division, 1 Motorized Recon Battalion) Participating in attack on IGH

XXVII Corps (1 Motorized Division (not participating in attack), 2 Mechanized Infantry Divisions, 2 Infantry Divisions (only one will participate in attack), 1 Armored Brigade) Participating in attack on IGH

IV Corps (1 Armored Division, 2 Mechanized Divisions, 2 Infantry Divisions) - Posted at Toulouse

III Corps (2 Armored Division, 2 Mechanized Divisions, 1 Heavy Infantry Division) - Posted at Marseilles

XII Corps (3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Motorized Division, 1 Mechanized Division) - Guarding Barcelona/Balearic Islands

4th Army (West African Army)

IX Corps (2 Mech. Inf. Divisions, 2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Division) - Posted in Northern Algeria/Tunisian Border

X Corps (2 Motorized Inf. Divisions, 1 Mechanized Division, 2 Infantry Divisions) - Posted in Western Sahara/Morocco/Mauritania

XX Corps (2 Mechanized Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 1 Motorized Division, 1 Infantry Division) - Securing countries on Northern Gulf of Guinea and those south of Mauritania

I Corps (2 Motorized Infantry Divisions, 2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Mechanized Division) - Securing Mali, Burkina and Niger

XXIV Corps (3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 1 Mechanized Division) - Guarding Southern Western Sahara and Mauritania, 1 Infantry and 1 Armor division securing Gabon and Congo.

Newly Arriving Corps (Yet to be deployed)

V Corps (2 Infantry Divisions, 2 Motorized Infantry Divisions, 1 Mechanized Infantry Division) - Arrival in 1 RL Day

XI Corps (1 Armored Division, 3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Motorized Division) - Arrival in 1 RL Day

XV Corps (2 Motorized Divisions, 3 Infantry Divisions, 1 Armored Brigade) - Arrival in 2 RL Days

XIX Corps (2 Mechanized Divisions, 1 Armored Division, 2 Infantry Divisions, 1 Motorized Division) - Arrival in 2 1/2 RL Days

Marine Corps

I Marine Division - Posted in Algiers and Oran
IV Marine Division - Defending Sardinia
VIII Marine Division - Posted in England
IX Marine Division - Awaiting Orders in Barcelona
XII Marine Division - Defending Malta
XX Marine Division - Awaiting orders in Barcelona

Attached Notes: These numbers are only the Corps in the field, the basic offensive unit. This does not list the numerous Brigade awaiting attachment and independent Divisions that are deployed in a defensive posture.

EDIT: This list will not be updated following the outbreak of war with TheFearful and Armacor, should Allies need the list, current, T-gram.
14-11-2003, 13:45
***Message from the Commander-In-Chief of TheFearful***

after hostile actions were taken against our first fleet by your country men, TheFearful declares a state of hostilities against the Sword and Sheild

enjoy your time in africa, bbecause you wont be there for much longer.

14-11-2003, 13:56
Armacor feels the current situation in North Africa is unacceptable, and to fix the problem is declaring war on you. We feel that your pressing into our allies territory, and having an alliance with a nation with obvious overbearing imperialistic tendencies (Macabees) is deleterious to our current situation.

ooc//this is timed to arrive exactly 43 seconds before the first shell crosses our combined border.
FYI i posted originally in my thread but have copied it here

Ajustment to previous deployment orders...
NAVFLT1, ASSGRP1, ASSGRP3, NAVFLT3 order to break off operations against macabee land forces and assist Armacor land forces in Algeria by bombarding Algiers (ooc/ from as far as possible from Gibraltar). Simultaniously land forces from GEC and SUB, with support from ATI and the 8th army group (ooc// unnamed as my brain has gone to mush after my exams) moved into algeria in a lightening strike on SnS.

this is:
8,192 M1A2 equivilent tanks
8,192 M1A2 equivilent tanks with Microwave Pulse Cannons instead of normal guns.
8,192 Bradley equivlents
4,096 Mk IV MLRS equivilent batteries
4,096 200mm Artillery Guns
4,096 LAV-AD Guns
245,760 Infantry
4,096 BlackHawks
4,096 Apaches

6 Nimitz Class Carriers (with Air support)
4 KittyHawk Class Carriers (with Air Support)
10 Razorback Class BattleCruisers
17/18 Ticonderoga Class Cruisers (1 sunk)
22 Arleigh Burke Destroyers
4 Spruance Destroyers
8 Los Angeles Class Subs
1/2 SeaWolf Class Subs
20 Tobler class Assault Ships
20 GateCrasher Class Transport Ships

5,120 A2000 EuroFighter Jets
5,120 F117 NightHawks
10,240 B2A Spirit Stealth Bombers
For Air Support.

ooc// i decided to actually do something :-)
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 01:13
***Message from the Commander-In-Chief of TheFearful***

after hostile actions were taken against our first fleet by your country men, TheFearful declares a state of hostilities against the Sword and Sheild

enjoy your time in africa, bbecause you wont be there for much longer.


....... I fired on your first fleet? It would be helpful to know where this was
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 01:20
To: SnS

Current event taking place in North Africa have prompted me to ask you to remove your forces from Spain marked for the advance to Madrid and to reinforce your perilous position in Africa.

Also I will be glad to reinforce your army there with the VI Panzergruppe, which will be renamed Panzergruppe Afrika under Generaloberst Erwin Rommel.

Here is the makeup of the Panzergruppe:

Two panzer divisions;
500 Pz. VIII's
250 Pz. VII's
250 Stug III AA's
250 Jagdtigers
250 Pz. VI's

20 Panzerheer Divisions;
400,000 men

Two assault divisions;
500 300mm Elefants
250 350mm Ferdinands
250 155mm Cusaders

One Rocket Division;
500 Panzerwerfers*

All we ask is that you provide the convoy, since we can only spare two cruisers to protect them on their voyage, the rest of the High Seas Fleet is operating off Gibraltar.

[signed]Emperor Finegold III

P.S. I will not let you fall!
*Panzerwerfer: A halftrack with a 10 tube rocket launcher on the rear firing 10 300mm rockets in under 8 seconds.
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 01:26
We have a small naval task force in the waters near your African territory.

Meanwhile, we have begun the mobilization of three regiments of Grass Shadows, one regiment of Ghost Shadows, and one regiment of Wet Shadows. Assisting them will be three destroyers will cruise missile launchers, two AEGIS ships, four long distance landing craft to transport them, and a large transport ship, retrofitted with landing space in order to carry and allow operation of two Souix gunships for support of the Special Ops teams.

After the issues with each of our former landing targets, we have left them in a supporting role in the event that you need to call their strength to a location. They will periodically required restocking of supplies from your territories, but I don't think this should be a problem. If you need their use, just contact me.
-General Irving Ramel
Minister of Law and Defense
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 01:27
OOC: As a heads up, are you allied with SnS or against?
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 01:28
OOC: I'm assuming your assaulting me from the direction of the Ahaggar Mountains


The Allied States can only stress had Armacor asked us to cease our offensives diplomatically, this conflict may have been avoided.

The XX Corps was told to cease it's offensive moves, and begin constructing defenses in Mali, abandoning any countries further east then that. The I Corps was ordered to make an immediate withdrawal to Algeria to join the defense of the coastline. The XXIV Corps was ordered to withdraw all forces that are assaulting Gabon and make a naval withdrawal back to Mali, to join the XX Corps.

Forward positions of the IX Corps were ordered to abandon the defense of southeast Algeria and fall back to prepared elastic defense lines in central Algeria, centered around El Galea and Beni Abbes, while it's two western divisions were ordered to cross into CCC Morroco following a decleration of war (Since your allied with him). The Air Forces in the area were ordered to remain on the defense, not bombarding further then forward striking Armacor forces.

The Navy finally able to use it's strength as ordered to block all passage past Malta, and destroy the Armarcor fleets supporting CCC. The newly arrived V and XI Corps are being deployed to reinforce the defense of Algeria and Mali respectively.

Naval Forces (Ones detached to deal with objectives, not entire Med. Fleet)
8 Ark Royal class Fleet Carriers (138 aircraft, 33 Rotary, 105 Fixed Wing)
19 Athena class Light Carriers (45 Aircraft, 12 Rotary, 33 Fixed Wing)
3 Excelsior class Battleships
9 King II class Battleships
11 King I class Battleships
16 Des Moines class Heavy Cruisers
15 Alaska class Heavy Cruisers
31 Ticonderoga class Cruisers (w/AEGIS)
9 Kirov class Missile Cruisers
41 Arleigh Burke class Destroyers (w/AEGIS)
37 Spruance class Destroyers
43 Gearing class Destroyers (Modernized)
48 Benham class Destroyers (Modernized)
44 OHP class Frigates
198 Fast Attack Combat Ships
38 FCS Ammo Ships
18 Oilers
42 FCS Supply Ships
14 Wasp class LHD's
5 Tarawa class LSD's
24 Los Angeles class Submarines
14 Virginia class Submarines
14 Sea Wolf class Submarines
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 01:29
OOC: As a heads up, are you allied with SnS or against?

The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 01:32
OOC: He is Allied

IC: With the Iberian Campaign going overly well, we will be withdrawing only one Corps from the operation, we expect the Marine force adn the remaining Corps and Mountain Division can take Bilboa without issue.

