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Zossonian Action WWIX

10-11-2003, 23:14
ZNN News from Copenhagen. . .

A large explosion rocked downtown today destroying a 12 story building and killing 276 people. President Hoth is expected to make a speech later this afternoon informing us on the situation. We are asking people that they not come downtown as they might complicate the situation. Once again we are getting more and more information as the situation develops.... Newscast drones off
11-11-2003, 00:19
In an unanounced location

Ladies and Gentlemen, Zossonian president Hermann Hoth.

Great citizens of Zossen. Today a strike on our great city of Copenhagen has occured. Our condolences are with the families of the lost. We have a large amount of evidence to prove that it was launched by the Denmark Republican Faction. The weapon was believed to be some sort of cruise missle launched from the mainland of Denmark. Rest easy great citizens of Zossen for we will respond, and not lightly i assure you, to these inexcuseable acts of war. I thank you for your time.
11-11-2003, 01:16
A huge Naval force consisting of...:

13 Hamilton Class Cutters
10 Oliver Perry Class Frigates
2 Arleigh Burke Class Destroyers
3 Spraunce Class Destroyers
2 Hover Craft Deep Sea Transports (40 hovercraft)
10 Kilo Class SSK's
500,000 Invasion Troops

Has positioned itself off the eastern coast of Denmark.

The government of Zossen declares a state of war exists between it and the Republican Faction that controls the mainland.

Near Copenhagen at an AFB...
15 b-52's and 10 b-1 bombers take off to pound Republican forces. These bombers are escorted by 20 F-15's.
11-11-2003, 03:11
Hovercrafts full of Marines and 2 Light Armored Vehichles a peice begin to assemble outside their deep sea transports. The Bombers sortie devastated the defenders on the beach and stunned them. The destroyers guns began to open up on the beach installations. The Hovercrafts then raced to the shoreline. Once the hovercrafts came close to the shore the guns from the ships ceased.

Marines sprinted off the hovercrafts to find cover. Some decided to take cover behind LAV's. The Republicans put up stiff resistance killing 25 marines with one machinegun before it was knocked out. Behind them the marines heard the hovercrafts turn around and return to the troop ships to land reinforcements.

The LAV's soon found out they were not invincible. A bazooka fired and scored a direct hit on LAV number 7 killing the entire crew. By this time the second wave had arrived and with it 2 Leapord 2 tanks which gave the troops the heavy firepower they so desprately needed. The Leapords main guns inflicted heavy damages on the defending Republicans. Many of which fled at the sight. Shortly thereafter began to retreat. More and more marines pured onto the beach and eventually it was declared secure.

345 Soldiers Killed
11-11-2003, 03:45
Check your TG.
11-11-2003, 03:50
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On the Mainland of Denmark

F/A-18's begin around the clock sorties against retreating Republican forces.

The Entire Invasion force has now been deployed on land.
500,000 Soldiers
1,000 Leclerc MBT's
250 Leapord 2
450 LAV's
100 300mm Artillery Batteries
500 150mm Artillery Batteries
11-11-2003, 04:00
:arrow: Note: This concludes actions for Day 1
12-11-2003, 00:31
ZNN News....

Today the large invasion force successfully broke out of the beachhead and has progressed roughly 7 miles inland. Casualties have been light due to the bombardment of the Republican forces over night by Attack fighters. Military leaders hope to cripple the Republican resistance within the next 2 weeks.
12-11-2003, 00:46
In the night sky C-141 Starlifters began to drop elite paratroops near the city of Arhus. Over 9,000 parachutes were dropping from the sky. The jump was flawless and all made it to the ground safely.

"Sir! Paratroopers are in position to cut off the Republican retreat"
"Thank you Patterson."

Back at the Invasion Force

75,000 Men and 200 Leclerc MBT's pushed south and during the night saw themselves heavily engaged with Republican forces. Little did they know that the majority of the Republican Army was beginning their counterattack right there. In dissarray, the troops fought valiantly. Eventually they began to organize and dug themselves in. It appeared the battle for Denmark had begun.
12-11-2003, 01:59
The trap had been sprung perfectly. The Republican forces thought they had a decisive battle in their hands. However while attacking the Zossonian force to the North, the Paratroopers came from the south which boxed the Republicans in.

The R's(republicans) were inflicting somewhat heavy losses on Zossionian forces by knocking out 14 Leclerc MBT's, killing 2,567 troops and wounding 3,002. Once the paratroops completed the trap however the tide began to turn. The R's could not fend off Zossonian forces from both sides and the air attacks. The general of the R's decided it was time to surrender to Zossen. R losses were over 12,560 men in the entire campaign compared to the 3,500 (estimated) lost by Zossen.

The next day the Republican government announced it ceased to exist and the territory was now under the control of The Allied States of Zossen.
16-11-2003, 14:06
Denmark has officially been united under Zossen
16-11-2003, 14:08
A massive force is assembling near the city of Alborg. Off the coast assualt ships are taking on soldiers and tanks. A strike somewhere seems imminent.