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Berlin and area around walled (WWIX related)

10-11-2003, 20:14
The Trasian Government have started to build a wall around the Berlin area and berlin itself, the TSD Army is being deployed to protect Trasa/Berlin

TSD forces

100,000 Troopers

12,000 Panzer 9 Tanks

10,000 half-track AA tanks

100,000 Paratroopers

and 500,000 Combat Synthetics.

(Combat synths are robots build for war, don't worry they count as POP )
10-11-2003, 20:17
OOC: Can I just ask how you are participating in this RP if your entire population was eaten by the sun?
10-11-2003, 20:19
This is LONG LONG before the sun went boom. that other thread was WAY in the Trasa future
10-11-2003, 23:39
((How come you have Synthetics? its modern times.))
Official Artitsan response

We warn you not to cross into Polish territory.
11-11-2003, 00:13
We are not crossing Polish territory, we are remaining neutral unless attacked. no more, no less

(These are prototypes so they aren't very good)