We will graciously accept your Army to reinforce our positions on the Ouargla-Mopti Line, and of course, they will be supplied by our convoys that are corssing the Med. and Atlantic, we will add another 48 Heavy Freighters, 83 Light Freighters to transport of supplies, and for escort and additional 1 Alaska class Cruiser, 2 Ticonderoga class Cruisers, 4 Arleigh Burke class Cruisers, 7 OHP class Frigates, and 4 Miaja class Escort Carriers (8 ASW Helicopters, 2 Fixed Wing aircraft).
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 01:35
Very well, they are ready to begin boarding their cargo ships and will rondevouz with your escort wherever you direct them to. The 2 Rommel class Battleships will also be going ( they have nothing else to do :lol: ).
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 01:35
We will relinquish them to your full control. If you need any other assistance, don't hesitate to ask.
-General Irving Ramel
Minister of Law and Defense
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 01:41
We will relinquish them to your full control. If you need any other assistance, don't hesitate to ask.
-General Irving Ramel
Minister of Law and Defense

From: Allied High Command

The Corps that was sent to the Bay of Bengal, and the naval force with it, have been placed under your command for it's usage in your Indian Campaign. The force has been bombarding Madras for the last few days, and the amphibious operation to take the city is ready to begin. We have more dire matters to attend to.
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 01:43
Understood. Thank you for your assistance.
-General Irving Ramel
Minister of Law and Defense

OOC: Mwahahaha...
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 01:47
African Command has sent frantic transmissions to the Homeland for immediate reinforcement, as the situatoin warrants. Dispatched from the Home Army (7 Corps) has been 3 Corps, due to arrive within the next 2 RL days. Training and outfitting of new forces is being hurried up and war taxation is being implemented. These new forces, factoring in the need for reinforcement of current forces, will be able to train at least 1 new Corps every 4-5 RL days. Or should the need arise, lesser trained forces with older equipment can pump out 2 Corps every 3-4 days, however this would only be implemented should Line H (Coded Line, not the Ouorgla-Mopti Line) be breached.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 02:16
With Spain firmly in our hands new horizons have openned. My empire is small as a bead and the war in North Africa gives me a chance to finally expand it over vast lands.

Therefore, Shield and Sword, I advocate the allocatement of Heeregruppe B and Heeresgruppe C as well as Panzergruppe Afrika to the border of Tahar Joblis and a full scale drive into the heart of his empire and then a subsequent invasion of Amacor.

Both enemies are large so allied units might be needed but I believe that we would be successful in our drives. In addition, even if we fail I can still scrape the barrel of reinforcements to hold positions already in your control and in the defense of whatever we have conquered after the operations.

What do you say?
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 02:25
***Encrypted Transmission from Barcelona-Valencia***
As enticing as it is, we must decline becuase of the already massive force to our South, TheFearful. If you could move any forces you intend for offensive action to Mali/Burkina, we could launch an offensive into Armacor Nigeria south into TheFearful's lands to the south.
16-11-2003, 02:28
ooc something Tells me Future tech isnt allowed, I have a smallish army [for my nations size] loaded with realistic Future tech and Genetic Engineering [which the basis of is actually existent today, yes we could make super soldiers right now whom are more then three times a strong and most importantly FAST as modern humans as well as smarter, and i have the health ratings to prove it!!!!] Plus we are on mars....
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 02:29
ooc something Tells me Future tech isnt allowed, I have a smallish army [for my nations size] loaded with realistic Future tech and Genetic Engineering [which the basis of is actually existent today, yes we could make super soldiers right now whom are more then three times a strong and most importantly FAST as modern humans as well as smarter, and i have the health ratings to prove it!!!!] Plus we are on mars....

The WWIX RP is exclusive to the people who signed up for it. Please abstain from posting in these threads.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 02:33
That could be possible although leaving Tahar Joblis to lick his wounds on your eastern border will just invite an offensive into your rear from his forces.

Also to merely launch an offensive south would leave the rest of Amacor's empire to counter attack at any given point from your common border, which is quite large.

I feel that the Fearful is not quite a direct threat since Amacor seperates you and the Fearful. The only possibility would be he moving through allied territory, namely Amacor's, which can be countered by a subsequent allied operation to the south to finish off Amacor down there. Then as Heeregruppe B drives east it can occopy the Med-Red Sea line with relatively ease and hold it just the same, while Heeregruppe C will continue southwards and link up with forces heading towards the Fearful.

With all of this said, I fear the front too large for only two Heeregruppe thus I will also land Heeregruppe A in your territory once an offensive begins (if one does) leaving behind a single Panzergruppe in the Gibraltar to finish off the fortress and fortify the peninsula.

If need be I can also raise Heeregruppe D to aid the already expanding front after the operation begins.

To earmark this Luftflotte I, II, III will also be sent to the Afrika front leaving behind Luftflotte IV, a makeshift luftflotte using reserves in Spain , to keep up the pressure in the Gibraltar.

My imperialism north to France will be satified with a lone swing by Panzergruppe Francia, just composed, to the German border occupying the last of France. Since most of the rest of France is allied I can barely forsee an attempt to cut off Macabean Francia.
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 02:42
***Encrypted Transmission from Barcelona-Valencia***

After Careful review of our positions, strength, projected strength and force buildup. And factoring in our Naval power in the Mediterranean, we believe we cannot fight a defensive war in North Africa forever, however you are correct in stating Armacor is the more immediate threat. So your plan has been green-lighted by 4th Army Command. All our Naval Power will assist your forces striking into Tunisia and Libya with the hoepful objective of gaining the Suez, we also have a large Marine force that can assault positions in the Gulf of Sidra to block routes of retreat for Armacor forces.

We can only commit these Marine forces, and at the most 1-2 Corps in this drive. But we will make light assaults on his forces in Algeria and Niger to force him to keep troops there, and our Naval Power in the Mediterranean stands to aid you with coastal Bombardment and Carrier support.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 02:59
OOC: Do I actually see the opening of a large side-war where the death toll can rise over the 2 million mark? Whoever succeeds, if a clear cut success developes, will no doubt gain mastery over North Africa and may cut my forces to threads, but I live for gambles.

The world will hold its breath!- Adolf Hitler, 1941

I'll also start a new thread once the attack begin with this post repeated.


Imperial Directive No. 7

Heeregruppes A,B and C along with Panzergruppe Afrika will soon arrive in North Africa for the upcoming operations. Soon enough Heeresgruppe D will also arrive. These future operations will witness the greatest concentration of Macabean power ever assembled and the greatest usage of economy. The art of total war will see here which is the greatest men and generals alike. This is not child's play, this is war on the gravent levels of carnage!

Thus I will outline the plan here...these operations are bred from the mind of the emperor himself, not tainted by the unwashed hands of the Imperial Staff.

Operation Mars

Heeregruppe B is to occupy a line roughly from Algiers to El Golea, while Heeregruppe C occupies a line from El Colea to Fort Flatters. Heeresgruppe A is to reinforce a defensive position from Fort Flatters to Djanet. Panzergruppe Afrika is to act as a reserve.

This operation will only take place against TJ for an attack on Amacor with such small forces will be suicide.

Heeregruppe A:

1. Provide cover for Heeregruppes B and C and do not allow Amacor to send a sickle from Libya into the rear of the Macabean forces.
2. Do not prompt Amacor to attack.

Heeregruppe B:

1. Attack towards Constantine, southwest of Tunis, breaking through the enemy lines. Then hook northeast towards Tunis creating a kessel (encirclement) around Tunis, thereby trapping TJ's northern armies in a steel grave.

2. Break into the kessel and eliminate it using artillery and aircraft. Be ruthless, destroy the enemy.

Heeregruppe C:

1. Attack towards Gadames cutting off Souther Tunisia and thus launching an operation into TJ owned Libya. A sickle cut south and then east should trap the majority of the enemy in a gigantic kessel.

2. Elimate the kessel ruthlessly.

Thus with the elimination of TJ from North Africa the real campaigns can begin.

Army Group D will soon be landing at Oran and will either go reinforce the attack into Tunisia or will march south preparing for the invasion of enemy controlled Mali.

[signed] Emperor Finegold III
16-11-2003, 03:24
The Navy finally able to use it's strength as ordered to block all passage past Malta, and destroy the Armarcor fleets supporting CCC. The newly arrived V and XI Corps are being deployed to reinforce the defense of Algeria and Mali respectively.

OOC: ...which would move your ships straight into the middle of the current main Mediterranean Fleet concentrations, incidentally after running straight through the current position of Armacor's main fleet, which I seem to recall he has moved to the general location of Algeria? You may want to go check my WWIX thread. I might further OOCly note I'm not exactly "licking my wounds" much at the moment, but perhaps your intel briefings did not closely reflect the degree of loss suffered by the NDOTJ during the war with IP... dang, that is a lot of ships you're throwing around. OK, enough OOC commentary.

With full offensive redeployment of potentially hostile naval elements towards the middle of Tahar Joblissan holdings, it was thought prudent to send a communique regarding the matter to SnS. Current deployments being very nearly optimal to engage SnS forces, tearly all orders issued in response to this potential crisis were cautions, alerts, and calls to action and/or readiness, rather than major redeployments.

Diplomatic Communique wired from Executive Commitee office to SnS Command Center:
It has come to our attention that you are beginning a massive movement of naval vessels into the Eastern Mediterranean towards our own and our holdings. We would ask that you clarify your intentions swiftly, turn them back towards the western half of the Mediterranean, in which we have left you in perfect peace, or be willing to face potentially severe consequences resulting from hostile activity on your part. We have previously lived in perfect peace with the Sword and Sheild, and - as you should be well aware - the Octopus is not an opponent to be grappled with lightly. We have, as you may have noticed, practiced perfectly friendly relations, and have thus far left you and your trusted allies, such as SAVX, alone.

We find it difficult to believe that your current war across Africa with Armacor requires you to move such force into our midst, when your land and air based capabilities easily enable you to carry out several fronts of warfare with Armacor; Armacor's holdings are strictly south of the Mediterranean. However, we do find the motion plausible with a two-pronged invasion of our close ally, the Tunisian Socialist Republic, which we must warn you would result in full scale war against you.

According to our intelligence, and as any citizen who reads the newspaper casually must be aware, the Sword and Sheild appears to be already engaged in a bitter war against two opposing empires, each twice their size; it hardly seems advisable for you to add a third such enemy to your worries, particularly a major global naval power such as Tahar Joblis. With such in mind, we look forward to your reply.

Sincerely, the Executive Commitee of Tahar Joblis.
16-11-2003, 03:26
Cyprus Central Command to TSR Central Command:

Ready the First and Fifth Armies. Invasion appears imminent.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 03:30
OOC: I just wanted to add a little spice with the "wound licking"...


To Tahar Joblis:

The Macabees have not ruled out diplomacy as a source of peace thus we would like to establish a formal armstice/alliance before this war turns into a bloody massacre for both of us.

This armstice would follow the following guidelines:

1. Mutual peace between SnS, TM, TJ; meaning that the common borders between you and Shield and Sword should be at all times safe from being overrun.

2. The immediate sieze of all naval operations concerning the destruction of my fleet.

3. A formal end between our belligerence and allowing the battle for the Gibraltar to finally end.

Please respond,

[signed]Emperor Finegold III
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 03:31
We advise the nation of SnS to avoid a conflict with Tahar Joblis at this time. We are mostly likely going to come into conflict with at least one of your main enemies, Fearful, as its forces seem to be invading India, and we probably only have the resources to effectively deal with one at a time. There is also no telling whether we may be forced to enter a conflict with Armacor soon as well, as their movement towards my territory is a worrisome thing. We do not feel that a conflict against TJ would be in any of our best interests at this time. Please reconsider.
-General Irving Ramel
Minister of Law and Defense
16-11-2003, 03:32
Are you kidding?Peace he made a direct threat to you and your allies in a number of threads. Put him in his place!
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 03:34
Are you kidding?Peace he made a direct threat to you and your allies in a number of threads. Put him in his place!

OOC: Putting him in his place is harder than you think... he's twice as old (nation wise) as me, thus a larger capability to scrape up more men. Even if I can destroy his armies in Tunisia I may face a counter attack from the sea or even him calling up Amacor to dislodge me. Hence, it is in both of our interests to sign a peace accord.
16-11-2003, 03:37
Well, if he has the power to crush you now what stops him from doing it later. Even if he signs this agreement, since he has large allies, he could go against his word.
Super American VX Man
16-11-2003, 03:39
The point is that if we can avoid it for now, all the better. The conflict is growing as it is. And if he goes against his word, then it wouldn't have mattered either way, so there's nothing to lose by attempting peace first.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 03:41
Well, if he has the power to crush you now what stops him from doing it later. Even if he signs this agreement, since he has large allies, he could go against his word.

If I can launch an attack on Amacor without having to initially fight on another front it may go for the best since it might not be in Tahar Joblis' best interest to declare war on SnS effectively thus cutting off his life span.

Even if does attack me, as I said in another post, I can still effectively cut him off from his eastern holding, thus Tunisia would be wrung dry before he could do anything effective with his armies.
16-11-2003, 03:46
Okay point taken
16-11-2003, 04:10
Ahem... I might mention that ICly speaking, I have yet to engage in overt military action against anybody except Isolationist People... something you appear to have forgotten, by and large, b/c you have the OOC information that I am indeed the submarine bogeyman of the Atlantic.

Please keep in mind the separation between IC and OOC knowledge, folks. It's good RP.

The Executive Commitee deliberated this apparent dramatic change in the public diplomatic position of the SMEL axis. In the end, an emergency session of the legslative houses was called for, with deliberations proceeding tensely.
The Sword and Sheild
16-11-2003, 04:54
OOC: I didn't mean that the Fleet I assigned was specifically going to Malta, I should have explained more clearly. The Fleet is to mainly operate off of Algeria, where Armacors Fleet is, the blocking of the Med. east of Malta is mainly to be done by the Fast Combat ships stationed at Malta, and the Air Forces stationed there, besides the squadron of ships I have at Venice, and the squadron at Cagliari, not many of my heavier ships will be going to the that area. And as for my huge number of ships I'm throwing around, it's becuase I am a Naval nation, I spend huge amounts of manpower and money on my Navy. While everyone else is defending and attacking with Armies, I'm doing it with Corps and Divisions, my entire Air Force is mostly obselescent craft (With one exception, being the Air Force on Europe, made of the best I have, and this is not counting my Naval Air Arm).


***Encrypted Transmission from Barcelona-Valencia***

We again judge it to be a bad idea to attack Tunisia, following diplomatic communications with other Allies, yourself, and Tahar Joblis, we believe an attack is unwise and will add an enemy we would much rather be friends with. Tahar Joblis has indeed never attacked Allied Forces, and has not directly threatened us, so we see no reason for war with TJ. Instead we believe an assault in Armacors flank is more wise. From Araouane in Mali, we can make an assault towards la Ouzzal and into the Ahaggar Mountains, which should force Armacor to abandone his campaign in Algeria and try to break through our forces to get back to his territory. From the Ahaggars we should be able to inflict heavy losses on him, then proceed with our offensive across Libya.

***End Transmission***

***Transmission to Tahar Jobliss***

We assure you the Allied States have no intention of attacking your mighty nation. As you know we are at war with the nation of Armacor, who holds lands very close to yours. We will respect your wanting to keep Tunisia safe from aggression, and your rightful waryness over our Naval Forces entering the Gulf of Sidra, so we will move those forces North to the Tyrrhenian Sea. Though as the fortunes of war change, it is likely those forces will again enter the Gulf of Sidra, but we assure you none of our ships will attack your shipping, or your protectorate of Tunisia, they will be strictly targeting our enemies, and will avoid fighting enemy ships off of the shores of Tunisia, with the exception of any fighting that occurs near Malta.
The Macabees
16-11-2003, 05:05
Revesion to Imperial Directive No. 7

The last directive number VII is now obsolete and no longer to be used. All heregruppe are to march south.

Heeregruppe A:

Occupational Line >> Araouane to El Quig

Heeregruppe B:

Occupational Line >> El Quig to Bidon 5

Heeresgruppe C:

Occupational Line >> As support for the main effort carried out by HG A.

Panzergruppe Afrika:

Occupational Line >> Bidon 5 to Bordj Quallen

Thus we have effectively covered some 600km with about 8 million soldiers, including some 100,000 artillery pieces. Operation Mars and its discription will arrive in Directive No. 8.

[signed]Emperor Finegold III
16-11-2003, 19:28
The Tahar Joblissan legislative body continued deliberations on recent overtures of peace from the SMEL axis as a matter of long term significance; however, the Executive Commitee has issued a temporary executive order publicly to the armed forces regarding the matter.

For the time being, the TSR having been declared not a target in diplomatic negotiations, Tahar Joblissan and TSR combined armed forces shall not take the offensive in the war embroiling the rest of Africa. Tahar Joblissan forces are to maintain their current non-hostile but prepared status with regard to forces and territories controlled by the axis of SMEL.

Communique to SnS:
All due consideration is being given in the legislature to the possibility of a a lasting peace with defined terms between the Sword and Sheild and the close allies of Tahar Joblis and the Tunisian Socialist Republic. In the mean time, we can proffer only the reassurances of an executive armistice and the natural continuation of previous peaceful relations between our nations. We must caution that overeager action by your allies, who may not be as familiar with the border the Sword and Sheild shares with the Tunisian Socialist Republic.

Communique to TM:
We are pleased at your offer for a ready truce, but are confused at the belligerent tones of the terms you proffer us. We readily are prepared to accept and support a continued peace between the Tunisian Socialist Republic and the Macabees; we currently are not at war with your alliance, and would be most pleased to see this state continue. For the time being, Tunisian Socialist Republic forces and Tahar Joblissan forces stationed in the Tunisian Socialist Republic have no reason to leave and have been issued a temporary executive stay to remain within the Tunisian Socialist Republic.

Strategic Commitee on Current Military Affairs, Excerpt from Classified Analysis Report 30040292 given to the Executive Commitee:

It seems dubious that the SMEL axis ultimately intends to leave us and the TSR alone, particularly as in order to attack the northeastern African holdings of Armacor, they must either pass through the TSR, trek through some of the most barren regions in the middle of the Sahara Desert, or carry out amphibious or paratrooper landings, which would be difficult to achieve with sufficient numbers to take holdings so close to Armacor's center of operations, given the intimate geography of the situation.

However, we do not find it particularly likely that the SMEL axis will prove capable of conquering the entirety of Africa - even the entirety of Africa north of the equator seems unlikely unless they should achieve a separate peace with TheFearful.

We recommend continued reinforcement and development of the TSR in this situation; much like the USSR's peace with Nazi Germany, it seems likely that this proffered peace will disappear into the wind as soon as they have bought enough time with us not attacking them. Unlike the USSR, we should be ready for the betrayal when it comes. We recommend, furthermore, that submarine captains be reminded that "targets of opportunity" does not include, at this point in time, SnS or Macabean vessels. No changes in general operating orders for the Atlantic Fleet seem at this time required; specific directives should continue to be issued in secret for specific missions.
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 04:23
***Diplomatic Transmission to Tahar Joblis, and the Tunisian Socialist Republic, in the open for Armacor and The Fearful to hear***

We as well want nothing but peace to continue in North Africa (Between our two nations), as you may well know, we were not given any diplomatic means to escape this current conflict, and given the numbers against us, we are beginning to look into any and all possibilities to be victorious in this war for Africa. We only hope to force the imperialist nations of Armacor and Fearful to retreat from our lands, and to make a peace, a white peace is even preferable for us.

Had either nations contacted us and asked us to back away from Gabon or our push towards Armacor lands in Central Africa, we would have simply created a buffer zone of nuetral nations and left the continent at peace, however these nations saw an opportunity to claim even more lands, and even better to make it appear as if their enemies were the aggressor. We stress we are not the aggressors in this war, our drives in Africa were simply to keep some lands from falling under the heel of these states. We have no delusions of power, of unopposed control of Africa, our stand is to ensure there is no unopposed control by any nation, we respect the soveriegnty of the Tunisian Socialist Republic, and will never move forces into these lands in anger, unless so provoked by that nation.
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 06:17
OOC: Armacor attacked from the directon of the Ahaggar mountains, I had only light forces there, so I fell back from In Salan and In Ziza to my Ourgla-Mopti line. That's what happened in Algeria, it wasn't really that much of a fallback, I just needed to bring more forces into line.

Southern West Africa was different though, I had a lot of forces marching through Benin and Burkina, including forces in Gabon. I didn't feel I could hold those countries, so I withdrew from Gabon (I didn't actually know it was TheFearful's territory), and from Burkine and Ghana, to my line from Algeria (The Ourgla-Mopti Line). So basically my defensive line rns along the Congo river through Mali until it reaches Gao, then it goes noth to El Guettara, north through Reggane, and finally to Ouargla and Touggour, anchoring on th Tunisian border. Of course, my line doesn't striclty follow the Congo, it breaks away at Bamako, and goes south to Abidjan (In Cote D'Ivoire).

EDIT: This was posted in response to a CCC post made here, but it seems he deleted it
17-11-2003, 06:19
so, an overview please... what did you do in north africa?
as i understand it, the shells started to land and you fell back (where to tho?)

*Armacor High Command*
Progress appears good Sir, we appear to be pushing them back into algeria, towards the sea. However they appear to have extended the border down to the Ivory Coast.

Very Well, send in AG's 9 - 14 (ooc/ these are Catagory B armies (ie same as CatA but no patriots, instead they have the older Viking model for Anti Air Protection (assume Avenger)))

(ooc//this will bring my forces up to 102,400 Armored Vehicles, of one type or another, 614,400 Infantry, 20,480 Choppers (Half BlackHawks, Half Apaches) and about 60K combat effective Aircraft, as in the divisons on page 1)

(ok you cant be logged in as two nations at once it seems... CCC has gone back to studying, NOW I HAVE HIS COMPUTER MUHWAHAHAHA :-))
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:12
OOC: I have an in-house rule that I keep, if I maintain my nation at a war footing for more then 45 RL days, this is to reflect the fact that maintaining a wartime army is hugely expensive, and draining on the public. But since this war is limited to the world we are in, I'll change what I had planned to happen to things relevant to this war.


The populace of the Sword and Sheild mainland had been wary of another long and devestating war, sending many of their sons and daughters off to fight in faraway lands, with many destined to never return. Wartime taxation had been rising and falling, but remaining since a War time footing was declared.

The early victories in Algeria, France, and west Africa had done something to alleviate the war wearyness at home, and growing alliances reassured the people that the nation would hold it's own, but Imperialism had never suited the SnS people. But now the war with Armacor and TheFearful had sharply divided the people, many believed they should withdraw from Africa and simply defend themselves in Europe and use their Navy to keep them away from Europe, after all, their land borders in Europe were all friendly. Another group believed there was no excuse for victory, they could not retreat from Africa, it would show weakness, even if the last soldier died, their holding must be defended.

As these groups, and many more, hotly debated, and protested in the streets of Philadelphia, Corregidor, and every other major city, the military continued the fight in Africa, one thing becoming brutally clear to them. If any major European city fell, or Algiers fell, the majority of the populace would be against a continued war, and the military, in it;s role subservient to the Politicians, would be ordered to leave, this pushed them to divert some resources from other places to contruct a heavy defensive line in the Atlag Mountains of northern Algeria, the city Algiers itself would recieve hugely expanded coastal and landward fortifications, along with perhaps a stronger garrison.
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:18
OOC: many many vehicles but little amount of men.. hehe might be time for me to start my operation..


From: Valencia
To: Algiers High Command SnS

I believe it is time to begin Operation Mars the invasion of Amacor's Africa. Directive No.8 will be given out as soon as you give us the nod.
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:22
***Transmission from 4th Army Command, Algiers, to Valencia***

Naval Forces are beginning to move from the Tyrrenhian Sea south to the Gulf of Sidra to attack Armacor forces there. Operation Mars has the go ahead, as soon as it begins, the Naval forces in and around the Balearics operating against the Armacor forces there (I would imagine I have a distinct advantage at least here, as I control the Balearics, Algeria, and Northern/South Spain, and superior Naval forces.) and blockade TheFearful forces in Morocco, cutting them off from supplies they will be unable to do anything but starve.
17-11-2003, 07:23
Revesion to Imperial Directive No. 7
Occupational Line >> Araouane to El Quig
Occupational Line >> El Quig to Bidon 5
Occupational Line >> Bidon 5 to Bordj Quallen

ok... where are these cities? i cant see them on my general map, and i cant be bothered looking for my detailed map again :-)
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:26
I can see some of those cities, however it would be a bit better if you could use cities named on a general global map, to avoid confusion.
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:28
Revesion to Imperial Directive No. 7
Occupational Line >> Araouane to El Quig
Occupational Line >> El Quig to Bidon 5
Occupational Line >> Bidon 5 to Bordj Quallen

ok... where are these cities? i cant see them on my general map, and i cant be bothered looking for my detailed map again :-)

So you force me to pull out the map! Just joking... :lol:

Well you see I'm using a map dated somewhere in well

Aroune is in the center of French West Africa (yea very helpful huh) which is south of the El DJouf Basin (a little south of Algeria)... El Quig is about 300km to the east of Araouane. Bidon 5 is in southern Algeria, south of In Zize. Bordj Quallen is about 75km north of Bordj Quallen.

I underestimated the length of my line, its really about 800km long.
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:34
Imperial Directive No.8

Heeregruppe A is to attack south, along with Heeregruppe B, through Bou Djebeha (30km south of Araouane) and then all the way to Leo (about 600km from Accra in the old Gold Coast). Heeregruppe C will then arc south to take Accra therefore securing Heeregruppe B's flank which will attack directly east from Accra to Sokoto (northwest Nigeria).

Heeresgruppes A and C will then continue to his southern Nigeria taking the capital at Lagos. A, B and C will then hook up in Nigeria as Panzergruppe Afrika secure the northern flank by advacing to a line roughtly from Zinder to Agades.

We expect that other units to the north will keep the far northern part free from incursion. Although an attack at that point (some 1,000 km from my position south) would not be harmful it could eventually force us to pull armies from the south. That's something we don't want to do.

The 100,000 artillery pieces are too begin pounding the front at 0500 tomorrow (NS time). An offensive will result exactly 30 minutes after the artillery call and the artillery will continue in support while self propelled guns (the assault divisions) will provide close artillery support.

Luftflottes I, II, and III will support each Heeregruppe (I with A, II with B and III with C).

[signed]Finegold III, Manstein, Leeb, Bock, Kleist

OOC: For a discription of the heeregruppe and the luftflottes check out the CCC thread...I can post again here or I can make a seperate thread..whatever you prefer...
17-11-2003, 07:38
pls check new map :-) (for my accuracy)
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:40
pls check new map :-) (for my accuracy)

I believe it is all correct although I cant see that defensive line.
17-11-2003, 07:42
ok also can you please explain how you can deploy 100,000 artillery pieces here (i have 200k total) (im not critisising you, i just want to find mine)
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:46
ok also can you please explain how you can deploy 100,000 artillery pieces here (i have 200k total) (im not critisising you, i just want to find mine)

Quite easiliy. Artillery is the easiest preducable and easiest manable machine in the military. The Soviets had 60,000 in the Berlin front alone, and another 100,000 in Pomerania and south of Germany.

Being in total war I see it as my responsibility to equip my military with the most I can. Also I haven't given much priority to my navy (as I only have 6 carriers, while others have up to 50). I also dont have as many armored vehicles as you (I dont know for sure but about 30,000 tanks and the same number of self propelled assault guns).
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:46
He may also be countring my artillery, and possibly Naval artillery
17-11-2003, 07:47
oh yeh... damn...
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:48
He may also be countring my artillery, and possibly Naval artillery

Actually not..but hell, now my eyes see bright colors of hope! :lol:
17-11-2003, 07:48
ok also can you please explain how you can deploy 100,000 artillery pieces here (i have 200k total) (im not critisising you, i just want to find mine)

OOC: And modern shell-based artillery does only range to about 30 miles or so, y'know? And if it isn't mounted on a mobile armored chassis... it's also known as an "EASY TARGET" for counterbattery fire, air strikes... and not that mobile on the field in an emergency, for that matter.

Tahar Joblissan protesters across the country waved signs stating, among numerous other things:

"End the War in Africa, now!"
"Give me my boomstick!"
"Down with Monarchy!"
"Gengeneered Seaweed is a Government Conspiracy! Don't eat it!"
"Liberate France!"

TJGA forces in the formerly Algerian portion of the TSR have continued to shuffle nervously around the country, watching major battles preparing to take place outside their doorstep.
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:49
OOC: And modern shell-based artillery does only range to about 30 miles or so, y'know?

Actually the 155mm howitzer if supported has a range of 40 to 50km..mine being way larger have a range of about 50km.
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:49
I posted a comment about the defensive line in the map thread.
17-11-2003, 07:50
ooc// fair point i have around 200k tanks and stuff... it was more i just went oh shit.... you deployed (on your own) the same number of Artillery guns as i have all Armor (Heavy, light, artillery, anti air)
17-11-2003, 07:52
OOC: And modern shell-based artillery does only range to about 30 miles or so, y'know?

Actually the 155mm howitzer if supported has a range of 40 to 50km..mine being way larger have a range of about 50km.

OOC: 50 km is ... *drumroll about 30 miles. :roll:
The Sword and Sheild
17-11-2003, 07:52
*The Allied States have sent diplomatic representatives to Tahar Joblis and the Tunisian Socialist Republic, there duty is to represent the Allied States, in particular to respond to the crowds that shout against our cause. We first must address, we are not a Monarchy (though I think you are referring to The Macabees), we are in fact a Republic. Secondly, as before, we do not want to continue this war, if Armacor of TheFearful would simply sign an agreement to return to the previous borders (Basically the current ones, except Southern Algeria and eastern Mali returned to me) we would sign it immediately, we are not the aggressors.*
The Macabees
17-11-2003, 07:52
OOC: TJ slap me please! :oops:
The Macabees
18-11-2003, 02:21
It was 0400 and the morning was desert cold. The clicks of doors shutting could be heard on the entire 800km front and then a gigantic boom filled the air as 100,000 artillery guns fired cohesively 10km into the distance. Then the guns were raised and as the minute was finishing another volley was fired 15km away. For the entire hour the guns augmented 5km until reaching 50km distance and then began to roll at 10km again.

At 0500 Heeregruppe C striked south towards its destination while it was supported at the rear by Heeregruppe A which then broke through on its side. Heeresgruppe B also set out as did Panzergruppe Afrika.

The largest invasion force in Macabean history was prepared to set out agaisnt the largest opponent in her history.
18-11-2003, 03:16
ooc// at me right?
good :-)

Sir, Macabees is firing artillery at us, stepwise....

*10 min later*

It looks like a one minute interval then a 5 k range change....

Very well, hold at current positions. Wait for artillery to start dropping in the band in front of us. Hold for a further 50 seconds. At that time accelerate into the firing line. When through the line continue moving for the Macabee positions. Hopefully we can get there before they cycle to the start again. And Fire a salvo from the Mk 4 MLRS at those artillery guns. (10K guns, 12 rounds each)

ooc/ i need to know what type of shells you are firing (ooc of course)
if ground burst then 2-3% infantry die, with 400- 500 tanks.
if airburst then less die now but more later (only effects troops who are fighting, not troops who are moving), so 100-200 armored vehicles.
The Macabees
18-11-2003, 04:48
OOC: Ground burst... I wasn't aware air burst was currenly in use...time to make some changes after the war...

Forget the part about the move out at 0500 hours...I'll RP that later..I RP'd this badly not allowing you to respond in the first hour..sorry about that.
The Macabees
18-11-2003, 05:01
It was 0410 hours and the cycle began anew starting at 10km. The clicks of doors shutting and the scrape of 300mm, 350mm and 400mm shells being pushed into their slots could be heard for all of the 800km. Again another blast at 0410 and the clicks again were heard and then a boom at 0410 this time 15km from the front. Hell was being unleashed.

Up ahead at 0410 hours Luftlotte I began to operate over HG A and C, Luftflotte II over HG B and Luftflotte III over Panzergruppe Afrika. LF I's 2,100 SS-101's (modern dive bombers...rarely show bellies..sort of a mix between the Warthog and the Stuka..faster with more potential), protected by 2,100 fighters and aided by 2,000 B-52's (2,000 others were sent to Luftflotte II and 1,000 to LF III)... hell indeed.
The Sword and Sheild
18-11-2003, 05:16
*On the deck of the ANS Ark Royal TBD-26 Typhoon II Tactical Bombers streaked off the main and angled decks. The Typhoon II's, along with their accompanying F-26 SeaWasps (Dive Bombers, Modern) and F-24 SeaRaptors (Air Superiority) were launching from the 3 [/i]Ark Royal[/i] class Fleet Carriers, and 4 Athena class Light Carriers currently part of the 2nd Battlefleet, stationed in the Ionian Sea (These carriers are part of the Naval force I posted earlier). The total amount of planes on this sortie was quite large, around 150 TBD-26 Typhoon II's, 140 F-26 SeaWasps, and 130 F-24 SeaRaptors. The planes flew across the Gulf of Sidra, and into Libya, pounding Armacor forces near the coastal cities of Ben Ghazi, Surt, Al Uqaylah, and Tripoli. Further North, in the port of Cagliari, at least 4 Marine Divisions were being loaded onto transports, there destination unknown.*

*A Similar force of Aircraft Carriers (Though different escorts, and minus one Ark Royal class Fleet Carrier) is operating just inside the Gulf of Guinea, attacking Armacor forces in Niger and Burkina to support the allied Advance. On land, the limited Allied Army Corps were firing into the desert with what heavy ordinance and weapons they had (A lot of my artillery is 90MM, 105MM, and 120MM), including a substantial number of MLRS Mk.III Systems (2,300, stationed at different points). The heavier Howitzers and Field Cannons fired their ground burst rounds at the Armacor lines, supporting the larger Macabean Artillery attack, along with the AML Mk. II Towed Rocket Artillery (My own system, cheaper, slightly more accurate Nebelwerfer, of course enlarged) fired their 12 round bursts at Armacor Forces (The Rockets will explode at a pre-determined height, generally 20-10 Meters, spreading deadly amounts of shrapnel).*
18-11-2003, 08:00
as the tanks waited, they could see the explosions getting closer. All too quickly they were falling in front of them... Then the 50 second bell sounded and the line gunned its engines. 40,000 Tanks, with 20,000 Bradleys and 15,000 Air Defense Vehicles (5000 remain with the Artillery) charged forwards at speeds between 90 and 130 KpH. For 30 seconds the terrifying rain of steel fell, tanks died, but most survived. Then it was on at full speed towards the Macabee positions. It was going to take them 25 minutes to get to the Macabee positions, and safety from the artillery. However counter battery fire had already started (ooc// the night before actually, about when my DoW arrived). The artillery was taking some hits, but only for 1 minute in every 10. Men Died, Vehicles exploded... but the rest kept firing - they knew it would be the only thing keeping their comrades alive. At 1.5 the maximum range of the tanks, the circling B2A Stealth Bombers opened their bay doors (becoming temporary targets) and released the salvos of cruise missiles and gravity bombs. These had homing devices, designed to track in on the command frequencies of the enemy tanks, decapitating the leadership of the enemy front. Within 45 seconds all the bombs had been released and the bay doors were closed, making the remaining (if you hit any) stealth bombers hidden again. The tanks crested the last sand dune, having survived 3 hellish volleys of artillery to get here they had lost over 2000 tanks and 4000 bradleys, but the enemy were in range. As expected there were explosions going off in their ranks, from the aircraft - the plan had at least gone off on time. The first mass volley from the tanks boomed as one, 38,000 tank shells streaked accross the intervening gap.

** Your Turn ** :-)

ooc// FYI counter battery fire involves a Millimeter band radar, that tracks incoming rounds and fires a salvo in return at the launch site. This can be launched from the vehicle that will soon be destroyed by the incoming round.

The stealth bombers go from a radar cross section of a sparrow to that of a 747. So its hard to miss it, if you can get a shot off soon enough to get there before the doors shut. I will assume at least 3, without even knowing how observant your radar operators are.
18-11-2003, 08:09
Ref the SnS stuff:

All of the F22A's and 2/3 of the F117's detailed to protect the stealth bombers had to be diverted to protect other critical installations from the enemy bombing force. Tripoli was protected soley by the 4 Naval Fleets in its harbour, but even with 10 carrier's worth of aircraft up the enemy managed to sink a pair of cruisers. The rest of the Air Defense was spread out accross the border to prevent any enemy aircraft getting in, or at least to stop them getting out if they did. The defense of the suez, and the front in algeria, was left to Anti Air forces attached to units there (ooc// somewhere in the vicinity of 200,000 in my starting area, i advise you military advisors would know this and not bother sending anything there) The Algerian front was defended by 5000 Anti Air Guns, mixed into the artillery there (with 1/3 of the F117's)
The Sword and Sheild
18-11-2003, 08:22
*General Wadezee paced back and forth in his command tent. The maps plastered over the tables showed advancing Allied forces, and counter-advancing Armacor forces, along with respective lines. It appeared the counter-attack was directed at The Macabees sections of the line, something he detested, the Federal Army had much more direct fire and shorter range artillery then it had long-range, and now they were forced to use long range to support the Macabees.*

*He didn't know what to do, he hadn't seen the Macabean Army fight before, and he hadn't been on the IGH campaign, but he could only hope these units were as good. The Armacor Air Forces had done some moderate damage to his positions, nothign too major that he would have to draw his lines back, but he was placing more and more units near the Macabean section of the lines, in the odd occurence that front collapsed.*

*Artillery was now given limited time to fire, luckily most Federal artillery was light and could be redeployed quickly, but that counter-artillery radar systems Armacor had in place meant firebases were impractical, lacking the equipment necessary for it. The Assault Guns of the Mechanized and Armored Divisions were very apt for this, but the General was wary to bring them to firing positions, fearing an Armacor attack might cost him his best artillery.*

*The fighters the Federal Air Force had in the area were mostly flying air superiority missions, though not many advanced fighters were available. The Naval Air fighters and bombers were farther to his south, or to his north, whatever damage they did was not direct enough for him. His AA soldiers and equipment had only just come into line, and they had not been prepared for the Stealth attack, much fire was put up but they estimated at the most only 2 B-2's were destroyed. However they believed several other planes had been brought down. The AA was being re-deployed based on the last attack, and the larger equipment finally being deployed, the Federal Army would be better prepared for the next Aerial attack. Now if only he could get the damn reports from the Macabean Army.*
The Sword and Sheild
18-11-2003, 08:23
OOC: Aren't F-117's though called fighters, really bombers? I've never heard of an F-117 being loaded with ATA missiles, aren't they tactical Bombers?
18-11-2003, 08:46
fighter/bomber - can be either (prefers to be a fighter)
18-11-2003, 08:48
i will wait for macabees before posting any more here (ic combat posts i mean)
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 02:17
OOC: Im guessing your firing against SAM batteries, entrenched soldiers and tanks because you couldn't get to my artillery before you reached my main lines.


"SIR, they're starting a counter attack!"

"Lower the artillery guns to 30 degrees! I want those tanks on fire!"

The artillery was lowered and instead of saturation bombing front line artillery spotters directed shells towards the incoming men and tanks. It was a bloodfest.

But for the artillery, behind the lines, was also receiving its hell at some parts. Cruise missiles and bombs destroyed about 400 artillery guns, which could not be replaced for another 2 hours. Luckily most bombs fell infront or behind, cutting losses.

The 2,100 SS-102's (already circling before hand) started to engage the enemy fighter/bombers with rigor and zeal, the Macabee way. Then with this coverage the 2,100 SS-101's (better divebombers) and the 2,000 B-52's began to bomb and strafe enemy lines.

In the front lines the massive incoming of enemy shells on Heeregruppe A and C (some 5,000,000 troops with 24,000 tanks) ravaged the trenches. Some 4,000 men were killed on impact, thousands others wounded. 132 different tanks were destroyed as well as 13 assault guns (self propelled artillery/anti tank) but then the entire force began to fire back with 300mm Anti-tank PAK, the Jagdtigers (anti tank 135mm self propelled) and all the other armor.

Over 130,000 shells were flying into enemy lines.

To the east Heeregruppe B launched Panzergruppe III (6,000 tanks, 6,000 assault guns, 400,000 Armored Infantry [panzerheer]) to hit the enemy counter attack straight in the rear. It would arch south and then hit Amacor's forces in the rear, destroying much of the enemy artillery and hopefully killing a great deal of the counter attack enemy forces.
19-11-2003, 02:26
ooc// ok, what about the aircraft bombs?, and the artillery is firing at extreme range (with computer and radar assistance) at your artillery (thats what counter battery fire is). The bombs were hitting command vehicles and bunkers (unless they werent using any radios for the preceeding 30 minutes.)

Also dont forget the next 15 AG's have arrived in the rear lines and are forming up for a second charge...

38000 tank guns fired at your front line

(this is an overview of stuff from the previous page, and possibly other threads)
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 02:55
ooc// ok, what about the aircraft bombs?, and the artillery is firing at extreme range (with computer and radar assistance) at your artillery (thats what counter battery fire is). The bombs were hitting command vehicles and bunkers (unless they werent using any radios for the preceeding 30 minutes.)

Also dont forget the next 15 AG's have arrived in the rear lines and are forming up for a second charge...

38000 tank guns fired at your front line

(this is an overview of stuff from the previous page, and possibly other threads)

>>I RP'd that many of your bombs hit behind and in front of the artillery thus only 400 destroyed..if you want raise that figure to 1,200 since your counter artillery fire.

>>It's really hard for tank shells to kill many men if they're in fully built trenches and fox holes and if my tanks are entrenched also, as well as the artillery.

>>Note I still had an hour after my artillery began to fire to prepare for the offensive, you struck way before that hour was up, thus I wouldn't take my troops out.

>>Another panzergruppe was has gone to your rear by the way, but I haven't RP'd there attack. I guess they'll have to work through your forming AG's also before hitting your front lines. These guys are going pretty deep.

>>You didn't RP aircraft losses due to my fighters or land losses due to my bombers and dive bombers.
19-11-2003, 03:04
ooc//ok... i just wanted to check you had everything covered...
i fully accept points 1-4, for point 5 i was waiting till you were online... basically how many aircraft are bombing the lines, how good are they at anti air evasion, how many fighters are there and how good are they at picking up stealth.

or should we just assume that the huge numbers of AA from the ground, and all the fighters just means that there are some casulties to both sides, and no-one has any control over the skies?
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 03:13
OOC: I would say we still havent gotten full control of the sky, either one of us.

In your counter attack sector (HG's A and C) I have Luftflotte I with 2,000 B-52's (dont know evasion capacities), 2,100 SS-101's (dive bombers... go during the wake of the B-52's which bomb anti air sites as first priority) and 2,100 SS-102's (air supiority... outclasses the F-18... really good evasion, top rate pilots)...

Luftflotte II in front of HGB I have the same as above... Luftflotte III, in front of Panzergruppe Afrika, way out the battle, facing to your east, has 1,000 B-52's, 2,000 SS-102's and 500 SS-101's.

1/5 of all my armored divisions, or 125 of each, are the Stug III Ausf. B SAM. I also have thousands of fixed SAM sites which are easily moved by being towed on trucks and railroads and such.
19-11-2003, 03:29
ooc// oh... i feel a little sorry...

mixed with my artillery there is 1000 patriot batteries, with 4000 Avenger type batteries as well.. in the charging line there is 6000 patriots and 9000 Avengers. The new army has 30000 Avengers.

so i think (would like an external mod if there is one around) that i have better bombers (B2A), but your fighters are at least as good as mine (F117), so most of your bombers would be shot down... as would mine if they tried to release the bombs... so call it 87 downed so far (ack there goes 200B dollars) with the rest mostly escaping (i shouldnt have sent so many fighters north)

get those fighters back immidately - we need them here, i just lost over 80 B2A's...
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 03:33
A barrage was released upon the B-52's destroying 48 as soon as they entered the space. The rest attempted to turn around with most doing so... but another 93 were shot down. The fighters, quicker were able to turn as well as the dive bombers who sufferend 9 shot down.

It was now agreed upon that fighters would be used for behind the line defense and a step up on anti air equipment, including the chaning of 5,000 Patriot missiles from the north into the Afrikan theater. The Kriegsmarine would ship yet another 15,000 mixed missiles to Spain and 10,000 mixed anti air missiles to the Afrikan theater.
19-11-2003, 03:45
The enemy line roared in response to the Armacor salvo, killing another 3500 tanks and bradleys. But the line did not crumple. They charged on, getting into the enemy lines. Once there the bradleys disgorged infantry to engage the enemy forces. The tanks fired as targets appeared, thanks to the new IVIS systems (intervehiclecommunicationsystem), almost never getting blue hits., but they still charged ahead - leaving 20,000 tanks to assist the infantry the remainder, now only 14,500 tanks, continued to move on the artillery positions.

**your turn** :-)
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 04:02
[i]The enemy flooded the first trench. Infantry men threw grenades or fired their panzerfaust and were cut down. Small arms weapons were fired at the enemy but still they kept on coming. Some 300 Pz. VIII Nebuchadnezzars, 100 Stug III Ausf. B SAM's and another 1,100 assorted tanks were knocked out, completey destroyed by excellent enemy markmanship.

The artillery kept on sending volley after volley. They had suffered another 200 destroyed by enemy counter fire but kept up the direct barrage. As the enemy came close their shells became increasingly more accurate. The enemy was only 20km away.

In the second line the anti tank weapons, tanks and self propelled guns kept up the fight. In front of them their comrades were being chewed up by the never ending waves of enemy soldiers.


In the distance...

Panzergruppe III, now joined by Panzergruppe IV, was already 100km in the rear. They arched west towards the rear of the enemy and then sickled back north right into the enemy back side. They slammed hard, with all 24,000 tanks, 800,000 armored infantry, and 24,000 assault guns. The Stug III Ausf. B SAM's patrolled the skies for the enemy (about 5,000 of them), protected by scores of assault guns and infantry as the panzergruppes advanced at a terrifying speed. The great inter communication system allowed them to perfectly coordinate moves. The battle ahead seemed uncertain, but in their hears they knew they had the cause to win...


Back in Algiers....

Heeregruppe D, from the Macabean homeland (not Spain), arrived, due south to the front and to protect if a breakthrough ensued. (OOC: ca. another 3 million men...Im sacrificing naval reinforcements to the Atlantic for this...).
19-11-2003, 04:45
ooc// before i react to that i will give you an oppertunity to change it...
you started firing artillery at the 10km mark, but your artillery was 20k behind your lines... therefore you were dropping shells on your troops...
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 04:53
ooc// before i react to that i will give you an oppertunity to change it...
you started firing artillery at the 10km mark, but your artillery was 20k behind your lines... therefore you were dropping shells on your troops...

OOC: oh damn I didn't clear that up... my mistake... and I notice a graver mistake which is a good thing because it doesn't really matter that didn't cause any casualties or anything..

ok this is how my artillery fires, according to the military doctrine I follow...

Artillery = 20km behind lines ;

50km range; thus the 10km mark is 30km in "normal" range.

My grave mistake is that in setting the intervals I said I would go through something like 10 intervals before restarting the process... it should have been 5 intervals...

This was my mistake and I'm sorry ... and this might sound Im bs'ing but I'm not..Ive used this doctrine for most of my post-300 million pop days.

Sorry again...
19-11-2003, 05:06
The Macabees
19-11-2003, 05:57
The time had come for the final destruction of Amacor's 10 AG's fighting to take control of the line. It would cost heavy casualties but would work.

Panzergruppes III and IV were then called off by a secret order transmitted from Desert Command (false). They quickly went back, traveling the 100km again at breakneck had been said that they were needed to plug several holes... of course this would be a the escape route of millions of enemy soldiers was open.

Thus as the PG's returned HG's A and C made their effective counter attack. The flanks rolled back Amacor's flank and then broke through to the rear creating a kessel around his 10 AG's (not the other 15 though).

Artillery inside this kessel was subsequently pounded by Macabean artillery as was the rest of his forces. Soon enough both army groups made the bloodfest even worse. A head attack pierced through Amacor's men but a terrible price..

And thus the ordeal ended..for a time...

Macabean casualties: (entire battle)

Infantry: 1.8 million
Armor: ca. 11,000 tanks, 15,000 assault guns
Artillery: ca. 26,000 guns
19-11-2003, 06:00
all 10 were completed destroyed (will do aftermath later, little busy now)
20-11-2003, 07:45
Sir, it looks like the first 10 AG's through the line were not enough... they were wiped out to the man, furthermore enemy forces look like they are holding still...

Well we cant afford too many more disasters like that, see if there is some other way to dislodge them...

Sir, according to the satalite feed, the reason their line is still holding is they have stripped out the reserves, and better they abandoned a sector passing through guinea. If we could get forces through that gap before they noticed we could rout them and roll up their lines...

Very well send the 15AG's through there. We just cant afford any more casulties here.
The Sword and Sheild
20-11-2003, 08:38
OOC: I have left no gap in the Guinea line, that is the only section of line where it is strictly my forces and not Macabean forces, and I have moved none of them.
20-11-2003, 08:43
ok... in that case 61,440 tanks (of 153,600 vehicles) and 1M men just smashed into it...
The Sword and Sheild
20-11-2003, 09:04
*All along the east bank of the Niger river, Federal picket forces were driven in by a huge onslaught of Armacor forces. The XX Corps, and I Corps, the two Corps defending the line, quickly redeployed forces along the west bank of the river, hoping to at least inflict a sufficient number of casualties to Armacor forces that he may have to halt for a few days, allowing the Corps to retreat and form a new line. The XIX Corps, in the rear areas, was given new orders, instead of staying in the reserve in the Ourgla Line, they were to be sent South to hold the Niger River line. If the XX and I could hold out until it's arrival, Command believed a solid defence could be sustained.*

*Whatever positions were on the East bank were gone, absorbed by Armacor, and over 7,500 troops were forced to surrender to Armacor forces, as Federal forces destroyed all the bridges along the river, more concerned with maintaining the line then mounting a counterattack. The loss of over half a division was devestating, but the potential that the XX Corps could be cutoff from the I was a more dire situation.*

*The Air Force was even further unprepared for this attack, the only fighters in the area of the Niger line being obselescent craft, F-4's, the most advanced being the two squadrons of F-16 Falcons, but still, in terms of even just numbers the Air Force was weak. That did not stop them from taking to the skies, though in a defensive nature to avoid more losses.*

*The Federal Navy could be called delighted at the attack, finally able to support the Army with more then just the Naval Air Arm. The Gulf (Of Guinea) Fleet (Posted a page back I believe) moved closer to the Ivory Coast, the fleets guns supporting the units near the coast. The Niger River Defense Fleet (About 56 ships, most of them no larger then 80' and a lot of them nothing more then a barge with a light machine gun) for the most part operating in small pockets, since Armacor forces controlled all of the East bank it was judged unwise to send them out for operations unless absolutely necessary. The Naval Air Arm of the Gulf Fleet ceased it's operations supporting the Ourgla Line, leaving that to the Mediterranean Fleet, the attack on Surt was now most definetely postponed. The Aircraft now began aiding the Air Force in keeping the skies over the Federal Line clear of Armacor aircraft, though a substantial amount were retained on the Carriers to support the defense once the Armacor armies began to cross the river in earnest*

*On Sardinia, the 4 Marine Divisions that were preparing for the Surt Assault were immediately diverted to sail around West Africa to add almost an entire Corp to the defense. No European Corps could be spared, a landing on the Iberian forcing them to stay put, and the Homeland was already dry of manpower, no more help could be gotten from there for some time.*

*As the Federal Corps reinforced their entrenched positions, a great debate raged in Barcelona, should supplies be shifted from maintaining the Niger line to construct a new set of defense lines in Mauritania and Western Sahara, or should the Niger be held a all hazards. While the Generals comfy in Barcelona and Marseilles yelled at each other over phones, the only thought in the mind of the 4th Army Commander was to hold the line.*
20-11-2003, 10:12
Sir, we appear to have achived an advance in Guinea, 5-10% casulties were suffered but over 7000 enemy were captured, however as the enemy forces retreated they burnt or dropped every bridge across the river.

Very well, bring up the artillery, bomb their positions with the B2A's and get some engineers over there immidiately.

ooc// i have a significant gap on my map between the senegal and niger rivers (i assume there are mountains there). If you dont then i will rewrite (or we should talk)

Also manouver (sp) some troops to the mountains to get a pass through, with out needed to ford the river. Get those 30 AG's moving to that position, it looks like the weak point in the enemy forces.
The Sword and Sheild
20-11-2003, 10:29
OOC: Yes, there is a wide gap, namely the country of Sierra Leone, however I don't mind as much as it is excellent defensive territory, where the river flows from is mountains, not very passable for large armies, and the rest of the gap is rain forest, seriously hampering any advance made through this country, and better cover for the Federal forces from Aerial attack, plus the fact that this route of advance is well within range of my Naval support.
20-11-2003, 10:38
ooc// i know, i just told them to look for any other method across the lines :-)
The Macabees
21-11-2003, 02:56
OOC: Amacor...I can't do it ( I wont say what to not ruin people's reputations)...I hope you can forgive me...Im just not strong enough to let someone down who had stuck with me for the entire war....


Army Group C was merged with B due to high casualties and Army Group D had already been transferred south. It was renamed Army Group C and retook the old C's position.

Army Group A, then with its flank covered by C, swept into Mali, now left open with the defeat of Amacor's forces. Army Group C would sweep west to hit the enemy in Guinea. The plans then were to stop and control a line from the armpit of Africa to the north.

Then the war with Amacor was hoped to end..if not it would be a bloody war...but the Macabees could not stab their allies in the broke all morals.

OOC: Just to not put injury on hurt


It was also heard that Amacor had not lost all 10 Army Groups... faulty intelligence... reconnaissance had seen other large concentrations of men in Mali and in the east.

Reinforcements from the north would take some 5 days to come in, and this included artillery pieces lost and armor lost.
The Macabees
21-11-2003, 04:07
Valencia to Barcelona:

We would much rather prefer to use our men in Spain than in a bloodfest centered upon Africa. Although odds of Keynesia actually succeeding are relatively low, due our air control and the missiles attacks, as well as the nothern Panzergruppe, we would feel safer with 8 million men in Spain.

Not only this but the current situation with Amacor is depleting by the second. His 10 AG's destroyed are rivalled by hundreds more coming in and our lines cannot hold up. Recent intelligence have reported large amounts of bombers building up behind (spies, etc..). Our lines will not be able to hold for long against that. If he sends a concentrated air attack we could face up to 50% of our army destroyed or badly wounded, although his air casualties would also reach 50% due to our tough air concentrations (a total of 6,300 fighters, about 12,000 SAM's, 15 to 20k Stug III mobile SAM's, 3,000 patriot missiles, etc...).

In the end I advocate a complete withdrawal from Africa and the blockading of the seas. If we dont I fear the destruction of both our armies.

But in the case that you dont agree with have reinforced our lines with 100,000 30feet think encasements for our artillery (expensive) as well as put in material reinforcements in northern africa to quickly reinforce the losses and to provide reinforcements for a breakthrough.
The Sword and Sheild
21-11-2003, 05:22
*The XX Corps had fought a long and hard battle against overwhelming odds in Sierra Leone, the Federal forces fought tooth and nail, inflicting heavy losses (I'm guessing) on the enemy forces as they advanced through the jungle under Naval fire. But alas, the sheer number of troops (80,000 to 1,000,000) was overwhelming, and even with the arrival of the XIX Corps across the Senegal, it looked like the Niger line had been comprimised. The first signs of defeat were laced in the I Corps decision to not send any divisions from the Niger River to support the XX Corps desperate fight, finally Armacor forces broke through the connecting brigades of the XX and I Corps, thus sealing the XX Corps between the Senegal River, Armacor forces, and the Gulf of Guinea.*

*The XIX Corps had arrived, and at first began to engage the advancing Armacor forces to attempt to breakthrough to the XX Corps, but two days later the outcome of the battle was clear, the Federal 5th Army (I seperated the commands, 4th Army is now the Northern African Army, the 5th is the Southern African Army) had failed to hold the line, and now the Ourgla-Mopti line was comprimised. Barcelona finally accepted West Africa could not be held, especially not by just the Federal Army. Orders were sent for the I and XIX Corps to retreat from the Guinea theatre to Nema in Mali and cover the flanks of the retreating 4th Army (Manning the Ourgla-Mopti Line) and allied forces. The XV Corps, the IX Corps, the X Corps, and the XXIV Corps were ordered to retreat with the XIX and I corps covering their fallback to the Atlas Line (As in Atlas Mountains in Northern Algeria).*

*The Atlas line was well constructed, the geography of the Atlas Mountains favored the defense heavily, and finally the Allied African forces would be focused, only an advance at the costs of hundreds of thousands would be able to break it. It also allowed for the withdrawal of the Macabean Forces in Africa back to the Iberian, as the Federal 4th Army (Now unified with the 5th) would be able to hold the line easily.*

*The Battle for West Africa had been lost, and Barcelona, indeed even Philadelphia were keenly feeling it's effects. The XX Corps had been encircled in Freetown, however a daring and couragoues Navy had evacuated the shattered Corps to the Cape Verde islands, with the exception of the 66th Infantry Division, which had to be left in the city to hold off the Armacor forces that could trap the entire Corps. Though a force was sent to evacuate them, they were forced to surrender to the Armacor forces approximately 3 weeks after the breach of the Niger line, becoming the largest surrender of Federal forces (Around 18,000 Soldiers, only about 2,500 still combat effective as in having some ammo, not severely wounded or dead) in the Republics history. The 66th had at least inspired the homeland that the defeat wasn't becuase of inferior arms or tactics, but numbers. The 66th held out for several days against impossible odds, and even though it was forced to surrender, the stand had shown that the Federal Army still could make a fight.*

*The remaining Divisions of the XX Corps were defending the Cape Verde and Canary Islands, and their own seperate command not under the 4ths HQ. With the comprimising of the O-M Line, and the increasing potential to lose one of four key cities in the Federal holdings (Algiers), a wartime draft was instituted and expanded in the Homeland. The percentage of citizens in the Military was expanded from a wartime 2.5% to 3.5%, and this loss in manpower, coupled with wartime exhuastion and demoralization was estimated to lower Factory productivity by 5-10% in the best estimates.*

*The Air War had not gone well, though not bad either. The outmatched Federal Air Force in Guinea had done exemplary, even earning the admiration of the Naval Air Arm. But still, it had been against the odds, and the 4th Air Force was now absorbed into the 2nd Air Force in Algeria to become the operating Air Force for the Atlas Line. The Naval Air Arm on the Gulf Fleet had performed slightly better (more advanced aircraft), but their numbers had been small as well, though their losses much less staggering.*

*The War on Sea was the only bright spot, the Armacor fleet had been forced out of the Western Med (Again a guess, since my fleet never engaged yours, and I wouldn't imagine you would keep a fleet east of Gibraltar or west of Malta, as they could not be supplied) and the blockade from Malta had been scoring up some light kills, but still some. The Gulf Fleet (-1 Squadron for the Cape Verde Island defense) was now moving northward to the coast of Portugal to finally begin the Naval war against Kisnesia in the hopes of forcing Kisnesia out of the Iberian. However this was all but expected of the Federal Navy, the pride of the Military, but it could not turn the tide all on it's own.*

*The 2nd Army was preparing itself for a fight, at least two Corps were now in Northern Spain with the Macabean forces in resisting the Kisnesian invasion, and a third was being prepared. On the other side of the world, the Philippines campaign was expanded, with the divisions there possibly planning a thrust on Formosa*

*But still, Philadelphia was screaming for a peace, already losses were exceeding 80,000 in only a few months of war (Counting wounded, captured, and dead), the loss of West Africa was a hard blow, but not fatal, and with the Atlas line now manned, it could only lead to a long and bloody stalemate between the Federal Army and the Armacor Army, a battle no one in the homeland wanted. Diplomatic Representative were sent directly from the Senate to Cairo, the Republic was willing to accept defeat, and cede the occupied West African regions to Armacor (Everything I used to own south of the Atlas Mountains), and not to DoW Armacor in the future (Unless you attacked an ally of mine or me directly) for a return to peace in Africa, this of course entails the return of all POW's (By my count, you have near 30,000 POW's of mine). The Senate was awaiting thier return....*
The Macabees
21-11-2003, 05:34
Imperial Directive No. 9

Heeresgruppes A, B and C as well as Panzergruppe Afrika are to retreat to north Afrika where they will promptly be transported to Spain. They will in turn go to the defense of the peninsula.

Luftflottes I, II and III are too to go back to Spain and gain overwhelming air supremacy in the north and in the west. All SAM's and anti air are also to be transported north and then to Spain.

In our wake it has been ordered that mines be left to cause inumerable casualties to our enemy. High Command Afrika's "city" is to be set with explosives and destroyed by small units left behind.

Our war in Afrika has ceased. You have fought bravely and won a great victory but the fact is that the odds in the future have turned against us. Thank you my men...


To: Amacor

I solemnly declare defeat, not in a tactical sense, but in strategical terms. You are too great to defeat indefinetably on such a large front. Thus we want to ask you to sign a NAP while you consolidate your position in Africa.

We thank you for your genorosity.

Finegold III
21-11-2003, 06:18
Armacor forces cycled back to cairo. Tired but victorious. The battle for the North of Africa was at least in a lul. It had been a costly victory with the complete destruction of 10 Army Groups and the effective loss of another 4 AG's. Now the armies had to consolidate their gain, and protect it from new invaders. Already the reports were coming in of an attack in Sierra Leone that may need to be repulsed. To this effect troops were deployed in a counter line 20km south of the Atlas Mts. and another force located around Sierra Leone.
21-11-2003, 06:25
Armacor, as you ally, we request to know your plans regarding Macabees: are you going to pursue them into Spain, or sign a NAP? Part of the reason for our invasion of the Iberian was to force Macabees to fight on two fronts.

Please let us know, either here or by telegram. Should you sign an NAP, Kisnesia will probably call off the attack in Spain and sign an NAP in exchange for open passage through the Straits of Gibraltar and recognition of control of Iceland from Macabees.
21-11-2003, 07:15
ooc// due to the effective loss of 14 Army Groups, and the fact that we do not control the Atlas mts at this time, therefore are unable to force a crossing past the ruins of gibraltar, we feel that we cannot afford to mount a naval assault on Macabees at this time. However if Fearful logs on he might do something along those lines. (he controls a chunk of africa in the right place, and has a large fleet)
The Sword and Sheild
21-11-2003, 07:22
OOC: He does control Morocco, however it is doubtful he could mount an offensive from there for a long time. Since the DoW he issued I have blockaded Morocco from his mainland, and his army there should be out of supplies by now, with no forceful attempt to relieve the blockade. And to mount an offensive he would have to engage in a long Naval war to ensure his supply lines stay open, I wouldn't count on him mounting an attack for a long time.
21-11-2003, 07:27
ooc//i will let him supply across my lands (one primary reason for the war was to support CCC here, but fearful will do)
The Sword and Sheild
21-11-2003, 07:32
OOC: I figured something like that would happen, I'm not talking about lifting the blockade forever. I was talking about a Naval war to try and get rid of the threat my Navy poses, to invade Gibraltar he has to cross the Straits somehow, and history shows Paratroopers don't work so well. And he has to maintain supply lines either through the Straits, the Gulf of Cadiz, or the far western Med, all of which are open to lots of raiding since it is a small area.
21-11-2003, 07:35
ooc// which is why i cant help kisnesia anymore, i dont even have the slight advantage of a coast that is near the target region...